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I know no one is expecting a post from me today but…well..here’s one. I’ve decided to start a ‘Frank Tuesday’ which is practically, writing about everything. From myself to what I do, products I use, products I think you should try out, events, books, movies and many more.
Today, I’ll talk about myself and how I coped with the nasty pimples that invaded my face-space a few months ago.
 I am light skinned and have an oily face which is really not a good thing. My skin is dry and my face is badly oily that even after using a face wash, I can still feel oils pushing through to my skin.

So, about two months ago, I had this epic spots breakthrough on my face…when I say spots, I mean black, red and what have you. Now, I really had to fight this spot because really, it was turning my face into a war zone. I called my friend who has incredible skin and asked her what to use and she went to town on loads of stuff.

“Use Dudu Osun soap on your face, don’t pop your pimps, mix epiderm and cortisone every night, rub on your face and your spots will disappear.”
I was so excited and raided the stores, looking for all she told me to buy. I bought them quickly and followed her regimen. ‘For where?’ I seemed to grow more spots. Did I add that she told me not to pop the pimple?
I continued this for a month and my face turned Badoooo on me, I mean, I had like huge spots, irritation and this big …I don’t know what to call it…on my face till date.
I picked up the phone, called my friend and bawled, like really bawled my eyes out to her and she was like, “that’s what I use and I’m sure you’re not doing it the proper way or maybe your skin is super sensitive.” We sha… moved on and chatted on other stuff like her new hair regimen (she’s growing dreads) and her new job (she’s a big-time make-up artist).
So just last week, I got to work really early and you know how it is when you rush out of bed at 5am and have your bath then rush off to the car then zoom. So I got to work at about seven ish and decided to make up. I almost threw myself a pity party! My face was a mess.
Throwing all caution to the wind, I started popping all those nasty pimples, I popped and popped and cringed when I saw the hideous stuff crawling out of my face. When I was done, I took a shawl, hid my face in it and minded my business (I didn’t want to entertain ‘Ah…Ada what’s up with the face?) question.

Now to the main story and how I got rid of the useless pimples and spots.
Over the weekend, I steamed my face with hot water: (After boiling water, pour into a bowl, place in a towel and gently dab your face. It’s hot ooo…so be careful)

I apologize for this photo, it’s the only one I took after using my remedy plus it was night too, hence the darkness lol.

After that, I wore a pair of clean socks over my hands and popped the life out of the pimples on my face.
When I was done, I washed my face and used my newest potion ‘Dr Miracle Acne Wash’

 and waited for about thirty minutes then I washed off. After this, I scrubbed my face and washed off again then went back to my mirror to see what’s up.
My face was remarkably clear. I hope I keep this up tho…

Frosh face…well, almost!

Note: This was the remedy that worked for my face. My friend’s remedy didn’t work on mine because I kinda realized that we have different skin types.
Thanks for reading and please say if you like the ‘Frank Tuesday’ section. I would have created another blog for it but, my blogs are getting too much and soon, blogger would start complaining.
I’m also planning on adding new sections during the week, something that would maybe keep the blog busy till I post new episodes of  the ‘Funky Naija Teenager and Senorita the Lagos Chick.’ I’d also appreciate suggestions for new sections.
*Do you have any pimple story? Please share with us. Thank you.*

God bless…
xoxo Ada…

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  1. Hi Ada, I'm really glad to see that you have included a section where you talk about everything else that's not the stories. Not that I don't like the stories ooo…I enjoy every bit of it and wish you could post more often. So, i refresh your pages like a hundred times.
    I had a big problem with acne too. I have really oily skin so I used Neutrogena facial wash which helped control breakouts for me.
    By the way, you are really pretty and should change the profile pic you have on blogger.
    *Can't wait to read what happens next on Tara, Temi, Oni, Shade, Timilehin and Yemisi's story.

  2. Awww…thanks Aby.
    On your oily skin…I used Neutrogena too some years ago and it worked big time. I just changed to Dr. Miracle because it's for black women and I'm black so…
    Thanks for the compliments and I can't wait to post the next episode on the two blogs.

  3. Hello Ada,
    I always look forward to your blogs.. and I think you should move all to one blog maybe move senorita to wednesdays ??? what ever suits you. that way we know that we can always look forward to something each time and not just once a week. life of a funky… seems to gather more traffic than Senorita… so maybe you should retain the name of the blog. Or doesn't Blogspot have submenu options?

    Keep us on our toes ooo…

  4. Hello Fab Melody,
    Thank you for the suggestion. I am actually planning to move away from blogger before the year runs out (God willing) and create a website where I can have not just Senorita and Funky teens but other series. I will search and see if blogspot has submenu options because it's been a real challenge handling two blogs.
    I'll move Senorita to Wednesdays too as you have suggested because writing two stories on Monday can be really stressful and sometimes, timing-wise, one post lags behind.
    Will definitely keep you on your toes with new ideas…
    I really appreciate your suggestions. Thank you so much and God bless you.


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