was the weekend? Valentine fell on Saturday, what a relief for many people. I
have decided to repent and change my ways, let’s see how consistent I get with
Frank Tuesdays.
topic for today is PROSTITUTION. Hmmm…sore topic? Does it hit a nerve?
some weeks ago, I closed work quite late and I had to meet up with my sister at
EKO hotel so that we could go home together. If you are familiar with the
route, just opposite Four Points by Sheraton hotel at Sand-fill, you would get
a Keke Maruwa to Eko Hotel even at quite a late hour. That fateful day, I got
into a Keke and soon enough a young pretty girl dressed in blue got in beside
me. I kept turning to stare at her because she had the fresh look, you know,
like someone who had just showered. It was a Wednesday night so I was like ‘is
she going clubbing on a Wednesday? Tomorrow is work na…” she was on a
mono-strap dress, with shimmering stones on the body of her dress, she had
lashes on, a fake/real mole just above her mouth and her skin was very nice,
her weave was the norm, long but not too long with a part at the center. She
asked me for my change which I willingly gave but had to hold my nostrils
because of the heavy mouth-odor which I had just perceived. I was like ‘how
does a beautiful lady like this hold up with such bad breath?’
later inched closer to the keke rider and said, ‘stop me there’ the man obliged
but she said again ‘no…further…no…not here…after that shop…no after the
kiosk…okay…there…” the man was already getting irritated and I stared at her as
though she should have a popular place close to where she was headed, in mind
already. I feel that if you want to stop a commercial vehicle or keke, you
should either say ‘I’m stopping close to Chicken Rep, Diamond bank, GLO
building and so on’ in mind but this girl said nothing of such. She alighted
and walked away while the keke maruwa stopped suddenly and the rider couldn’t
get the keke to work again.
dat girl winch…na im cause am.” The keke maruwa rider said clearly disgusted as
he went to the back of keke to see if he could fix it.
a short while the keke started and we moved, lo and behold I saw the girl
sandwiched in between some Hausa men that sold their wares at the road side.
She had brought out her powder and was re-touching her face. The keke rider
called out to her,
hia be ya office? Shebi you don reach?”
first I didn’t understand…how slow of me but by the time the keke maruwa rider
kept saying suggestive words about how they decorated the roads at night, I
girl is so pretty, how does she do that? Prostitutes are-should I call
them-strong individuals? It’s not easy to have different men in one night, not
only physically but in every regard. What pushed her to such trade? Wasn’t
there any other option? I guess in my next season of Wife Material, I could
create a character from the prostitution angle, let’s see if the character
finds true love and perhaps let’s try to understand their different reasons of
joining the trade.
do these women gain from selling their bodies? How do they feel afterwards? Do
they have dreams of happy endings? Do they find their happy endings? I pray
they do because the society that we are in, is doing little or nothing to help
or empower people.
have been moved to March and April, are we going to vote? Who are we voting
for? Do we feel that our elected candidates would be able to help curb our
nation’s excesses or fuel it further? I really don’t know if I’m voting (that’s
my honest opinion) I still haven’t seen what I’m looking for.
for reading guys…
your favourite episodes of your favourite blog series.
next week…


  1. So many questions and no answers. There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to sell his or her body.
    Pertaining the election I pray the right man wins. I won't be voting.


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