Chika knew she had done
wrong! Her guts, head, heart and everything told her that and she really wanted
to apologize to her friend, Sandra. It was a school day and as she entered the car and
watched the driver drive her to school she thought within herself of the explanation
she had to give to Sandra inorder to win her friendship back. ‘but would Sandra
believe her? And wouldn’t Seyi have gone off to tell her family?’ Chika thought.
She didn’t
like the nauseous feeling she had at the pit of her stomach. The driver dropped
her off at the school and as soon as she alighted, she saw the school bus
dispatch the students and waited to see if Sandra would alight, she saw Seyi
sling her bag over her shoulders and walk into the school nonchalantly and
tried ignoring her while searching for Sandra.

“If you are looking
for Sandra, she’s gone.” Seyi said walking towards her.
“What? To
where?” Chika asked in shock.
“To my
“Is it true that
she’s really preggers?…Because my dad is telling me that she’s not.”
“Why is she with
your aunt?” Chika asked
“I asked you a
question first…tell me the truth Chika, is Sandra pregnant?”
“Your dad told you
she isn’t, why are you asking me questions? “
“I don’t understand
you, you came to me yesterday spilling the beans that Sandra had caught the
baby bug and now you’re dodging my questions.”
“Forget that. Why
is your dad hiding Sandra in your aunt’s place?”
“Why are you saying
such rubbish…do you know my dad, besides, Sandra asked to go to my aunt’s house”
“Sandra doesn’t know anyone in your family and she doesn’t really like your dad because he…”
“He what?” Seyi asked. “You don’t know anything about my dad and Sandra is a big liar if you listen to everything she tells you about our house because she’s not a part of our family.”
“Yes I believe her and…from what
Sandra told me, I know that your dad is no good…if I were you I’d demand that he brings her back to Lagos. What skeletons is he trying to hide?”
“Get out of my sight
jare….you have nothing meaningful to say to me…” Seyi said and brushed past
“Your dad is a pervert!”
Chika spat out.
Some students who had
been minding their business and walking into the school stopped immediately
they heard Chika’s words.
“What? What did you just
call my dad?” Seyi asked, removing her bag and tossing it to the side of the
“A pervert.” Chika
Seyi gave Chika a
resounding slap on the cheek and a huge fight began.
It was ten minutes past
seven o’clock and Nike wasn’t in school yet and neither was she intending to
attend school either. She was about rolling out of bed when her mother rapped
at her door quietly.
“Nike…you are late for
school…” Her mother shouted through the door.
Nike darted a gaze to her
side and there he lay, sleeping soundly as a lamb.
“I have a headache
mom…don’t think I can make school today.” Nike shouted back.
“Serious? Is it
menstrual pain? I could give you something for the pain…” Her mother slurred.
“No…don’t bother…I
mean…” Nike said as she struggled to get down from her bed.
Her companion moved and
groaned loud.
“Shhhh…my mom is outside
my door.” Nike whispered.
“Nike, open the door.”
Her mother said.
“I’m coming mom…maybe
you should go get me the drugs okay…I’ll be out in a jiffy.”
“Okay…I don’t even
remember where I kept them…but I’ll go look for them.” Nike’s mother said
through the door.
Nike raised her eyes
heavenwards and said a quick prayer of thanks, she knew her mother was
suffering from a hangover hence her distorted words.
“Oh…is that my future
mother in-law?” He said aloud.
“Shhh…yes, that’s my
mom…” Nike smiled sheepishly.
“You are so beautiful
Nike…you glow so brightly…” He said to her.
“My secret lover…I love
you so much Preye.” Nike said to him with deep affection.
“I’m so happy that I didn’t
stay in the Sheraton hotel where I lodged, I’m glad that I decided to stay here
with you.”
“I’m so glad you did
too…but what of your reservations at the hotel, wouldn’t you be charged even
though you aren’t there at the moment?”
“Oh that…how much is it
anyway? Forget about it…” He said staring deeply into her eyes.
Nike smiled, she
remembered the messages he had sent to her earlier, informing her of his
arrival. She had gone outside her house to wait for him, luckily for her, her
mother was out and her grandparents had a friend’s birthday ceremony to attend
so no one saw him follow her into the house. She loved Jaga even at first sight
despite his ear piercings, his ugly tattoos and his blood shot gaze, he was
hers and she loved him completely. Her phone rang and she was jolted back to
the present, looking at the called ID and frowning, she picked the call.
“Hello…” She greeted
“Nike…why haven’t you
been replying my calls?” The man at the other end of the line answered.
“Sorry…I’ve been busy.”
“I’ve missed you…when
are you coming to see me?”
“I don’t know…you’ve
finished tutoring me on biology so…I know enough to last me the term.”
“C’mon…did I tutor you
on biology alone? I was and still am your boo…”
“It’s a school day and I
should be heading to school now, bye bye.”
“But…” The man started
as the phone connection cut off.
Nike tossed her phone by
the corner and got off the bed.
“Who was that?” Preye asked.
“My tutor…he used to
teach me biology during the holidays…”
“Did you have something with
him?” Preye asked.
“He took my
virginity…that’s all and he’s been pestering me ever since…can we not talk
about this?” Nike asked.
“Yeah sure…” Preye said.
“I’ll go downstairs to
see my mother, I can’t go to school today…because I have to be with you and I’d
like us to do some catch up before you leave.” Nike said smiling.
“Oh yeah…that…” Preye said. “And baby, when you get downstairs could you get me a pack of cigarettes?
“Cigarettes? Do you want
to smoke in the house? My grandmother is asthmatic…”
“Isn’t she too old
already to be alive? Get me a pack of cigarettes and something to eat…” Preye ordered.
Nike flinched a little
at his attitude and after a while forgot all about it and left her room. Jaga
on the other hand had a lot of things going through his mind. He had just been
deported back to the country and he really had to make ends meet. Before that,
however, he had revenge on his list. No one messes with him and goes away
unscathed, his first stop was going to be his aunt who had shamefully kicked him
out of her house yesterday, she didn’t deserve to live any longer with such
wickedness in her heart.
Nike’s phone rang again
and he took the phone which was nestling against the pillow, the caller ID
read, ‘My Tutor’, suddenly filled with rage against the man who desperately
wanted to be a part of Nike’s life, he mentally placed him on his list as his
second stop. Jaga looked around at Nike’s teenage fairytale inspired bedroom
and smiled,
“I’m so smart…this nest
is girly but comfy and I’ll be here a long time…”



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