“Wow I can’t
believe that I slept for so long. What time is it?” Seyi asked yawning. She had just woken up from a deep slumber only to find herself still in Justin’s shabby house.
Justin sat beside her on
the sofa, his eyes were already red rimmed due to so much tears. Seyi stared at
him surprisingly ‘why did he look like someone who had wept a bucket full of
tears?’ she asked herself.

Seyi yawned again and glanced
at her wristwatch, it was a few minutes past seven pm.
“What? Have I been
sleeping for so long? Why didn’t you wake me up? I can’t believe we’ve missed
the movie. Where’s your uncle? I’m sure he must have been very disappointed at
me for sleeping on his sofa.” She said and when Justin didn’t say a word, she asked.
“Is everything
alright? Justin! Talk to me.”
“Everything is
fine…its just me. I err heard some bad news.” Justin lied ” my
uncle received bad news about one of my err…uncles and…” he stammered.
“It’s okay. I have
to leave now. Daddy is going to be worried about me. He’s on leave you
know.” she said.
“I’ll see you out.”
Justin said.
They both stood up and
as they headed to the door, she noticed that her bra clasp was acting funny, squirming in discomfort, she pushed her hands into her shirt and tried to  redo it.
“This is
funny…what went wrong. I would have sworn that I didn’t clasp my bra this
way.” she muttered.
“Well maybe you
didn’t notice at first” he said to her
They both left his house
and after waving her off, he walked the short distance to his house.
‘How would he face her
after this?’ he asked himself. ‘ who would have thought that his uncle was so evil
to have planned such cruelty as this?’ Shaking his head in pain, he shrugged
and went into the small adjoining room to remove the clothes he had borrowed in
other to return them.
Sandra sat in the class
and listened to all the teacher was saying, at least most of it. Her mind
wandered to the calls she’s been receiving of late and she really didn’t know
what to do. She stared at her new classmates and sighed, ‘it was so easy to be
born with a silver spoon’ if only her mother had maybe married her father-whoever
he was, things wouldn’t have turned out this way. She thought. They might not
be rich but they definitely wouldn’t be poor either and perhaps her mom wouldn’t have died. She thought.
The bell rang and the
students quickly packed up their books into their bags while the teacher left
the class. Sandra packed up her bags and left the class heading outside to join
the school bus. She saw Seyi with her friend Nike who were constantly at her
side. Seyi’s other friend Chika was heading towards the gate and Nike who
chattered like a parrot turned to call out to her.
“Chika! Didn’t you
see us?” Nike bellowed.
Chika didn’t turn to
them, she walked out of the gate and hurried to meet her driver who was waiting
for her.
Sandra walked up to the
queue for the school bus and waited for the other students to arrive. She was
standing there quietly when Nike shouted out to her.
“You better join
the next bus. Don’t begin to think that we are all on the same par.”
Sandra quietly left the
line and went to join the second queue for the second bus. One of the students
said to her
“You are not to
join this bus, you know, the buses take different routes so…you have to join
the first one.”
Sandra was confused, now
all the students had turned to stare at her. Shyly she turned towards the gate
and proceeded to walk home. ‘It wouldn’t be too far away’ she thought.
‘besides I’ve taken the school bus twice so I know the way.’ She said to herself.
Seyi and Nike watched
her leave.
“Mtchewww I wonder
how you live in your house with that piece of trash.” Nike said.
“Well…mommy wants
her around and I’ve not even spoken to her since she told daddy that the pauper
had to stay.” Seyi said.
“Why does your mom
delight in taking in strays? Dogs would have been a better option, you know.” Nike
The horn of the bus
blared loudly and the students got into the bus. As the bus left the gate and
rounded up the street, Nike and Seyi looked out the window to see if they’d
spot Sandra. And they did, she was walking down the street as briskly as
possible. Nike decided to play a prank and opening her bag, she brought out a
squashed banana which she aimed at an unsuspecting Sandra. The window of the
bus was open so the banana hit Sandra squarely on the head, some students cheered while others were
oblivious to the happenings around them.
Sandra watched the
school bus speed off and picking the banana which had fallen to the ground, she
walked to a nearby trash can and dropped it in.
Inside the bus, Nike
and Seyi laughed loud.
“Where did you get
that banana? ” Seyi asked laughing.
“From my mom of
course. You know she’s doing a new healthy regimen and she’s tagging me along
to my annoyance. Thank God her banana didn’t go to waste, at least that monkey
would eat it or wouldn’t she?” Nike said spitefully.
Seyi laughed and gave
her a hug, this was why she liked Nike. She always got her back every time.
Seyi was about to sleep,
it was already past nine pm and she opened her phone to check for new updates
on her BBM when an email came through. She still recalled her moms expression
through diner, Sandra still hadn’t returned from school and her mom was just
seconds away from contacting the police.
“Didn’t she take
the bus with you?” her mother had asked her during dinner.
“I guess.” was Seyi’s absent reply
“Would you reply me
properly young lady? ” Her mother demanded.
“Will you leave her
to eat her food in peace?” Her father had said to her defensive.
“Sandra is missing
honey…what do I do about it?” Her mom had asked her dad.
“That’s none of my
business. I just want you to stop the useless questions you’ve been asking
Seyi.” Her father said.
“You disappoint
me.” her mom had,said to her dad.
Now as she clicked the
icon to open up her email, she smiled. ‘I hope she is gone missing forever.’ she
The new email was from a
strange address so she clicked to open it and almost fainted at what she saw.
There, in colour were nude photos of herself lying on the ground inappropriately. Seyi was
shocked. She rose from her bed and walked to her room window still with her
phone in her trembling hands. There was a message in the mail, it read;
“I’ve got more of
these pictures and I have access to your parents emails. But I’ll be lenient
with you instead. In exchange for my silence, I’ll need the sum of one million
naira from you in two weeks. Failure to deliver attracts consequences. I’ll
keep in touch.”


  1. Teenagers always feel they are ol enough to take care of themselves. When trouble comes calling however, their true level of maturity is revealed. And to think some fathers like Seyi's and Chika's worsen matters too.

    You write so well that you have my heart skipping in anxiety, shock, suspicion, etc as I read each episode.


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