Hey dears,
Sorry this post is coming late. I’ve been enjoying the long
break and I’m so sad it’s coming to an end tonight *sobs*. Happy Sallah to all
my Muslim readers and even though I didn’t receive any meat from any of you, I
love you all the same. For the Sallah celebration, I was treated to a delicious
meal of jollof rice with huge chunks of meat by my friend, Deola. She invited
me to her house alongside some her friends and we had fun.

So, how was the long weekend? For those of us in Nigeria, it
was awesome. It was like two weekends in one and even though my Saturday was ruined
by a guy who bashed my car-lights and went scot free, I’m still happy.
Today’s topic will be very brief and it’s about ‘women’s
role in the kitchen. ‘Does cooking define a woman? Many men think so and a lot
of women have raised different reservations to this issue even though some
One of my friend says that his dinner must be on the dining
at exactly seven thirty pm each day or hell will break loose Another of my male
friends says his wife must prepare his lunch for work every morning atleast
before 5am. I have a friend who is married and she says that her husband never
eats out and loves fresh food and even while she was heavily pregnant, she
still cooks even after a long day at work.
It’s that intense people! Men have criteria for choosing
wives and for most, at the top of their list is ‘cooking’. I did a short survey
over the weekend on five different men about their views on cooking and here’s
what they had to say. I’m going to place their first names only.
1.      Andy:
Yeah…why wouldn’t a woman cook? Isn’t there a pride attached to cooking for
your hubby? Girls of nowadays see it as a chore and it’s not supposed to be.
2.      Ken:
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and …you know what comes
3.      Benji:
I was taught to cook while growing up and I was popularly called ‘Chef’ while
as an undergrad in the uni. There’s no big deal in cooking. If she’s tired or
she’s not big on it, then I’ll cook. A woman shouldn’t be defined by her skills
in the kitchen.
4.      James:
I don’t really eat much and I’m looking for a woman with character than a woman
with culinary skills.
5.      Steve:
How would a woman say she won’t cook? Am I missing something? Is this a
I love cooking but I do it because I’m a foodie and because
I love experimenting with food, there was a time when I looked for excuses not
to enter the kitchen but that was phase in my life and now, I love the kitchen but
not too much though.
Let’s share our thoughts in the comments section. Which of
the guys do you think hit the nail on the head?
Thanks for reading and see you next week Tuesday.
God bless you immensely.



  1. cooking fresh everyday hehehe the man is indeed a joker for where his mother will come be his chief chef. if he loves too eat he better learn to cook it also. dont get be wrong i dont mind cooking but it not gonna be an everyday thing and if i dont feel like it i expect him to step up. thank God we have fast food restaurants i know ms cookie will not be hungry that for sure .

  2. Benji hit the nail on the head,a woman shldnt be judged by her skills in d kitchen biko,men shld learn to help too whn she isn't feeling up 2 it,i mean it's not dat serious…

  3. Benji hit the nail on the head,a woman shldnt be judged by her skills in d kitchen biko,men shld learn to help too whn she isn't feeling up 2 it,i mean it's not dat serious…

  4. My hubby is a picky eater and don't kw how 2 do anything in the kitchen.its like I restaurant @ home. Not that am complaining o I do love cooking but it shouldn't define me. Can wait 2 get back 2 work


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