Hi Guys,
This column was
supposed to be updated every Tuesdays but somehow, I’ve managed to skip it. I
was on my way to work today when suddenly I felt flooded with gratitude. I was
unexpectedly thankful for God’s goodness in my life.

Sometime last year, I was
involved in an accident which would have been fatal. I know it’s almost a year
now since the accident but something tells me that I haven’t thanked God enough
for His goodness to me so, I’m using this medium to do so.

So on that
fateful Saturday, I was off to cover a high-society wedding, a driver was
supposed to pick me up from home but he really didn’t know Lagos too well,
especially the mainland so I asked him to wait for me at a popular street on
the mainland. As I made my way to the place, I kept seeing the driver’s calls
to notify me that he was already at the spot and eager not to keep him waiting
for so long and to also avoid attending the wedding late I took a bike,
popularly called Okada.
Whenever I mount
a bike, I pray most times, making the sign of the cross and the journey would
be smooth but that day, it was not as I had planned it. At the junction ahead
was a car trying to make a U-turn even knowing fully well that a bike was
approaching on speed, with me as its passenger. It was the impact of the bike
on the car and the way I fell to the other side of the road that shocked me. I
fell so close to a gutter at the other lane of the busy road suddenly
surrounded by people, who kept exclaiming ‘thank God for your life’ ‘it’s
indeed a miracle’. The bike had found its way under a parked vehicle and while
I tried to comport myself with the help of good Samaritans, the driver called
again and someone took my phone from me and directed him to the place of the
I kept replaying
the events of accident in my head and I kept thinking ‘what if I had landed
with my head?’ ‘What if I fell on my back and something complicated happened to
my bones? What if a car on high speed crushed me as I lay at the side of the
road?’ The driver came and I directed him to my family hospital which wasn’t too
far away and while I was on my way there, I called my sister and my dad. I knew
that it wouldn’t be wise to call my mother because of ‘you know how mothers
panic and stuff’ so, when I reached the hospital, the doctor took one look at
my leg, touched it and I screamed. He said, ‘you need to go to Igbobi
immediately’, my father and sister arrived in due time and I was taken to
Igbobi where I was given resuscitation, this was happening at about eight pm. I
was placed in a room with a man who had had a motor-bike accident (that was
when I knew the dangers of these motor-bikes that people ride like it’s a toy)
it shattered the man’s leg and there was little or no skin left, so even at resuscitation,
he was in a POP cast. I kept asking the doctors what would happen to me and if
my leg was broken, sprained, dislocated, fractured…I kept replaying in my head
the big plans I have had for the year, they all seemed like dust as at that
moment, all I wanted to do, was go home and keep thanking God all of my life. I
was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to go to work, or blog or do anything
because I might be admitted at the National Orthopedic hospital Igbobi. That
night at eleven fifteen am, I was wheeled in for an x-ray and while I kept
praying aloud for a sprain or atleast a fracture, since I felt it would heal
easier, my dad kept saying ‘there is nothing like sprain or fracture, remember
God’s word which says, no bones shall be broken.’ I repeated those words in my
heart, hoping that my bones will not cave in to the impact of the ground at the
time of the accident. I think the words were culled from Jesus’s crucifixion
part of the bible. After the X-ray, the tests read that nothing was wrong with
the bone, my leg was perfect. I was so happy, God had done it. Even though
nothing happened to the bone, my leg was as big as my two legs put together, it
swelled continuously and I couldn’t bend my knees without difficulty.
To cut the long
story short, I was in a cast for one week and after that in knee braces because
it happened that my tendons had somehow stretched. It was a painful journey and
I had to use crutches the whole time but I was so thankful because it could
have been worse. In less than two months, I was a walking miracle and many of
my friends never knew that I ever had an accident, (they will know today after
reading this post) I kept on postponing hang-outs, visits and the like.
Today, I am
walking and even running with my legs and I feel so sad for people with bone
problems or who are involved in accidents because even the little I went
through was hell. The pains were out of this world.
So, I just want
to thank God with all my heart for His goodness to me, He decided to keep me
even with my sins, my short comings and my flaws (I have so many of them). It’s
almost a year after the accident and I am thankful, grateful and so awed by His
love for me, ‘who am I that You should be mindful of me, dear Lord?’
It’s really good
to praise Lord and give Thanks each and every day because, the wards in Igbobi
hospital are filled with patients who would give anything to be hale and
Thank You for
reading and do thank God with me even as I thank him each and every day for my
life and for you all, who read my blog.
  1. Because
    God is spirit…I will seek intimate fellowship with Him.
  2. Because
    God is all-powerful…He can help me with anything.
  3. Because
    God is ever-present…He is always with me.
  4. Because
    God knows everything…I will go to Him with all my questions and
  5. Because
    God is sovereign…I will joyfully submit to His will.
  6. Because
    God is holy…I will devote myself to Him in purity, worship and service.
  7. Because
    God is absolute truth…I will believe what He says and live accordingly.
  8. Because
    God is righteous…I will live by His standards.
  9. Because
    God is just…He will treat me fairly.
  10. Because
    God is love…He is unconditionally committed to my well-being. Because
    God is merciful…He forgives me of my sins when I sincerely confess them.
  11. Because
    God is faithful…I will trust Him to always keep His promises.
  12. Because
    God never changes…my future is secure and eternal.
– Dr. William R. Bright
God bless you




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