was the New Year already and Sandra had been waiting for it for so long. She
had thought it’d come during the Christmas period so she stayed away from sweet
foods and drank water all through while Seyi finished all the soda and ice cream that she could find. She had thought it was going to come today, on the New Year but it
didn’t come, why the delay?
Sandra asked herself.
eyes were glued at the window as the car rounded the corner and headed towards
their house. She and her new family had spent the Christmas holiday lodged in
one of the resort beaches in Badagry, it was an experience that Seyi had never
imagined possible. She remembered running, swimming and riding the huge motor bikes with the
resort aides at the beautiful resort. It was her first time
of celebrating Christmas without her mother and Seyi’s mother had done
everything she could to make sure that Sandra was happy.
somehow threw the pain behind her and decided to be happy till today when she
realized that her monthly visitor had yet again decided to stall.
the car halted inside the compound, Sandra alighted from the vehicle and ran
upstairs. Her phone had been out of network for sometime and it also needed to
be charged so, plugging the phone charger at the wall of of her room, she
watched it charge and quickly did a strip, hurrying into the bathroom to shower
and change.
had just toweled herself dry when her phone rang and she hurried out of the
bathroom to pick the call.
During the holidays, Seyi’s
mother had bought her, a beautiful phone that looked just like most girls
phones in her school and she was so glad that she could for once in her life have the same kind of gadget as the ‘happening girls’ at school. She recognized the caller ID and picked the
girl…” Chika said from the other end of the line.
New Year!” Sandra greeted.
wish you the same dear. May this year be better than last year ooo…I can’t deal
with half the problems I dealt with last year, in 2015.”
can say that again.” Sandra replied.
“I’ve been calling you…your phone has been switched off.”
it was and for some reason, the network was bad and my phone battery drained
faster than I expected. I just dumped the phone in the hotel room and decided
to have fun without it…I didn’t even snap a lot of pictures sef…”
are not the best places for phone tech you know…so how’s your sister Seyi? I
hope she’s changed?”
better or worse?” Sandra asked.
“For better of course.” Chika said
“You should know better… a leopard’s spots never vanishes.”
girl surprises me…somehow I’m glad that we are no more friends, I hate to think
that I used to be like her.”
glad you’re my friend…that’s one thing I’m thankful for.”
too…you are really a nice girl Sandra. So, tell me…how was the vacation? Did
you meet new people? I’m sure you’re so big now from so much food and drinks.” Chika assumed.
dear…I really ate but as for drinks…no…I am still waiting for my period.”
But you were expecting it while school was still open…I thought it should be over now.”
am so confused. My period never delays, it’s always on time…” Sandra said with
a worried hint in her voice…
are you going to do? Will you tell your mother?”
don’t know…”
“Sandra…don’t you think you should do a pregnancy test?” Chika said quietly.
inhaled deeply and sighed, she had thought of the possibility earlier but
hearing it from Chika, that was un-nerving.
if…what if it comes out positive? What do I do? Who do I turn to?” Sandra said
through sobs.
have to tell Seyi’s mother the truth…” Was Chika’s silent reply.
can’t…I won’t risk the roof over my head…”
he still have sex with you?”
suddenly stopped…and…I really don’t want to remember that ordeal anymore…”
if you tell him?” Chika asked.
him what?” Sandra asked.
him to take responsibility of course…you might be carrying his child and you are
underage too…” Chika blurted.
so confused….so confused…”
you know what? Can you come over to my place? I’ll go get a pregnancy test from
the pharmacy so that you can test yourself here in my house…don’t worry, no one
is around. My brothers are spending the hols abroad, my dad and his ‘siren’ wife traveled for the Christmas and New Year, I’m home alone with the servants.”
mean….how come your dad didn’t take you with him?”
bother about that…besides, I wanted to spend my holiday on my own…he left me
enough money and one of his drivers to take me wherever I want to go. Now, back to our discussion, are you
have to tell mummy first though…”
me if you’re coming…”
will…” Sandra said and hung up.
was new in the neighbourhood, he had arrived with his aunt some days ago and
through the night of the fireworks and knock-outs, he had been bitter. He had
really loved his boarding school and now, he was being uprooted just because
the school had expelled him. He had seen the look in his aunt’s eyes
the day she had come to pick him, she had looked tired, dejected and depressed.
Since his parents died years ago, his aunt had been the one providing for him,
she was a mistress to a man much older than herself, he was her sole provider and
he hated children, Felix included. Felix could hear his aunt’s series of phone
calls, she was calling boarding schools in order to enroll him for the new term
but it seemed the doors were shut at her face. His personality preceded him,
his news had spread as the notorious boy in the African Science Standard School who had sexually molested the new
J.S.S1 students.
had been initiated too, when he was still in junior secondary school, he shared
the same hostel with boys from different homes and most were notorious for
smuggling porn magazines, x-rated films, portable DVD players into school. At
nights they all hurdled together under the beds and watched till their eyes
were sore. He hadn’t understood then, till he and a few others had been the tools of
experiment by the ‘bad boys’ who smuggled them in. The rule was, if you
watched their films and read their magazines, then, you too must be game for
had borne the brunt of the seniors for years and finally, his turn came. The first time he had
smuggled in x-rated magazines and films to lure some juniors for himself, he
was caught. And he had been quickly made the scape goat, now, all schools that heard the name
Felix Okoro were hesitant to let him into their school as no one wanted the bad
heard his aunt’s footsteps approach his door and she entered without knocking,
he frowned.
have spent the holidays calling different schools to enroll you but it’s been futile, there is no boarding school that wants you. I can’t have you attend
school from my house, or my man will have a fit. Why Felix? Why did you decide
to ignore the good traits of your parents and form bad habits of your own? I
trained you well or didn’t I?” His auntie said with tears in her eyes.
stared at her and it was at the tip of his tongue to say, ‘trained me? No way!
You were too busy hustling and getting me out of the way every chance you got.
I have never lived with you for more than two weeks at a time, you have forever
shipped me off to boarding school since I was three.’
am so helpless…I have to call my man and inform him of this new development but
mind you, I’m not losing him because of you. Yes, you are like my child but
that man is the reason I’m not begging on the streets. You better pray that he
agrees that you stay with me and attend Day school or I might just have to ship
you off somewhere.” His aunt continued.
that be a better option?” Felix mummured.
did you say?”
shook his head and turned to stare at his window.
had no time to cook…here’s two thousand naira, go to the fast food and get
yourself lunch.” She said to him as she handed him the money. “Happy New Year.”
She finally mouthed and left his room.
soon as she shut the door behind her, Felix flung the money away and watched it
fly till it landed on the floor, hissing he pulled up the quilt up and pulled
out some magazines.
a boring life!” He said and flipped over the x-rated magazines he had read and
re-read over and over again.
keep me waiting…what is it? What does it say?” Chika said with her ears pressed
at the bathroom door.
response! Sandra was still inside the bathroom.
c’mon…what does it say?” Chika asked again, now impatient. “I’ll break the door
open ooo…”
had arrived Chika’s approximately twenty minutes ago and Chika hadn’t wasted
time in presenting the pregnancy kits that she had bought. She had bought five
in total.
bathroom door opened and Sandra stepped out looking like someone who had seen a
does it say?” Chika asked with a quivering voice.
tested…five of them…they are all positive.”
God!” Chika exclaimed as she held her face with her hands.
is not good…this is not good…oh my God! What do we do now?”
do we do? What do I do? I’m in this alone remember?”
have me…we need a solution and we need it fast…I’m calling my mom…she’ll
definitely know what to do…she’s good at fixing things…”
“,How do you think she
can fix this?”
“Trust me, she’ll fix this…everything will be fine.” Chika

sighed and nodded, she watched as Chika placed a call to her mother, and while
she waited she placed her palms on her stomach and cried.



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