Hey Guys,

Wait ooo…do people do that? I mean, create fuss about their last birthdays as a single lady or guy. Well…I was quite surprised when my friend said she wanted to do hers and make it memorable.
You see, she gets married in August and even though I swore that I wouldn’t be on the bridal train again, after all the pleading, cajoling, and tears I fell for it and I am once again on the bridal train, (this is the last, I promise).

Beautiful celebrant

So back to my gist…she decided to throw a party for close family and friends after we had surprised her with a pre-birthday dinner the day before.

Pre-Birthday Dinner

She made fried rice with my help ofcourse *dodges her flying shoes* and ordered small chops and got drinks, then her fiance sent her a very lovely cake. I do not usually do this but I have to give kudos to the Sweet Indulgence team at Bode Thomas, their cake was the TRUTH.

It was really a ‘Sweet Indulgence’

We took pictures *see them below* and we danced and wished her well.
So, what do you think guys? Would you like to organize a last single-girl/guy birthday and how would you feel celebrating your last birthday as a single man or woman? Will it be any different from the others? Do tell in the comment section!

Say Mushy…
That’s my sister, hiding at the back.



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