Hey Guys,
How are you and hope the weekend was great? My topic for
today is quite different from the other topics I used to write about and it
might actually be disturbing to many but well…write I must! It’s my view and
opinion and you are free to share yours at the comment section.
I watched a film over the weekend titled ‘Heaven is For Real’
and while watching this film I was moved to tears, however, there was one
section that touched me and made me realize that there are many things we take
for granted that are more super-natural than mere coincidence.
In the film, a four year old boy Colton went to heaven
briefly while he was been operated upon, it was said that he died and
miraculously came back to life during his surgery. He recounted his experience
and spoke on how he saw Jesus and the events that unfurled before his very
eyes. What surprised me most in all his recounts was that he saw the baby that
had died in his mother’s womb in heaven even without prior knowledge of her.
That got me thinking, according to Colton, ‘the baby is a girl and she’s in
heaven and she couldn’t stop hugging him and she told him that she was his
sister and that she didn’t have a name because their parents hadn’t named her
This made me think about aborted babies. Does this mean that
they are already full formed beings in heaven? And they are not just blood/
unformed humans as we think?
Society and Religion tells us that abortion is not right
even though many girls, ladies and women still go through with it. Some say, ‘oh
it’s at the blood stage and just like my period so, I’ll flush it out!’
I’m not condemning those who have aborted babies and neither
am I making this a forum for people to share their experiences with abortion, I’m
just wondering if there is more to it than meets the eye. Just think of it, we
were all once fetus, little and in blood form and quietly, we grew till we were
big enough to enter the world. We all have individual personalities even from
the womb (my mom still tells me tales of the movements I made in the womb)
science recently showed some babies sucking their thumbs in the wombs and even
displaying worried expressions when their mothers are stressed during pregnancy.
Doesn’t this mean that our personalities and characteristics are evident even at
the very point of conception?
I remember a Nigerian film I watched when I was still a
child about a lady who had committed series of abortions and was later visited
by all her aborted children, honestly, it was spooky and I remember never
watching that film again.
My question still is, ‘is there more to life than meets the
eye? When women flush out these babies are they doing more harm to themselves
than the fetus or are they doing harm to the fetus than themselves? The little
girl who told Colton that she is his sister sounded like someone who had
personality, yet she was only miscarried at a few months into pregnancy. Does
this mean she has a soul? A spirit?
This world is full of mysteries and I really don’t like to
ponder more than I can or anxiety might get the best of me.
On starting the new season of the Life of a Funky Naija Teenager,
I had already made a mental note that I would be addressing abortion especially
as regards the teenagers in the series. In this world of technology, fast
learning and information, a lot of teenagers still find themselves falling pregnant
for the wrong reasons and even adults who are not ready to raise children are
also following that same path. You’d think that the introduction of condoms,
contraceptives etc. would have reduced the number of teenage mothers to less
than zero but we still have cases of teenage pregnancies. Preaching abstinence in
a world like this is like wasting your time, with raging hormones still
inherent in us we are bound to make mistakes and no one is above mistakes.
I’ll end this issue with the story of a young girl who I happen
to know. She’s sixteen years old and suddenly found herself pregnant. She didn’t
disclose this to anyone, even her mother never knew especially because she is a
bit chubby and while the pregnancy was still at its early stage, she disguised
herself so well that it wasn’t noticed. One day her mother found out and she
had no option but to confide in three of her close friends. The first friend, a
mother as well told her to take her daughter to an abortion clinic and even
gave her the phone number of the doctor and the address of the clinic, the
second friend a mother too told her to beat her child silly and disgrace her
after which she should send her out of the house. The third friend adviced that
they keep the child because it is believed that no child sent to the world came
as a mistake. The mother of the pregnant girl took the third friend’s advice and
let her keep the child. The girl was filled with grief, she didn’t want the
baby, she wanted to abort it, and she didn’t want to suffer the humiliation
before her friends and neighbours. Finally, the child was born, though at the
last stages of her pregnancy, her family hid her away in the village. The child
is healthy, strong and really beautiful and I’m sure she’s glad that she kept
the baby. She’ll be in the university next year and at sixteen, she’s already a
mother (No one knows God’s plans for us)
Every child is a blessing. Look at you and I, if I was
aborted while I was in the womb, today, there will be no adaezewrites.com and
if you, reading this was aborted, then I wouldn’t have my amazing blog readers
and you wouldn’t be here on earth doing what you are destined to do.
In other words, we should be thankful that our parents made
the right choices and that we are alive to make a huge impact in this beautiful
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this site
with friends.
God bless you.
I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. i am against abortion because i feel like if you are responsible enough to spread your legs then you should be okay with the outcome. and just like you said every human being has a purpose and we dont have the right to take anyones life. we are all important, i recently saw a picture online of a deceased 24 week old baby mannn she was fully developed just really tiny and it broke my heart that some people would abort that and call it just blood smh, the nerve and selfishness of people nowadays.i am not perfect but when i meet my maker murder will not be among my sins biko

  2. and oooh i just remember i had one friend a while ago and she was for abortion and she told me that if she got pregnant she wouldnt tell anyone she would just abort i was just blown away as in wowzers and she said it without any hints of fear i mean like her mind was absolutely made up and u know it made me uncomfortable it was that day i started fearing her o, in my mind i was like babe u fit kill pesin this ur heart is very gangsta. i kept her at arms length after that i dont know why

  3. Its pretty bad what some ladies get themselves into. I heard a while ago of a girl who aborted twins. chai…. its super crazy. Its simple… avoid Premarital sex kapish.
    God help us all.


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