Hey Guys,
I am so sorry that I have been delaying with my posts these
days, I’ve been lazy well…I’ve had a lot of things on my plate but I’ll
catch up before the week runs out. So, how was your weekend? Hope it was great?
Well, I’ve been forming busy ooo…doing things that are both my business and that’s
none of my business. So, who’s excited about the Lagos Fashion and Design week?
This is not a sponsored post ooo…it’s straight from the heart…lol.
I really think that Fashion is becoming one of the biggest
and most lucrative business in Nigeria especially in Lagos. Do you know how
much I am charged for making a simple gown? Let’s not get into that. I remember
reading somewhere today about Lanre Da Silva’s comment on TV about ‘investing
into fashion issue’, and how she spoke about fashion being more important than
even football. I must confess the fashion industry is big and it’s growing
bigger here in Nigeria and even though people I do not run a fashion blog, I love
fashion anyway. I am attending the Lagos Fashion and Design week which kicks
off tomorrow and I hope to rush to the Federal palace hotel V.I straight from
work, just to be a part of it. I attended the one of last year and it was truly
amazing, top notch designers from Mai Atafo, to Iconic Invanity (now her
collection left me speechless, my mouth was open in amazement for quite a
while) aside from the fact that she’s very beautiful, her designs are
remarkable, classy and very beautiful. I remember spotting Omotola
Jalade-Ekehinde on one of her pieces and it was gorgeous.
So down to the topic of the day, it’s actually a question
really. What do you love about fashion?
For me, I never started out as a fashion lover, I appreciated
good fashion but I wasn’t a big fashionista till recently. I love the fact that
I can attend an event looking smashing and glamorous, I like the fact that
fashion has become lifestyle especially in Nigeria. Yesterday, I had a brief
chat with Senegalese designer, Sophie Zinga (Who will be showcasing on Day 4 at
the fashion week) and aside from her lovely looks she spoke about her designs
with a huge sense of dedication. Same should go to all designers, it’s painful
to see that not many people appreciate their own craft, or rather, not many
designers know how to push their brand to the peak. I was speaking to a friend
of mine who’s a designer (she’s the miracle behind most of my exquisite
outfits) I was asking why she didn’t push to showcase her designs on the runway
for the Lagos Fashion and Design week and she was like ‘I’m too stressed, I
really don’t have that kind of time’ C’mon! There’s something called Push Push
Push! Many big designer names are not all that! Most of them leave clients
complaining and here’s a lady whose dresses I’ve worn to huge occasions and
events and have people compliment my outfit and when I mean people, I mean
everyone even most celebrities and personalities. Why doesn’t she want to show
off her God-given talent?
It’s a pity that many people do not know how well to market
themselves, this is really a gigantic opportunity for dressmakers, tailors and
many upcoming designers. I heard from a reliable source that all you need to
enter is just show a few judges your designs and that’s it! Then as for cost,
you’ll need to pay the models, get shoes and a few other items for the runway
and that’s all! If there was ever anything like a ‘Writers Week’ I’ll be there
with my manuscripts and all…looking forward to that day
So, if there’s anyone reading this blog and who has been
working hard at fashion designing, take your craft to the next level and start
thinking big. Big names were not built in a day and you can never hide a lamp
under a table or a bed, you must place it on the table for everyone to see.
Meanwhile, do grab invites for the GTB Lagos Fashion and Design week, I’ll be
there and it’ll be fun!
So guys, what do you love about fashion and what’s your take
on this topic? Let’s discuss!



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