was Friday, two days after the brief incident with Tayo at their house and
Yemisi and Tara were on their way back from Tayo’s house. They had gone to
apologize. Yemisi had done most of the talking while Tara had smiled sheepishly
and begged Tayo with her eyes to forgive. Ofcourse he did and he invited them
in for drinks but they declined, they didn’t want history to repeat itself.
was while they were there that Robert walked into Tayo’s compound, Tara wished the ground would open up and swallow her, he ignored her and went ahead to talk to Tayo.
up dude… I came for that video game ooo…” Robert had said.
nodded and went inside the house to bring the game. Tara coughed nervously,
Yemisi said ‘hi’ and Robert looked at the skies. Yemisi knew that Tara and
Robert weren’t in the best of terms and after she and Tara had reconciled, she
really wanted to see everyone happy so she decided to break the silence.
Robert…how’s the holiday? Did you enroll for the summer lessons?” She asked.
school cancelled holiday coaching because of the ‘Ebola Scare’.” Robert
true. So what have you been up to?” Yemisi asked.
shrugged and bringing out his phone from his handset, he pretended to be busy.
think you guys are lame for keeping malice you know. Malice hurts!” Yemisi said
turning to look at Tara, then at Robert.
started it first. Tara always feels she has to be the queen of every situation.”
Robert said.
will you shut up.” Tara snapped.
insult me…I won’t let you insult me again or slap me again either. I’m not your
houseboy.” Robert shouted.
stepped out of the house and stared at the teenagers who were standing outside
the porch.
going on? Did I miss out on something?” Tayo asked.
used to be best of friends, now they hate eachother.” Yemisi supplied.
we don’t hate eachother…he’s just annoying sometimes.” Tara said solemnly.
she’s spontaneous…” Robert said.
need to apologize Tara, slapping your friend is the worst kind of disrespect
ever! You shouldn’t do it.” Yemisi cautioned.
am really sorry that I slapped you, please forgive me.” Tara apologized.
okay…” Robert replied and kept on scrolling through his phone.
not the way to accept an apology, Rob…” Tayo cautioned.
placed his phone in his pocket and turning to Tara, he said,
have forgiven…are we still friends?”
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smiled and rushed to hug him, Robert was a special friend and he had helped her
through tough times. Tayo invited them all for drinks and this time, they all
laughed and followed him inside the house.
as Tara and Yemisi walked to their house, they felt a sense of peace.
“Aren’t you happy?” Tara asked.
am not just happy, I am thankful. I have my best friend and sister back,
everything is going back to normal.” Yemisi replied.
“Do you think we want to be friends with that girl?” Tara asked.
“What girl?”
“The Temi impersonator.” Tara supplied.
“Wait a minute, so you still don’t believe that she’s your cousin Temi.”
“Trust me when I say that, that girl is not Temi.”
“But her name is Temi.”
“Says who? She just borrowed the name. We are the special ‘T’s remember. Temitope and Tara, we are like twins.”
“What of me? You know, you both used to be so close that I wished that something broke you guys up but now that you guys aren’t that close anymore, it’s not fun. Even though you still have to stop that ‘T’s ish…” Yemisi joked.
“I don’t like my Yoruba name…Bolanle…it sounds very feminine.” Tara whined.
“So you’d rather answer Tara, which means Earth? Abeg jo…” Yemisi joked.
“It means Earth in Latin but in Sanscrit, it means Star… I’m a star jo.”
The two girls laughed. 
you still going to attend the counselling session at the church this evening?”
Tara asked.
I will, yesterday was great today would be greater. I found out that I didn’t
heal properly and what I went through months ago, was trauma and it had to be
healed from the inside.” Yemisi said.
were almost at their gate when a taxi cab stopped at the front of the gate and
a young girl alighted with a backpack. Tara and Yemisi stopped and stared, the
girl looked so achingly familiar. The taxi zoomed off and the young girl stood
and stared at the gate for a while and as though sensing that she was being
stared at, turned to see Yemisi and Tara staring at her open mouthed.
Temi…Oh my God! It’s Temi.” Screamed Tara as she lunged forward in a run.
Screamed Yemisi who followed Tara on her heels.
burst in tears and ran to meet them, the three girls hugged tight as though
they had never been separated before.
chewed the last biscuit in his hand and scratched the back of his head. Sand
flies followed him about, he was dirty, unkempt and smelly. He couldn’t
remember the last time he had his bath, his body itched badly too. Godwin took
a good look at his surrounding, the whole area was filtered with papers, waste,
nylon bags and rotten food. Godwin remembered his home where he used to live
with his mother and brothers and sighed. He missed home, he missed his
former life, he wanted to go home. Should he? Would they turn him away? Would
they cry in relief to see him alive? All these and more went through his mind
and at that moment, Godwin knew that his role as a rebel had come to an end, it
was time to go home. Maybe he was like the bible’s prodigal son and maybe the end would work for his own good as well.
Tara and Yemisi chorused.
came back four days ago. Infact I am due to travel back to Abuja today but I
had to tell the school authorities the truth. Bee didn’t know that I was coming
to Lagos initially and I had to call and tell her that I was in Lagos and that
I would not return to Abuja till I was satisfied that my family didn’t want me
anymore.” Temi said with tears in her eyes.
three girls were seated in Yemisi’s house, the house was empty as usual as
Yemisi’s parents weren’t around and neither were her brothers.
knew it! I knew that girl was an impostor!” Tara declared.
she is and she’s accidentally my sister…my twin sister.” Temi supplied.
Tara and Yemisi asked in shock.
launched into the story and Temi and Yemisi listened with eyes opened wide.
When Temi finished the story, Tara exclaimed.
“The Dolapo family has more secrets than Lagos state in a whole.”
were interrupted by the jingle of keys at the door.
my mom…what do we do? Do we tell her what you just told us?” Yemisi asked.
door opened and Yemisi’s mother walked in carrying a huge basket of groceries.
She smiled when she saw the girls.
am so glad to see you girls together as before…Temi did you change your outfit?
You look lovelier now than you did earlier today when I saw you at the market. That’s a
very expensive top and pants…when did you make the Bob Marley braids?” Yemisi’s
mother who had eye for detail asked.
girls opened their mouths and shut it again, Temi spoke up.
to the girls she said, “It’s okay…let’s stop keeping secrets, it never brought
us any good anyway.” Then turning to Yemisi’s mother, she said. “Good afternoon ma,
it’s me, Temi. The girl you saw earlier is Timilehin, my twin sister, she has
been impersonating me all these while. I just came in from Abuja this week.”
mother’s eyes widened, she looked at Yemisi who nodded in agreement with what
Temi had said.
this mean that you were never found?” Yemisi’s mother whispered.
shook her head. “I came home on my own.” She said.
mother dropped her basket and hurried to draw Temi into her arms. Tara and
Yemisi had tears in their eyes and they too joined in the hug.
happened…what?” Yemisi’s mother asked with tears in her eyes. “I don’t
understand…is this really you? Temitope Dolapo?”
ma…it’s me in flesh and blood.” Temi sobbed.
mother took in a deep breath, she fell on her knees and blessed God, then she
asked Yemisi to lock the door.
me go and prepare lunch, after eating, I want to listen to your tale from the very
beginning.” Yemisi’s mother said.
drip fluids went into her body through her veins but her eyes were still shut
tight, she heard the doctor’s words but couldn’t speak or reply. Her roommates
had been so good to her, they had called the school authorities who had in-turn rushed her to the general hospital. Her eyes were still closed when she heard
the nurse’s voice, she was speaking to someone.
name is Oni ma, I am her friend.”
you fill the visitor’s form?” The nurse asked.
ma, I did.” Oni answered.
your full name?” The nurse asked again.
wished she could open her eyes but she couldn’t, the name sounded familiar, she
knew who it was of course but she had no idea that he shared the same surname
with her mother’s family. Maybe it was a coincidence, many people bore the same
share the same surname with her mother’s family. Dolapo was the name the school
registered on her guarantors form.” The nurse said, “we are trying to contact
the family but it has been difficult reaching them. The number enlisted is that
of her maternal grandmother and one of her uncles but so far, none of them have
been picking up their calls.”
Well…I am a Dolapo but my family doesn’t reside here but in Lagos.”
where her mother’s family resides as well.”
arched his eyebrow questioningly.
could you tell me the name of her grandmother and uncle…”
nurse brought out a file which was on a table nearby and read aloud.
Oluwafunmishe Grace Dolapo and Mr. Bode Gilbert Dolapo.”
almost fainted, he turned to look at the nurse in shock.
the look on your face it’s obvious you know them, right?”
my grandmother’s name and uncle’s. Oh my God! Is she my cousin?” Oni asked stupidly.
“I’m a nurse and not a soothsayer.”
“She’s my cousin and I never knew
it. How come?” Oni said baffled at the revelation.
it’s because it’s her mother’s family…” The nurse said.
you please tell me her full name? I need to know which aunt’s daughter she is.”
full name is Shade Rebecca Ajayi.”
my God! She’s my aunt’s daughter! Jeezzz…” Screamed Oni.
please…this is a hospital. You could do us a favour of contacting your family
since you both are related. This is why I emphasize that relations should get
to know each other. What if you both fell in love here and when you returned to Lagos, you found out that she’s your blood…or did you both fall in love? Is she your
girlfriend?” The nurse asked in a whisper.
she’s not…thank God.” Oni was thankful that he had shunned all Shade’s
heard everything and the more she strained her ears to hear, the more the words
faded. She heard them say that she was Oni’s cousin. How come? She asked
herself. The room suddenly seemed so small and she opened her eyes for the first
time. She saw a bright light in a distance and floated towards it, turning back
once to look at Oni who looked more haggard and smaller than she had ever seen him look
beep sounded long and loud and the nurse rushed towards Shade’s bed and quickly
ran out of the room calling for back-up. Oni stood beside Shade and stared, she
had turned pale and was as still as death. The nurse came back with another nurse
and a doctor and pushing him aside, they proceeded to revive Shade. It was futile,
she was gone.

doctor listened to the nurse as she told him about Oni and how he was Shade’s
relation. Then the other nurse quietly covered Shade’s body with the light
blanket on the bed. Oni backed up against the wall and crouching to the ground, he wailed.

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    • The world is not a predictable place, sometimes, we don't get everything we want. I miss Shade too, but I feel that this is a lesson to lots of girls who decide to follow the wrong paths.
      Thanks Fab for reading.


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