was close! So close Sandra…” Chika expelled as soon as Sandra’s foster mother
dropped them off at the school gate.
hugged Chika and said;
am so grateful to you Chika…thank you…what could I have done without you?”
welcome dear friend, we are in this together. Let’s hurry into our classes so
that we can go to the clinic after school.” Chika said.
“Has your mom sent us the clinic address yet?”
“Not yet, that’s why I brought my phone to school although it’s on vibration, I don’t want it to be seized.”
“What could I have done without you Chika, may God bless you.” Sandra said.
“It’s okay dear, we just have to bear in mind that this time, no more mistakes…we need to abort this baby so that you can move on with your life.”
time, no more mistakes…I must abort this child and move on with my life.” Chika re-echoed.
the spirit girl!” Chika said in a shaky voice.
girls went into the separate classes.
had hardly settled into her class when the head-teacher walked into the class
with a teenage boy. His face was so familiar, then she remembered that he was
the young boy who had stolen the urine cup for her, just that morning. Chika
stared at him baffled at his sudden appearance in her class. ‘Was he eventually
caught by the laboratory specialists and had confessed to stealing the cup and
was brought into her class to point out the girl he had given the cup to?’
Chika thought as she quickly bent her head and stared at the brown wooden table
before her.
Day class, we have a new student in our midst, his name is Felix.” The
head-teacher said.
looked up from her table in relief, she had been waiting for the worst.
welcome him to our school and be nice to him.” The head-teacher said.
students echoed “You’re welcome Felix.” Turning to Felix, the head-teacher
class is on its free period so feel free to seat wherever you want and get
settled till a teacher comes in.”
head-teacher nodded and left the class, Felix was unsure of where to seat till
he saw Chika. There was no one sharing her seat with her so he decided to join
her, the student gave him pointed stares but none said anything. As soon as
Felix sat, he turned to Chika and said.
meet again, Mademoiselle…”
what’s that supposed to mean?” Chika retorted.
should be so happy to see me considering the fact that I helped you get your
friend out of trouble. Her mother was waiting for a positive test result so as to
skin her behind.”
talk as if you know what’s happening…you don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I’ve been in the world dear, I have had different types of friends and trust me when
I say that I knew your plans before your friend’s mother blurted out that she’d
like your friend tested for pregnancy. How cunny of you to want to follow her into the toilet.”
stop raising your voice.” Chika cautioned.
you were really going to take the bullet for her right?” Felix asked.
friend’s gotta do what a friend’s gotta do…” Chika said.
you guys figured out a plan yet?” Felix asked.
did this become any of your business?” Chika asked.
I gave you the cup…”
are removing it today, after school.” Chika whispered.
you sure you want to be involved in this kind of thing? It’s messy, if you ask
me, I’d say you should tell her mom…she has to know. You don’t want to be
blamed for something you’re not guilty of you know…”
stared at Felix and didn’t say anything else, the bell for the next class rang
and she opened her bag to pull out her text book.
you see the new student?” Kemi asked, grinning from ear to ear.
Seyi asked, munching her groundnuts.
boy that everyone says was expelled from his former school due to bad behavior.
I heard that he’s seat mates with Chika.”
so special about him?”
special about him? He’s got swag, he’s very handsome and he looks like his family are rich.”
are you giving me all these details?”
I know that you have no boyfriend in your life at the moment…just wanted to
help you out.”
and I are over and I’m not ready to start a new relationship yet…although I wouldn’t
mind seeing this new guy.” Seyi said.
smiled and poked her at the ribs as soon as Felix left his class and headed towards the cafeteria, they were standing beside an almond tree in
their school compound, it was break time.
had felt her phone vibrate in her school bag and had quickly smuggled it into
the toilet of her school. She was so pissed at whoever  was calling her during
school hours. As soon as she reached the toilet, she checked the caller ID to
see that it was her mother.
mommy…do you want to get me into trouble? It’s school time…” She protested.
was just calling to tell you that I want you to disassociate yourself from that
“What girl mom?”
pregnant one…Chika, I do not want you keeping her company.”
mom…I thought you were supposed to text me the address of the clinic where you want her to abort the child.”
buts…I have decided not to give you the clinic address anymore, if anything
happens to that girl, I might get into trouble…and you too…”
mom…no one is getting in trouble, c’mon…”
think her parents should know about this pregnancy…they are the best people to
solve this issue.”
That’s not possible mom…please understand.”
words are final, cut yourself from that girl’s friendship, she smells like
trouble.” Chika’s mother said and cut the call.
and Seyi were still under the almond tree gossiping when Chika approached them.
who’s here? It’s Chika…the one who got away…” Kemi said mockingly.
Chika greeted then turning to Seyi, she said. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
whatever you have to say here and get away.” Seyi said rudely.
is pregnant…” Chika blurted.
eyes widened in shock.
Is that the reason my mother dragged her out of bed this morning? I knew that
girl was up to no good. So all the while she had been sleeping around, who
would have thought?” Seyi smirked.
the contrary, she wasn’t sleeping around, she was raped.” Chika said.
a big lie!”
“Say whatever you like but I’m here to tell you
the truth…I deceived your mom this morning and…it’s a long story but…please  tell your mom what I have just told you…she’ll
know what to do.” Chika said and walked away.
was waiting for Chika but the school was almost empty as Chika was nowhere to
be found. The school bus attendants walked into the classrooms, shouting in
their wake; “School Bus! Last Call!” to indicate that the bus was about to
leave. Chika had waited for thirty minutes and she was already getting worried.
She was still standing beside the classroom when Kemi ran out of her class with
her bag. She saw her stopped and laughed aloud.
are you standing here for? Do you think standing will bid your pregnancy away?” Kemi said in spite.
are you talking about?” Sandra asked.
told us everything, you are pregnant and you had Chika deceive Seyi’s mother,
right? Ungrateful rat, imagine you, biting the fingers that fed you.” Kemi said
and stormed off.

sunk to the ground in tears, ‘how could Chika let out her secret out just like that. She felt betrayed and used.


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