waited as Chika rang her mother, it was already almost evening and she wanted
to get back home desperately.
Mom, it’s me…Happy New year!” Chika said into the receiver.
How are you?” Her mother asked.

am fine ooo…the house is empty without you.”
know…but you’re a big girl and you can take care of yourself. How are your brothers?”
not here…they are abroad…I thought you knew…daddy said they didn’t want to come home for the holiday so, he sent them money to spend their holiday in the U.S.” Chika started.
haven’t spoken to me since the separation, even Tony your eldest brother has
not been picking my calls. Your dad must have really brain-washed them…” Her
mother replied solemnly.
sighed deeply, her brothers were a huge disappointment, all thanks to her
father and her mother too, who pampered them too much for their own good. She too was over-indulged, she admitted to herself, but atleast she had common sense.
are you mummy? How did you celebrate the Christmas?”
old…your uncles forced me to go to the cinemas…I thought I told you, when you
called me on Christmas day.”
yea…you did…”
all is well?” Her mother asked.
really…quick question mom. What do you do if you’re a teen and pregnant.”
Chika? Pregnant? Who? When? How? I thought I told you to stay away from boys…this girl has finally done it! She has destroyed all my hard years of parenting.” Her mother literally screamed down the phone.
no mom! It’s not me that’s pregnant…it’s my friend…and…”
are you doing with a wayward girl as a friend? Did I bring you up to make
friends with wayward people?”
judging mom, she’s a victim of very crazy circumstances…”
What happened to her?” Her mother asked, calming down once she knew that it wasn’t her daughter who was pregnant.
pregnant for her foster dad…he has been having sex with her without her consent
for sometime now…”
Are you serious? Men and their insatiable appetite! What is she going to do?” Chika’s mother asked.
you serious mom? I am calling to ask for your help and you’re asking me what
she’s going to do. Mommy!” Chika said sounding disappointed.
can’t keep that baby…Chika, you know she can’t.” Chika’s mother said.
what should she do? The baby is already growing…”
has to see a doctor…she must get rid of it!” Chika’s mother said.
watched as Chika’s eyes widened as she turned to look at her, still clutching
her phone in her palm.
Chika echoed.
didn’t see the car but she heard the loud honks and curses flying out of the
driver’s lips.
out of the road…gaddamit!” The driver spat at her.
didn’t care she wanted to die, since she left Chika’s house, she’s been
contemplating suicide.
mommy wants me to join her in Heaven.” She told herself over and over again.
She could still remember the words Chika had uttered to her.
mom thinks you should abort the child.” Chika had said.
Abortion is a sin…it is risky, I can’t do it!” Sandra had said.
am sorry but I also think that’s the best option…there’s this doctor I know…he
is the one that does the D&C for some of the girls in school. Flush out
this baby, Sandra…please…you have your whole life ahead of you.” Chika had
risk dying on an operation table or worse, loosing my womb?”
am confused too…but my mom is wiser than we are, she’s had five kids and she knows best. Let’s heed her advice.”
mother wouldn’t have suggested that if it were you carrying this baby…it’s
because I’m not her child. It’s during times like this that I miss my mother so much…she would have called out my name and whispered into my ears that everything will be okay. I don’t know why she left me, I am suffering…I am in pain…” Sandra had said with tears in her eyes.
“I am so sorry about your loss but this
is more complicated than we think. Can you hide the pregnancy forever?
Pregnancy grows, it progresses and soon, Seyi’s mom will find out, whether you
like it or not. You said it yourself, that woman has been so good to you, you can’t
destroy her family with this child.”
Sandra shook her head and folded her arms in worry, her face was swollen with unshod tears.
not sure that I am speaking to the right people. You and your mother are the
worst people to handle this situation…I’m going home.” Sandra shouted.
Really, and is that the THANKS we get? I have stood by you and even stayed away from my friends because of you. I even called my mom to tell her about you and
all you can say is such ugly words? I am so disappointed Sandra.” Chika shouted
in anger.
know what? I am tired of people treating me like a charity case, I never begged
anyone for help, I didn’t ask Seyi’s mom to come take me after my mom’s death
but she came, I never asked you to be my friend but you stepped in…I don’t need
anyone anymore…no one!” Sandra had screamed and ran out of Chika’s house.
as she traipsed down the road, all she could hear were the words in her head
it! Now! Kill yourself! End this! Now! Die! Death is swift and sweet! Do it!”

stopped at the side walk and having made up her mind, walked right into the
main road while a huge trailer sped down!



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