Wait up…wait…” Sandra shouted as she ran after the figure that had darted
through the gate.
had hidden behind the gateman’s post but when her driver had called her phone,
she knew she had to go. No sooner had she stepped out from her hiding place
than Sandra caught sight of her and ran to catch up with her. Chika broke into
a run, dashing out of the gate and frantically searching for her driver and her
dad’s car.
are you running? You coward! You deceiver! Betrayer!” Sandra screamed as she
ran up to meet her.

stopped and turned around to face Sandra.
but I had to tell the truth…”
Tell the truth? To my worst enemies? Chika…you deceived me, you made me think
we were friends, you switched your urine for me, why would you undo everything
you have done?”
mom called and said she couldn’t give me the location of the hospital
anymore…understand Sandra, D&C is a very risky procedure and …I don’t want
you to die and have your blood on my hands or my mother’s…”
a pathetic excuse! Are you the one that’s going to undergo the nasty procedure?
Are you the one that’s going to be stretched-out on a surgical table? You are a
big hypocrite Chika and I regret ever being your friend…” Sandra said and
stormed off.
really sorry…I am just fifteen, what am I expected to do?” Chika said more to
herself than to Sandra as tears fell down her eyelids. She watched Sandra’s
form disappear in the distance as she fled out of sight.
was devastated, she had cried harder than she had ever done in her life. ‘How
could this be happening to me? What am I going to do?’ she asked herself. She
had walked down the road in her school uniform and the roads seemed to go on
and on forever. She had no idea of where she was. She reached a T-junction and
saw a sign post which read ‘Roadwelle Clinic’ the clinic’s wall paint had
peeled off and it was quite rough-looking as well. She hurriedly rummaged
through her bag in search of the money that her foster-mother had given to her
and counted it. It was a total sum of five thousand naira, she mentally added
it to the two thousand naira which she had in her bag and it was seven thousand
naira. With determination in her eyes, she entered the hospital quietly and
walked towards the receptionist’s desk.
afternoon ma.” She greeted.
The nurse at the reception asked without mincing words.
She asked.
act surprised, young girls do not come here to cure malaria. Is this your first
Sandra nodded quietly.
and fill a form there…and pay one thousand naira for registration…”
Sandra took the form and brought out one thousand naira from her bag which she
gave the nurse at the reception.
will need your family’s address, contact number and your details.”
we skip that? My parents doesn’t need to know about this.”
nurse stared at Sandra and shrugged.
have to wait for the doctor…he will be here soon…”
Sandra said.
the wait began.
daddy…” Seyi greeted as she gave her father a big hug.
was school?”
is Sandra, isn’t she supposed to be with you?” Her father asked, looking
further in search of Sandra.
big liar…I can’t wait for mummy to come home so that I can tell her all that I
do you know?” Her father enquired.
girl has gone and gotten herself pregnant.”
Are you sure?” Seyi’s father asked in a shocked voice.
told me…and do you know that mommy caused a ruckus this morning when she
insisted on taking her to the clinic for tests? I heard something about her
having brought shame into this family and bla bla bla…”
is Sandra?” Seyi’s father asked.
do you mean by where is Sandra? Am I her nanny?”
talk to me in that tone!” Seyi’s father snapped.
was shocked, she had never heard her dad speak to her in such way before.
is she?” Seyi’s father asked again.
don’t know…I have no idea!”
you have her phone number?”
guess so…” Sandra said as she brought out her phone and called out Sandra’s
phone number and stormed off.
father panicked, he knew that the pregnancy was his and he had to thread
carefully or his marriage might be over. He quickly dialed the number, it rang
severally but there was no answer, after the fifth ring, he heard a voice at
the other end of the line.
He started.
is not Sandra, she is undergoing a procedure right now…” The female voice at
the end of the line said.
Please stop whatever procedure…that’s my child…she’s my daughter…give me the
location of the hospital…I am on my way.” He listened to the voice at the other
end of the line and suddenly rushed out of the house.
was wondering what was taking the doctor so long to start the procedure, she
stared at the ceiling of the dirty room and sang different songs in her head.
She heard the clanging of metals and waited for the cold steel to invade her
body but nothing happened. She was still waiting when the door burst open and
Seyi’s father walked into the room. Sandra was scared, she immediately sat up
and stared at him with fear in her eyes.
go!” He commanded.
Sandra started.
gave her a chilly look and she stood up from the narrow bed which she had lain
and followed him out of the hospital. They reached his car and she got in,
while he got into the car as well. As soon as the door was shut, he started the
know the truth right?” Sandra said.
father didn’t reply, he drove in silence.
bet you are proud of yourself, after molesting a young girl that’s your
daughter’s age.” Sandra started.
will not keep quiet! I want to remove this baby…I want to get rid of it and
continue with my life.”
I won’t let you…that child is mine as well…”
How stupid of you to say that…even if this child is yours, he or she is not
supposed to be born this way…I am not the one who’s to carry your child, it’s
my foster mommy that should be having a child for you not me. If she finds out
about this, I am dead…” Sandra choked on a sob.
why she’s never finding out…”
me? You just interrupted a D&C…” Sandra said sarcastically.
child will be born…don’t get me wrong…but she will never know it was by you.”
Seyi’s father supplied.
you a magician? How do you expect that to happen?” Sandra asked.
have asked my secretary to make flight booking for you, you are going to Port
Harcourt to stay with my sister. I called her on my way to the clinic and told
her about you and she’s expecting you…”
Wait…what?” Sandra asked in anger.
the plan. You’ll go to Port Harcourt, have the baby and I’ll tell my wife that
we should start an adoption process, the child will be adopted and then, you
will come back home as though nothing happened.”
you crazy? Are you mad?” Sandra asked in anger.
heard that my wife accused you of being pregnant this morning…Seyi told me. I
guess she found nothing on you.”
friend and I switched urines…” Sandra confessed.
perfect! I want her to feel that she hurt you deeply by accusing you of being
pregnant and that you confided in me that you didn’t feel comfortable enough in
her presence anymore. So, I decided to send you to my sister’s place for a
while so that you could clear your head.”
a cock and bull story…”
but it’s a good one…”
not doing it…I don’t want to go to Port Harcourt.”
to me you good-for-nothing, I have never wanted you in my house right from the
first day I met you in it. I am doing you a favor because believe me when I say
that my wife will not buy your story about this pregnancy being mine. I am
happily married and I am a well-respected member of the society, I am also a
candidate for the elections. Having this child is your ticket to living a good
life, if you have this baby, I will give you everything you want and you will
be accepted into my home as part of my family and if you don’t, it won’t be
long before I send you packing.” Seyi’s father said.
was silent, he had bought her with that last card.

hour later, Sandra was on her way to Port Harcourt.


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