I know a good
number of blog readers would say ‘delete this section’ because I’ve not been
posting, but I’ll leave it. The Frank Tuesday section will be updated when I
have something to write about that’s not stories or reviews.
Well, I’m writing
today or should I say, ranting, because I experienced a shocker that
changed my perception of people for good. Now, I understand the saying ‘do not
take people at face value.’
My topic today is
‘Content’. How content are you? How content am I? Even after the basic necessities
of life, do I want more? Do I crave for things beyond my reach?

Now to my story,
on the first day of the month of October which happens to be our Independence Day.
My mom and I decided to go to church because it was a feast day, so after
church, we hurried over to the bookshop to quickly get some prayer books and
while we were at it, I noticed that a church member, a woman, walked into the
bookshop and exchanged pleasantries with the bookshop lady. To cut the long
story short, my mom and I purchased our prayer items and made our way to the
counter. I noticed that the woman bought an adoration prayer book and was about
to pay for it when the bookshop lady cajoled her to buy for her ‘the woman’s’
daughter since the girl loves praying with the book and purchases it often. The
woman replied that she really didn’t like to buy prayer books for her children
because it’ll seem to them that she was forcing them towards the prayer life
and that she preferred if her daughter came to buy it by herself as that will
enable her cherish the prayer book more. After speaking for a while, the woman
decided to buy the book for her daughter and paid for it alongside her items.
In sum, she had two of the adoration books and another prayer item she had
bought. I caught a glimpse of the book and remembered that my sister bought it
every month as it is a monthly spiritual exercise book and I began to tell my
mom about it. As soon as the woman left, I hurriedly asked the bookshop lady to
give me the book and I quickly asked her how much it is. Now, the bookshop lady’s
little daughter who should be about ten years of age and who was playing about
when the other lady had bought this same book, ran up to me and said.
“Auntie…it is
free…it has been paid for.”
“Paid for? I don’t
understand…” I said, smiling at the girl and ready to ignore what she said.
But the little
girl persisted.
“A good Samaritan
came and paid for the whole cartons of this adoration book.” The girl said
“God bless the
person…that’s so nice of him or her.” I said and turning to her mother, I asked.
“Is it true? Did someone really pay for the whole adoration books?”
The mother was
not herself as she kept rummaging through the cupboards in the bookshop,
searching for God knows what.
paid for them all, it is free.” She said.
I happily
collected two copies, for myself and my sister and walked out of the shop with
my mom. Once we left the church bookshop my mother said.
“How could she
sell those books to that woman knowing fully well that they had already been
paid for?”
It was then, I realized
that the first customer had actually paid for the books which were actually
free of charge. It honestly skipped my mind that the lady had sold the books to
the other woman, instead of giving it out free and I knew she would have sold
them to me as well if her daughter hadn’t ratted her out. Deep down, I pitied
the bookshop lady’s child who I know would receive severe beatings for speaking
the truth. No wonder Jesus says that only
those with hearts of Children will enter His kingdom.
Now, my question
is, why? I can’t help but compare the action of this woman to the story of
Elisha and Naaman in the bible, where Naaman ended up with leprosy.
I kept thinking
about it and wondering how happy the good Samaritan who had paid for the books
would feel, knowing that he/she had paid his/her tithe through the payment of
the books or that he or she would be finally healed from whatever illness that
plagued him/her through the singular action of paying for the prayer book. I
also wondered how he/she would feel if he/she got to know that the bookshop
lady was selling the book. I also think of the punishment that the bookshop
lady is incurring on herself for selling an ‘offering to God’ because that’s
what it is, an offering to God.
We complain that
Nigeria is this and that, evil, bad, corrupt and so on and we can’t stop
pointing fingers at our leaders but the truth is, Nigeria’s outcome depends
solely   on you and I. Nigeria marked her 55th
year of Independence on the 1st of this month, what are our
expectations for our nation and how do we go about achieving it?
What do you think
about the lady in the story? Was she right or wrong? Are her actions justified?
Let’s discuss.
I also want to give a big shoutout to those who comment on my posts, you guys rock BIG! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. *I’ always dance in glee whenever I see them*
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God bless you
guys immensely.


  1. Thanks for this post Ada.
    When people complain about Nigeria I try my best not to join in the discussion because the truth remains…….for us to have a great nation it begins with you and I. If everyone in Lagos can do things right Lagos will become a better place. Something as little as not littering the ground,driving safely etc can go a long way.
    Lets be the change we so much desire. God help us Amen.

  2. I don't know how to put this without sounding too aggressive! Stealing is a crime and whoever steals, mostly from the house of God gets punished, big time. Thanks for this article Ada, you should do articles more often.
    I enjoy your series too..

  3. People need to chill! Thievery can't and won't make you rich! I feel so bad for the woman's daughter and what her mother would have done to her when you left the bookstore. SMH for some mothers. How does she expect her child to be better in future after showing her such bad example?
    Thanks for the article Ada.


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