had a dream a terrible one and she shook so hard that she felt the scream
pierce through her lips. Suddenly, she felt the warm arms encircling her, she
thought it was him so she pushed the hands away in fear.

were just having a nightmare…hush…” The voice said.
voice sounded feminine, it sounded like her mother’s.
Is that you? Are you really here?” she asked.
I am and I am here to protect you.”  The
voice said.
you protect me from him? He comes here every other night …” She mumbled as she
said the words without opening her eyes.
who comes in here? Wake up!” The voice said more fiercely, sounding like Seyi’s
blinked and stared up at Seyi’s mother’s worried gaze.
was dreaming…when did you arrive?” Sandra asked Seyi’s mother.
came home late last night. I had hardly slept before hearing you scream. It’s
two am in the morning.”
home ma.” Sandra greeted, trying to sit up on the bed.
were saying something about a man who comes here at night. Who is he?”
What are you talking about?” Sandra asked.
told me something…you were talking about a man…” Seyi’s mother persisted.
knew she couldn’t tell Seyi’s mother the truth and if she did, there would be
no chance for her and she’ll might as well, find herself out on the street
before she could say Jack.
ma…I am the only one in this room…no one comes here.” Sandra said.
you sure? I hate to think that you are not safe here…”
ma, I am very safe.”
was your dream about?”
opened her mouth to speak but closed it again, she had dreamt of the gang
raiding the house. Instead of taking the money as they were supposed to, they
began shooting at random and burning the house down while she was trapped
nothing…I can’t even remember it.” She lied.
okay…I bought you some new things…I’d like you to try them on, first thing tomorrow.”
you so much ma…I will…definitely. I hope your trip was fine?”
was…” Seyi’s mother started and stopped when she heard a strong vibration.
“What’s that noise?” She asked.
Sandra replied quickly praying that the phone she had hidden under her bed stops
sounds like a phone vibrating. You don’t have a phone or do you?”
ma…I do but it is faulty so I kept it under my bed…I might have left it turned
on…and…” Sandra stammered.
is it? Let me see it? Besides who would call you at this time of the night?” Seyi’s
mother demanded.
hurriedly got down from her bed and stooped down to retrieve the phone from
under the bed. Immediately she had the gadget in her hands, she handed it to
her foster mother.
mother immediately pressed the answer button and placed the phone to her ear.
Seyi’s mother breathed.
was no answer as the line had gone dead.
has the number of this phone?” Seyi’s mother asked.
my mom’s phone…it’s mostly those who knew her that still has the number.” Sandra
okay but since she’s gone…it’s sensible to dispose the phone as soon as
possible because I really do not want you to hold on to anything in your past
life. You could however, hang on to her pictures and some of her valuables but
this is a phone which means that it creates access to you. I have your
relations numbers and anyone of them that wants to see you would call me first
because your mother placed you in my care. Is that understood?”
ma…I will dispose it first thing tomorrow.” Sandra replied.
some rest, I’ll dispose the phone myself and by next week, I’ll get you a new
nodded and watched her leave, she wanted to tell her to give her back the phone
so that she could write down some numbers. She had not even sent Seyi’s address
to the gang and she knew that they were waiting for it. She looked up
heavenwards, this was the only way she knew as regards getting even with Seyi’s
father for all he puts her through. Now, like the rest of the terrible people
in the world, he gets to go scot free. She thought.
mouth was slightly open in a snore when her phone rang and she hastily picked
it up without looking at the caller ID.
She slurred.
Seyi asked, sitting up on her bed.
me Justin.”
this call wait till morning? I have a test to write tomorrow.”
just…I just received a text message from the person who has been blackmailing
you.” Justin breathed over the phone.
What does he want? That pervert!”
says that if you do not pay the money before noon tomorrow…he’ll kill me. I am
scared Seyi. He told me all the routes that I take to and from school and he
sounds really deadly. Could you please pay up?” Justin said in tears.
does he expect me to get the money from? Besides, this guy is already sounding
so desperate, the first time he promised to leak the pictures to my parents,
the second time he promised to leak them through the internet and now, he’s threatening
to kill you. This is getting out of hand. I think we need to call the police
because, honestly, if someone is blackmailing me, it’s not my fault. I have
never sent nude pictures to anyone before.”
The police? No way.”
trust me…this issue would be handled. I have to tell my parents about this. My
daddy will understand and my mom…well, she might scream and throw tantrums but,
I have no hand in it. I am not going to let anything happen to you especially
because of me.”
Seyi said in affirmative.
know what…I think I have been dreaming…no one threatened me…it’s like I’ve been
sleep talking again. Goodnight.” Justin said hastily and hung up.
stared at her phone in confusion, she quickly rose from her bed, walked to the
door of her room and headed towards her parents’ room, ‘it was time she told
them the truth’ she thought.
what happened?” Justin’s uncle grunted at him.
stared at his uncle in irritation, he had been fast asleep some moments ago
till his uncle had shook him awake and told him what to tell Seyi in order to
make her pay up quickly.
bad.” Justin said to his uncle.
is bad?” His uncle asked.
wants to tell her parents the whole truth.”
Well, that’s fine…they wouldn’t want a scandal, so they’ll pay.”
are getting the police involved.”
That was not our understanding.” Justin’s uncle said to him.
shrugged and shook his head.
what does this mean? The fact that they involve the police doesn’t mean
anything. It can never be traced back to us.”
Or You, you mean.” Justin said in a petrified tone.
We are in this together…besides, nothing is going to happen. The police will be
searching for a needle in a haystack.”
But you used your phone in contacting her right?”
I did.”
it’s registered right?” Justin asked.

uncle’s eyes widened as he realized the mess he had gotten himself into.


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