watched silently as Seyi and Nike made their way across the school lawn and
walked up to meet her. She had just finished her lunch from the cafeteria and
was idly waiting for Sandra who had gone to get some water.
Chika…” Seyi greeted first.
girl…what’s up?” Nike greeted.
Chika greeted in a dismissing voice.
just came to apologize for our behavior towards you these past few days. Do you
know that Seyi has found out who has been blackmailing her all along? It’s her
ex-boyfriend, Justin. A scum will always be a scum and he one of them.” Nike
that’s news…” Chika said still not interested in their conversation.
I really want to say how sorry I am…and to ask you if you would like to join
our circle once again. We’ve missed you and we promise that from now on, there
will be no more fights, bickering or gossip among us, promise.” Seyi said.
really fine the way I am, really. I mean, I have lived the past weeks of my
life making new friends, being part of the large crowd and not restricting my friendship to a small group of people and I feel normal again. I honestly don’t want to be part of the group
anymore. Yes, we are still friends but…why should there be a circle?” Chika
because we are best friends and best friends create a circle around themselves
so as to avoid getting hurt.” Nike said.
was a part of that circle remember, and I was hurt and betrayed by you guys…especially you, Seyi. How could you call me to tell me that I have been selling your nude pictures?”
Chika started.
“I am really sorry Chika, I was blinded by would I call it, love?” Seyi said.
see that you have been making friends with scum. Sandra is scum and she’s
blinding you from seeing who your real friends are.” Nike shot at Chika.
And who are my so-called real friends? The two of you? Who never stood by me
when my mother was thrown out of our house or never even comforted me or asked
me what the matter was all the while I was moody?”
mother was thrown out?” Seyi asked astounded. “When? We didn’t know…I am very
sorry about that Chika.”
coming too late already, I’ve learnt to live without support from my so-called
circle of friends.” Chika said.
Chika, don’t drag this too far. We are really sorry, we miss you and want you
back.” Seyi begged.
have new friends and Sandra is one of them, if you want me back, you guys will
need to add Sandra to the circle.”
That scum bag? I can’t believe this Chika! After all what I told you about
Sandra and how she has manipulated my parents to hating me? My mother hardly
responds to my greetings anymore…thank God for my dad, he loves me
unconditionally and he has promised to send Sandra out of the house for my
be quick to label your dad as the saint, he has been doing many bad things to
Sandra he…” Chika started.
quickly jumped into their circle and distracted Chika.
have been waiting at the cafeteria for you…come let’s go and read in the
library, we still have twenty minutes till end of break.” Sandra said panting
dare you step into our circle just like that? Who gave you the right to jump
into our conversation?” Nike demanded.
go Nike…it’s obvious that she’s been fooled by the scum.” Seyi said and turned
pig!” Nike said to Sandra and turning to Chika she said, “You’ll regret losing
our friendship. You’ll miss our circle’s Christmas party which we normally
throw in my house…don’t get it twisted, you won’t be invited.” Nike said.
hissed and grabbed Sandra’s hand and together they walked away.
make her regret she left our friendship circle…” Seyi said with firm
can we do that? She sounds very sure that she doesn’t want our friendship
anymore.” Nike said in desperation.
throw the biggest party in my house this Christmas and I’ll invite practically
everyone in school and she’ll not be invited.” Seyi said.
sounds like a plan to me…” Nike said and giggled.
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did you say that? If I hadn’t jumped in at that moment, you would have let the
cat out of the bag.” Sandra whispered.
were both in the school library walking through the shelves section and
searching for books.
I wanted to speak out! I wanted Seyi to know the kind of man her father is…” Chika
whispered back.
I’ll be out on the street…I really have no family, Chika. None at all and all
my distant relatives are poor. If I rat him out, my foster mom will hate me,
she wouldn’t even believe me, she might start thinking that my intention is to
ruin her home.”
of you? You are being abused and I’ve been reading a lot on abuse and
molestation, it’s punishable by the law. Seyi’s dad is running for office, your
speaking out can stop a child-molester from getting into office. Imagine if
someone like him is given a seat of power? Who knows what next he’d do?” Chika
“We are just teens…we don’t have a voice.” Sandra said in finality.
“What? You do have a voice. Social media is big! We can fight this, together, just say yes.” Chika pleaded.
“No! I don’t want to be on the headline of the news. Immediately I rat him out, I won’t have privacy anymore…I might even be expelled from school.”
“That’s ridiculous Sandra! What village did you grow up in? This is the twenty first century and even a month old baby has a right…”
“Could we drop this? Please…”
“I don’t believe you…I just hope you haven’t caught something from him…STD’s are scary.”
shrugged and kept looking through the books.
he still coming to your room?” Chika asked.
nodded and looked away.
is wrong and I feel you have to speak up before things get worse.” Chika said. “Please let me help you. I can’t speak unless you give me a go-ahead.”
have no voice…maybe when I grow up, but now, no. I have no voice whatsoever and I don’t want you dragged into this mess.”
Sandra started but stopped when a huge wave of nausea hit her. She swayed and
fell against one of the shelves.
ran to help.
going on? You look so pale…I’m calling the librarian. We need to take you to
the sick bay.” Chika was saying.
worry I’m fine. I think it’s the food I ate…you know that I was telling you
that I hate beans. Besides my period is supposed to start tomorrow, so I think
this is like a warning sign.” Sandra said.

bell for end of break rang and the librarian announced that everyone should the
library except for those with free periods. Sandra and Chika left the library
and retreated to their classes.


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