hand that hurled her across the road was swift, so fast that she could hardly
catch her breath as her body hit the ground.
me! I want to die! I must die today!” She wailed.

was shocked to see the young girl sprawled at the side of the road in tears, he
stared at her in alarm.
you mean this was intentional? How dare you do that? How dare you try to kill
yourself? Don’t you have a conscience? What of your parents, your family, how
would they feel?”
you talk to me like you know me, I have been through so much and I do not
deserve to live…I don’t…” Sandra cried.
can go ahead and die, but do that when I’m not on the road…” Felix shouted and
walked away.
happened two days ago on her way back from Chika’s place. She had been
determined to put an end to her suffering till a teenage boy had saved her from
ending her life. Sandra stared at the ceiling of her room and thought of her
short conversation with nanny and how nanny had suspected her pregnancy.
can’t take this anymore…why didn’t I die? Is it by force to live?”
there was loud knock at the door and she froze.
Sandra open the door! I need to talk to you.” Seyi’s mother said as she banged
Sandra’s door.
immediately bolted up from her bed and started pacing about the room not
knowing what to do, something told her that nanny had told mummy of her
am I going to do?” She said in a panicky voice.
Open this door.”
walked to the door and opened it, she didn’t expect the heavy slap that she was
After all that I’ve done for you, you got pregnant? Do you see the
reason my husband doesn’t appreciate strange people coming to our home? This is
a huge scandal! Sandra!” Seyi’s mother screamed in alarm as she faced Sandra in
mom…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am not pregnant ma…” Sandra lied.
are you trying to tell me that nanny is lying?”
don’t understand this at all ma…nanny asked me if I was pregnant and I said no.
why would she feed you with lies?” Sandra cried.
am booking an appointment with the doctor first thing tomorrow, you are doing a
urine test…I need to know the truth.” Seyi’s mother screamed and left the room,
slamming the door at her wake.
fell to the ground in tears, she stood up and hurried to her dressing table
where she took her phone and dialed Chika’s number.
was dreaming of eating burnt fries when her phone woke her up from sleep. She
hated the fact that people chose to disturb with calls at night.
is that mad, stupid, useless, crazy, annoying, good-for-nothing human being,
disturbing my beauty sleep?” She murmured in anger and picked up her phone
without looking at the caller ID.
is this? Do you know what time it is?” Chika ranted down the phone.
me…it’s Sandra, I am in big trouble Chika. I would have aborted the baby as
your mother advised. Now, my foster mum is going to kill me. She stormed into
my room this night accusing me of being pregnant and forewarning me of a urine
test tomorrow morning.”
Oh my God! Sandra! What are we going to do?”
have no idea…” Sandra cried.
got an idea. Why don’t I come over to your place first thing tomorrow and lie that
we have somewhere to go to before school and somehow follow you and your mom to
the hospital.”
What’s the plan?”
swap our urine…so, the test will come out negative…”
You’ll do that for me? Thank you so much Chika…thank you…”
will buy us time till we book an appointment for an abortion…”
you Chika…I couldn’t have pulled this off without you.”
said their goodbyes and hung up the phone.
sat at the laboratory waiting for his blood to be drawn, his aunt had insisted
on a blood test.
need to know your HIV status, especially now that I know what pranks you’ve been up to.” His auntie had said.
had rolled his eyes, she was always so dramatic.
nurse had just inserted the long syringe into his vein when a woman and two
teenage girls dressed in uniform walked into the laboratory.
was sent here by the doctor for a pregnancy test.” The woman was saying.
recognized one of the girls, it was the same one he had saved from almost
killing herself yesterday. She was staring down at the ground while the other
girl was quickly darting her gaze around the small room.
is taking the test ma?” The nurse asked.
daughter…foster daughter, Sandra.”
winced when Seyi’s mother called her a ‘foster daughter’ she had never introduced
her to anyone like that before, it had always been ‘this is my daughter, Sandra’. ‘Was this what pregnancy caused?’ She asked herself.
nurse looked at her solemnly and handed her a cup with a lid and motioning to a
closed door, she said.
there and pee into the cup.”
ma…” Sandra said and looked at Chika with fear in her eyes.
I go with her? I want to pee too…” Chika said.
not a toilet, the toilet is on your left down the hall.” The nurse
panicked, she felt her heart beating fast and her foster mother, staring at her
in disdain. She slowly walked into the room the nurse had asked her to go to
and shut the door.”
buried her face in her palms and felt sweat forming on her brows. She was just
about to give up hope when the teenage boy who had just had his blood drawn
walked to her and said.
my name is Felix, I love your school uniform and I’m new in town and have no
school to attend yet. Could you please tell me more about your school?”
busy…” Chika said rudely.
least you could do is shake my hand, I mean…I just introduced myself to you.” Felix said.
mom looked away disinterestedly and Chika unsure of what to do, held out her
hand to Felix. As soon as his hand touched hers, her eyes widened, he had
slipped an empty test cup into her palm. Chika was so delighted, she whispered the
name of her school to his hearing and watched as he left the lab.
where is the toilet please?” Chika asked, still clutching the cup in the her
hand and hiding it from view.
there…at the hall.” The nurse pointed towards the toilet direction.
hurried to the toilet and quickly filled the cup with urine and ran back into
the laboratory relieved that Sandra wasn’t out yet.
you pooing as well? Come out of that place already!” Seyi’s mom ordered.
shaky Sandra came out of the room and stared at Chika in desperation, Chika
hurried towards her and hugged her.
worry dear, after this test, everyone will know that you are not pregnant.”
Chika said and slipped her own urine cup into Sandra’s hand and quickly took
the one that Sandra was holding.
the cup quick…you girls have to get to school before nine am.” Seyi’s mother
elated Sandra hurriedly gave the cup to the nurse who proceeded with the test
while Chika discreetly placed Sandra’s urine into her school bag.
no time the test was out and the girls held their breaths while the envelope
was handed over to Seyi’s mom.
negative…thank God! It’s negative!” Seyi’s mom said and hugged Sandra close to
her bosom. “I am so sorry Sandra, I should have believed you instead of nanny.
I am sorry for hitting you last night, it was wrong of me, please forgive me.”
okay mom. Can we go to school now?” Sandra said, sounding exhausted.
can…here have this…” Seyi’s mom said as she offered her some clean bills.
you ma, but I still have my pocket money.” Sandra reassured.
have this…please don’t let me feel anymore guilt than I’m feeling right now…”
thanks ma.” Sandra said and collected the money.

she stepped out of the lab with Chika, she knew that she had to get rid of the baby soon and once she did that, she needed to look for another alternative as
regards accommodation. Seyi’s house was not home for her anymore.


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