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Yomi wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to do something more
damaging to his cousin. Oni lay there, staring at him with bloodshot eyes, he hadn’t
slept in days, not after the torture Yomi’s boys had made him go through for
the past few days.
“Dammit!” Yomi screamed and kicked the empty can of beer at
his side.
Oni cringed and coughed loudly.
“You good for nothing human being who has never worked for
one day of his life. Tell me…how did you get money for all the weed we
provided? Or the Coke? How? Ofcourse the answer is evident…Granny grans. She
spoilt you, she made you become what you are now! A foolish, idiotic young man
whose sense of discipline is long gone! I should have killed you when I had the
chance.” Yomi shouted.
The door to the room opened and one of the boys came in, Oni
recognized him and wanted to speak but his body hurt.
“Yomi…there’s a dealer outside waiting.” The young man said.
“Handle him, I’m still taking care of business.” Yomi
“No Yomi…not again. Killer made you head of his business in
his absence and not me. I really suck at this business and you know it, we’ve
lost more clients than we made over the past year since your cousin, Oni,
stepped his foot into our net.”
“Just do as I ordered.” Yomi said silently.
“Why don’t you just kill him? We thought you would, when you
pulled the trigger some days ago.”
Yomi took in a sharp breath and memories flooded once again.
year ago

As he kicked the dust off the street and headed to his
grandmother’s house that morning, Yomi knew he had been bad. Killer and Tuber
had been smoking and he sneaked a peep at them and all of a sudden, he was
smoking too and it felt really good. Killer had said ‘A smoke helps you release
all the pain you feel inside’ and Yomi believed his words. The gate was open
and he strolled in only to meet the shocking stares of his relations as they
were all outside still in their night wears. His mother’s scream as soon as she
saw him gave him the chills as she ran to him, hugged him and started dealing
him with heavy blows.
“Where have you been? Look at my eye! Take a good look at my
eye. Your father punched me in the eye because we couldn’t find you this
morning.” Cried his mother.
Yomi looked at his mother’s eye, it had turned blue black.
“I am sorry mum, I intended to come to granny’s place but
since it was dark, I kind of…..” He didn’t finish his statement.
“This is the last straw Mo, you are coming home.” Said Tara’s
father in a stern voice.
“No…please, it’s all my fault…I never intended that it would
happen this way, I only wanted to come here and beg granny to come talk to my
parents and…” Yomi continued.
“Do you know how many times we have tried talking to that
useless father of yours?” Shouted Yemisi’s father.
Yomi saw red.
“Don’t you dare call my father useless, he is a very good
man who couldn’t get used to being compared on a daily basis to his wife’s
brothers.” Yomi spat.
“Are you talking to me?” Yemisi’s dad asked.
“Yes I am.” Shouted Yomi.
A heavy slap that threatened to deafen, resounded on Yomi’s
ears and in a quick move, Yomi raised his hands to do same when a firm grip held
him back.
“Don’t let an elder’s curse fall on your head or you’ll
regret it.” Warned Tara’s father.
“Wait…did he want to slap me? Did this little thing just
raise his hands against me?” Shouted Yemisi’s dad, baffled.
“Yomi…I am really disappointed in you. You will kneel and
beg for your uncle’s forgiveness.” Ordered granny grans.
“I will do no such thing!” retorted Yomi.
“Did you train this child at all Mo?” Temi’s mother asked.
“Are you mad? Have you trained yours? Those little whores
you have scattered everywhere, have you trained them?” Mo shouted back.
“Did you call my children whores?” Temi’s mother asked in surprise.
“What are they if not useless…?” Mo started but was
quietened with a heavy slap by Temi’s mother.
The fight begun and the two women rolled to the ground in a
desperate struggle to prove a point.
Yomi stared at the result of his callousness and anger, his
uncles rushed to separate the women and Tara’s father barked in anger.
“Yomi, it was your issue that woke us up this morning and
has eventually left us in this situation. Whether you like it or not, your
mother is coming back to us and the bad news is, she can only bring your
brothers with her. We will not tolerate an un-weaned child in our home and
until you apologize to every member of this family, you will never be welcome
The whole family dispersed as Yomi stared at them in pain,
he couldn’t believe what just happened, his mother walked into her mother’s
bungalow, leaving him as though he was a stray kitten. Oni walked towards him
and gave him a sly smile.
“Nice one…you eventually had our blood pumping this morning.”
Oni said.
“Is that a commendation?”
“Call it whatever you like but it was all good, atleast it
brought some spark to the dullness of this house.”
“Oni can I borrow some money from you? Like five thousand
naira? I need to hold on to it for the meanwhile, you know now that my mother
and brothers will be coming here and I am not welcomed here. My dad is totally
broke, he just sold all our sitting room furniture.”
“That sucks mehn! No wonder my uncles think he’s silly for
marrying into a decent and quite wealthy family as ours.” Oni bragged.
“Drop the insults man! My dad is no golddigger.”
“I didn’t call him that….just saying though.”
“Are you loaning me the money or not?” Yomi asked.
“Well… I don’t have enough money on me besides, I have a
girlfriend and you know how hard it is, maintaining a girl nowadays. It’s
either they want Brazilian hair, Mexican or Jamaican… I promised my lady love some
TLC and I have no money left.”
“Wait a minute…do you mean you can’t loan me five thousand
naira all because of a girl? What are brothers for?”
“Please drop that brothers shit…we are no brothers dude. I
am blue blooded remember, I am a Dolapo not an Akin…whatever your father’s last
name is. I don’t affiliate myself with poor cousins.” Said Oni and he walked
Yomi felt his blood boil as he walked up to Oni who lay
pathetically on the floor and raising his foot a bit higher, he kicked his
cousin in the stomach, the grunt which followed was weak and distasteful. Yomi didn’t
flinch but walked away, convincing himself that perhaps harming Oni would do
justice to his hurt soul.
Yemisi stretched and sat up, rubbing her eyes to the dim
light of the room. She could hear voices and curious to find out if Bella had
company, she walked out of the room.
“Here she is.” Pronounced a very excited Bella.
Yemisi was shocked, first at the time which showed five o’clock
meaning that she was half hour late and she’ll have to explain to her mother why
she was out this late. Second was the man in Bella’s company, there was
something unsettling about him.
“Hi” Yemisi greeted.
“Hi? Is that all I get after listening to your praises all
afternoon?” Said the man, standing from his seat and walking up to her.
Yemisi was confused, she turned to Bella with a questioning
“Oh my manners…sorry I forgot…this is Melvin, he is in town
on business and decided to drop by and say hello.” Said Bella in smiles.
“Okay…hello Melvin.” Yemisi said.
“Isn’t she such a cutie? And super shy too…come give me a
hug.” Melvin proffered.
“Excuse me? I don’t know you.” Yemisi said, sounding
“That’s not necessary and I don’t even know you personally
myself but I’ve heard a lot about you.” Melvin said.
“So?” Yemisi asked rudely.
“It’s so remarkable that we meet for the first time today
and what’s more remarkable is the fact that you’d be my special girl from now
“What’s the meaning of that?” Yemisi asked confused.
“Didn’t Bella tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“That I am so good at spoiling girls and giving them all
they want?”
“In exchange for what?” Yemisi asked.
“What makes you think I want something in return?”
“Because that’s what all men want…something in return.”
Yemisi snapped.
Melvin turned to Bella and said.
“I believe you haven’t spoken to your friend, why don’t you
talk to her, I’ll wait.”
Bella motioned to Yemisi who followed her into the room.
“What was that all about?” Bella snapped.
“I should ask you the same question Bella.”
“Why can’t you be a nice person for once in your life?” Bella
asked angrily.
“Who says I have a problem being nice?” Yemisi replied.
“What was that scene with Melvin all about? Why were you
giving him the evil eye?”
“I don’t like him…the way he stared at me gave me the
creeps.” Yemisi supplied.
“Well, get used to it…I struggled hard to hustle this man
for you and …”
“What? Struggled hard to do what?”
“Drop the drama babe. How do you think I get all these
luxury things and stuff? These men are really rich and the only thing they ever
get from you is sex while you get all you want from them. I am just seventeen
yet I have what many thirty year old women haven’t dreamt of in years.”
“What? Sex? Me? Are you mad?” Yemisi opened her mouth in
“Why are your eyes open wide? Everyone does it, even
chickens!” Bella said.
“Well…good luck in your sex games, I am doing no such thing.”
Yemisi said in finality.
“Then you can say goodbye to my friendship.”
“Goodbye it is then…” Yemisi barked and walked to the bed to
pick up her school bag.
Bella left the room and moments later, the door thudded
close and the keys clicked, Yemisi had just zipped up her bag when she turned
and saw Melvin standing behind her.
“Whaaa…what are you doing here?” Yemisi asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? I have thought about you since Bella sent
me your picture two days ago and I even had to skip my trip to Mauritius just
to see you, now that I’m here, I might just as well make a good use of my time.”
Melvin said, his eyes turning a different shade.
“Out of my way this instant!” Yemisi ordered, her voice
trembling as she spoke.
“Easier said than done babe…it’s just me and you…” Melvin

Yemisi ran for the door but was caught and lifted up like a
spineless fly and tossed to the bed, she screamed loudly as soon as he heard
her uniform rip and his labored breath at the base of her throat.


  1. You've got me hooked Ada. My gosh! What happened to our sweet innocent Yemisi? Did he rape her or worse? Teens of nowadays! The suspense is killing me…do post unfailingly next week (pleeeaasssee).


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