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Sandra cringed as she watched Seyi’s father zip up his fly,
he had taken advantage of her and she wasn’t sure if she should scream or cry.
“I do not want to hear anything from you about what happened
tonight. If I hear one word about it, then you are out of my house for good.”
Seyi’s father said as he stared at her menacingly.
“You destroyed me…how would I look at mummy in the face
“What do you mean by that?” He spat.

“Her husband who is supposed to be my foster father just
took advantage of me.” Sandra said in tears.
Seyi’s father walked up to her and gave her a resounding
slap on her cheek.
“That’s what you deserve for coming into this house
uninvited and mind you that this is just the beginning of our encounter
together…this is the beginning.” He said and turned around and headed towards
the door.
Sandra heard the door click open and close and closing her
eyes she moaned in pain, she felt pain all over her body. Slowly, she stood up
from the ground and limped towards her bathroom.
“Why is Seyi sulking? She has excommunicated us these past
few days and I think it’s your fault.” Nike said to Chika.
“Are you serious? When did I become the bad egg in the
group?” Chika demanded.
“Well…you’ve changed and you’ve stopped telling us your
secrets.” Nike blurted.
“If you feel that you are tired of my friendship, then scoot
over to the otherside. I am not ready to beg you to be friends with me…abeg!”
Chika said irritated at her friend’s words.
“Mtcheww…” Nike hissed, eyeing her with her huge eyes and
suddenly stormed away.
Chika was angry, she suddenly didn’t like her friends
anymore, Seyi was acting like a spoilt brat while Nike was acting like she
would die if she was deprived of Seyi’s friendship. Shrugging indifferently,
she walked down to the school canteen and got lunch for herself. She carried
her tray of food down to the tables to eat, the canteen was quite empty as
lunch period was almost over. Chika looked for a place for sit and spotted a
seating spot at the far side of the cafeteria, it was occupied by a girl who
was staring intently at her meal but wasn’t eating it. She got to the table and
placing her food on it, she sat down prepared to mind her business and eat her
meal. She had just taken one bite of the sandwich when she looked up to see a
tear drop fall from the girl’s eyes. At that instant, Chika recognized her, it
was Sandra, the new girl and Seyi’s foster sister.
“Is everything alright?” Chika asked Sandra.
Sandra shook her head and stared at her food, she was not
hungry and the images of what had happened last night kept conjuring in her
“I’m sorry that I wasn’t nice to you earlier on and
honestly, I’d like us to atleast be on talking terms. Don’t tell me you’re sad
because of Seyi? She is harmless and she’s a nice person, I guess she’s just
startled by the new changes in her home you know…it’s not easy to have a new
sister shoved down your throat…not literally I mean…” Chika said to Sandra.
“No…it’s not that…” Sandra whispered and looked up at Chika
with red eyes.
Chika stared at Sandra in pity, she felt the girl’s pain and
somehow, for the first time in a while it was as though she had found someone
to share her pains.
“I’m not happy too you know…my friends are so involved in
their lives that they have no idea of what I’ve been going through these past
few days. My mom was kicked out of our home and my dad intends to bring in his
mistress…” Chika said, sadly.
“I am so sorry about that.” Sandra said.
“It’s okay…life is a rose bush you know…picking the roses
requires you seldom get stung by the thorns.” Chika said.
“I was raped by my foster father.” Sandra blurted
Chika hastily dropped her cutlery in shock.
“What?” Chika said in surprise.
“Forget that I said anything…” Sandra said quickly.
‘What? Mr. Badmus? Seyi’s dad? Are you serious?” Chika asked
with eyes wide open.
Sandra didn’t speak further, she continued staring at her
“Did you tell your foster mom? Did you?” Chika asked, her
voice laced with concern.
“No…he threatened to kick me out if I said anything.”
“My God! I am so sorry about that…but you have to tell
someone, the school authority, the police…someone…please…” Chika started.
“If I speak, I could lose the roof over my head, don’t you
understand? I cannot tell this to anyone and you are under oath not to repeat
this to anyone.” Sandra warned.
“He has started already and trust me, he wouldn’t stop…it’s
like an addictive drug.” Chika warned.
“Who are you to tell me anything about rape or molestation,
you’ve had everything at your feet, your whole life…”
“I was abused too…by my dad’s apprentices, the driver, the
mechanic…but I think mine’s different because I was so young then and…I really
don’t know….I guess I wasn’t old enough to speak out. But you…you can be
different…you can tell somebody.” Chika pleaded.
“It seems like you do not understand a word of what I have
just said…I will never tell anyone this, most of all, my foster mother!” Sandra
said as she stood up from her chair and stormed out of the lunch room.
“How come I haven’t seen any alert? Your girlfriend is
playing rough with me and I will take it further if she doesn’t do as I say.”
Justin’s uncle screamed.
“I…I haven’t spoken to her since then…she doesn’t pick her
calls and…I …” Justin stammered.
“You better pick the phone and call her now! I want an alert
from my bank in the next twenty four hours or else…” His uncle warned and
walked out of the apartment they shared.
Justin picked up his phone and let out a huge sigh, ‘what
was his uncle expecting him to say?’ ‘Wasn’t he the one who came up with the bizarre
notion of framing Seyi’ he said to himself. Dialing her number, he placed a
call, Seyi picked on the first ring.
“Hey…” She said.
“Hey? Is that the way we greet each other now?” Justin
“I’m in the school bus…” Seyi whispered.
“Ohhh…I’m back from school already.”
“So what’s up with the issue we spoke about the other day…the
nude pictures issue?”
“Well…I’ve stopped talking to my friends…”
“How is that going to solve the problem?”
“It should…if it’s them, it’s a matter of time before they
confess. By that time, they’ll know that I know.” Seyi said.
Justin rolled his eyes and almost screamed ‘borrow some
sense!’ instead he said.
“You should pay up that money you know…whoever sent you
those pictures might be dangerous and with your father’s political career in
view, this could be a huge scandal.”
“How would you suggest that?” Seyi demanded. “I do not have
that kind of money.”
“I told you the lies to tell your father…do it and send the
money fast or you could be in trouble.” Justin warned.
“Why does it sound like you are in on this?” Seyi asked.
“Are you accusing me of wanting to steal money from you? If I
wanted money, I’ll just ask, besides you are my girl.” Justin said sounding
“I’m sorry about that…I’ll talk to my dad when I get home…”
Seyi said quietly.
“Okay…err…I have to hang up now, my airtime is almost
They said their goodbyes and hung up, as soon as Justin
dropped the phone on the side stool, his uncle walked into the room.
“Have you spoken to her?” His uncle demanded.
“Yes sir, I have…”
“When is my money coming?”
“Soon…she said, very soon.” Justin said with deep

His uncle gave him a huge smile, baring his teeth and
displaying the hole at the middle.



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