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was last week? And the weekend? Hope you had fun and stayed safe with your hand
sanitizers and soaps! Remember to wash your hands every time.  Even though we know that God alone holds our lives, we
must remember that heaven helps those who help themselves.
Now to the issue of the day.
Let’s be Frank!
Who watched Flubber, Mrs Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Jack,
Toys, August Rush, Happy Feet, Jakob the Liar? And the list goes on. Did you watch the movies that stared this beautiful actor, Robin Williams? I did and I loved each and everyone of them. I remember when Channels television showed Flubber over and over again, even Jumanji. Those times were good times, laughing times and in general, fun times. During summer/long vacation, we sat at home and watched films till our eyes burned (then, there as no summer coaching lessons… we played till we couldn’t wait to get back to school). Well…even though reminiscing on old times would be fun, there’s something else at hand. On Monday, the guy who made us laugh, the film legend, Robin Williams died.
Robin and his daughter
Let’s pay
tribute to Robin Williams, comic actor, father and husband. He passed on, on the 11th of August 2014 to
suspected suicide and I learnt he also suffered depression.
I feel sad, you know, why does
life have to end like this? I mean, he started off well, with many movies under
his belt. He even captured the heart of the president of the United States,
Barack Obama who also left a heart-touching message to him. 
Wow! It’s real,
he’s gone just like he never came and I can’t help but wonder if during his
twenties and thirties, he’d have ever imagined that he’ll die at sixty-three.
I remember watching Flubber,
the green slimy energetic rubber goo that had me captivated from the beginning
till the end of the movie. What of Jumanji, the scary game that changed the
lives of those that played it, or Mrs Doubtfire,
Aladdin as the voice of the lovable blue genie. 
Will movies ever be the same again? I
mean, there are comedies but none like that of the nineties or late eighties (In my opinion). Our
movie legends are gradually leaving with no one to take their places (Well…no
one can) and this is because they work so hard and give viewers their all. 
Then, there were no special effects as exists now and yet they still stirred deep in
us, joys and so much fun.
From adaezewrites.com, here’s a
tribute to Robin,
‘Stars may shine bright, but
none shines brighter than the sun…
Hope you are laughing where you
May your gentle soul rest in
God’s bosom.
Rest in peace Robin Williams.’
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