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watched as they dragged Justin’s uncle into her compound, he was pushed in by
armed officials. She stood there with folded arms and anger mixed with
confusion etched her features.

could it be? I thought we were together?’ Seyi thought to herself as she stared
stood behind his uncle, his eyes were red rimmed and his face was swollen as
one who had cried buckets.
watched her father and mother whose countenance were unreadable, she had known
that telling them about the nude pictures would prompt a lot of questions and
luckily they had treated the issue like the loving parents that they were.
Except of course her mother, who wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
naked pictures? Give me that Ipad of yours! So you have been sending your nude
pictures to your friends.” Her mother had screamed.
her a break dear…she will never do such thing…” Her father defended.
break? This is the reason I hate buying gadgets for her, she’s too young to
understand the difference between things that should be kept public or
you listen to her side of the story? Whoever did this is trying to tarnish my
image…these are all ploys to destroy my political career.”
was when her mother calmed down, it was at that point she asked;
this blackmailer ever contacted you via phone call?”
Seyi had replied.
we can trace him down, I’ll contact my lawyer about this.” Her mother had said
was two days ago and now, Justin and his uncle were at their mercy. His uncle
quaked in fear and Justin’s eyes bored deeply into hers.
do you want us to do to him?” One of the police men asked, referring to
Justin’s uncle.
want him thoroughly beaten up and locked up in chains.” Seyi’s father
sir…please…he is the only relative I have in this world…I beg of you.” Justin
cried throwing himself at Seyi’s parents’ feet.
should have known that before deciding to blackmail my family.” Seyi’s father
said. Then addressing Justin’s uncle, he asked.” Who sent you? My opponents?
Who?” Turning to the men in uniform he said, “torture him till he tells you who
sent him to do this.”
men in uniform nodded but Seyi’s mother had something to say.
where you able to get her nude pictures? Who gave them to you?” Seyi’s mother
asked Justin’s uncle.
uncle didn’t reply, he was already in too much pain. Justin however, feeling
that telling the truth at this point would save his uncle’s life spoke up.
took the pictures at our house ma.” Justin said.
almost died at those words, she instantly knew that her parents were getting
closer to hearing the truth about her life.
house?” Seyi’s parents echoed.
am your daughter’s boyfriend.” Justin said.
parents sized him up and turned to look at Seyi questioningly.
think what Justin meant to say is, I go to his compound to mend my clothes
because the tailor is there.”
not true Seyi and you know it. I know that what my uncle did is wrong but you
have to come clean to your parents. We are dating.” Justin said matter of
are?” Seyi’s mother whispered and turned to Seyi.
it’s not what you think? I do not know him…he hangs around that compound and we
just say hi…” Seyi stared.
told you…I told you…didn’t I? Rich girls do not mix with poor boys. I warned
you at the beginning…when you started sleeping with…her.” Justin’s uncle said
and coughed.
except Justin and his uncle turned to look at Seyi in alarm.
started having sex? Seyi! You’re just fifteen! Fifteen! Oh my God!” Seyi’s
mother wailed and stamped her feet on the ground in dismay.
had sex with my daughter? You raped my daughter?” Seyi’s father shouted and
grabbing Justin by the shoulders he shoved him to the ground intent on beating
men in uniform were quick enough to rescue Justin from Seyi’s father’s grip.
him! I want to kill him! He dared touch my daughter! He dare lay his smelly,
filthy hands on her.” Seyi’s father bellowed.
could you? After all I taught you…I told you to stay away from men…from boys…I
told you everything…why?” Seyi’s mother cried.
you dare blame her? Blame this uncircumcised brat who didn’t shiver in fear but
went ahead to defile our child.” Seyi’s father said.
Stop it! Let’s stop heaping the blame on the boy. What of our daughter? What of
Seyi?” Seyi’s mother asked her husband.
do you mean by that? Our daughter has no hand in this! This boy used her…he
raped her! He and his pervert uncle.” Seyi’s dad said accusingly. “Officers,
seize him for rape and molestation.”
is a minor sir and his case has to be treated with care besides, your daughter
has not admitted that he raped her.” One of the officers said.
father turned to her and said,
them! Tell everyone present that he raped you.”
mouth opened but no sound came out…she was confused.
If it’s not the truth…don’t say it Seyi…” Her mother said.
the truth…Justin saw me at his compound mending my clothes and he…he…” Seyi
what!” Asked one of the officers.
dragged me into his house and raped me…” Seyi said.
Why? Why are you saying this? Seyi please take back that statement, you know
how much we mean to each other.” Justin cried.
we meant so much to each other, why did your uncle take my nude pictures in
order to blackmail me?” Seyi shot back.
“This doesn’t add up…if he raped you as you claim, how did his uncle get the
pictures?” One officer asked.
err…he drugged me…and when I came to, I was naked and that was how I knew that I
was raped.” Seyi said.
we have to arrest them both…we will make sure we get to the bottom of this.”
The officer said.
don’t need to get to the bottom of anything…these people are molesters and
every molester deserves to be locked up forever.” Seyi’s father said.

watched from a distance at the events which unfurled and sighed, immediately
Seyi’s dad made his last comment she shuddered. He had just made a verdict that
referred directly to him and she vowed to keeping marking time till that day



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