Happy Wednesday guys!
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Frank Tuesday comes up today because my internet gave up on me yesterday. How was the weekend? I hope it was swell? How’s the week
going? I hope there’s good news everywhere? (oh! How I love good news!) Now on to
sharing my experience…

Yesterday afternoon, I was on my way to church after work- I
took a bus since my office is quite close to my place of work- when I turned to
stare at the lady who entered the bus holding a baby. The baby was so beautiful
and chubby and I liked him at sight, his mother was trying to pry a comb from
his hands and while she was at it, she kept admonishing him which made him cry
in protest. However, in the midst of these happenings I caught sight of
something. For those who were flogged as children, do you remember those cane
marks that are left as a huge reminder on the body after you’ve been beaten?
Yep, I saw those cane marks on her upper arms and judging from the woman’s appearance
(she was obviously on her way to church as she had a tambourine in her bag) she
should be a house wife or a stay at home wife and mom. Then questions flooded
like wild fire, ‘Does her husband beat her?’ ‘Who flogs a grown woman?’ ‘How
did these cane marks appear on her body?’ and so on. My questions were endless.’
Can domestic violence stop already? I’m tired of reading stories about women
been abused and beaten or molested, is this fair? How do men do that?’
The other day I was having a shouting match with my male colleague
who said to me ‘Ada if your husband beats you, you can’t do anything. You will
be helpless to the situation.’ My mouth was agape, this is a young man who will
be a husband to some lady in the near future, why should he say something like
that? I kept arguing with him till he retracted his statement. My reply was, ‘Of
course I’ll do something! I’ll defend myself by all means possible.’ And it’s
not like I’m praying to marry a wife-beater for a husband (God forbid! I reject
that for myself and all the women in the world) but to me, it’s not necessary. Why should a man leave the duties of a husband and turn into a beast?
I know of a woman whose husband keeps a long cane to
discipline her whenever she makes mistakes and such and I know a few women that
love being beaten by their husbands or boyfriends.
In a nutshell, I feel it’s wrong to hit a fellow man/woman
regardless of age, size or whatever factor. To me it’s disrespectful, demeaning
and extremely callous. 
What’s your take on this topic guys? What do you think?
for reading guys, do share your thoughts!
I love
you all and thank you for visiting my blogsite.



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