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I’m so sorry for not posting yesterday, I was terribly busy and life has just shown me that multi-tasking can be a big strain. You know, sometimes when I go through people’s CV’s and see ‘Ability to multi-task’ I’m like, really? Seriously? Well many people can but sometimes it depends on the kind of job you’re doing because we are all just humans.

So, how was the weekend? Hope it was swell? Mine was great! I took time to visit special people and sleep. Yes, I said it! I slept during the weekend or isn’t that what we are all supposed to do? Especially if you’re up everyday of the week at five am and back at home at nine pm or sometimes ten.
My topic today is ‘finding the right person for the job’. I’ve found out that many people are liars! On CV’s you’d see glowing references, huge recommendations and sometimes, fake certifications.
Why do we do this? I mean…why do people decide to give themselves unnecessary high blood pressure because frankly speaking, a liar’s mind is never at rest.
Sometime ago, someone I know worked in a small company where a colleague of her’s came in with a glowing CV, infact the guy had such an air of importance that everyone felt he knew it all. Alas, it was found that he knew nothing! He had exalted his CV with false details from University degree to Certifications and I’m wondering why? Was it because the company was too small that he felt he might not be discovered? Eventually when he was found out (due to his low performance), his excuse was, he had gone to a cyber cafe and had asked one of the workers to help him draft a CV and the guy did so with a sample of someonelse’s CV. Can you imagine that?

Do you know that most companies have no recorded histories of some of their staff and that’s why some staffs of some companies act most irrationally especially when provoked. I think employers should check their workers history before hiring them.
One of my friends recounted an experience which she had with a driver in a company she used to work for. According to her, she had traveled on a company assignment and the driver had been assigned to pick her up from the airport. Her flight was delayed so he had to wait for about a couple of hours and when she finally reached Lagos, the driver came to carry her luggage but came in the company of a friend. She didn’t question him till while they were on their way, as he was supposed to drop her off at home before going to drop the car off at the office but the driver told her that first, he had some issues to settle with the police. Guys, this was happening at about twelve midnight. To cut the long story short, my friend told him to revisit the police issue the next day as it was already late and that she’s female and shouldn’t be out alone in the night. The driver and his strange friend told her to relax and that it wouldn’t take time. She protested but they didn’t listen to her. The driver still went to the police station and by the time they left the place, it was almost one am. That was when ‘Hell’ broke loose, my friend found out that he was taking her to the Island when she lives at surulere. When she asked him why he was taking her to the Island his answer was, he was never informed that she was to be taken home. Seriously? His excuse was, he was taking the car back to the office. My friend was baffled, and soon they started exchanging words and the driver spat out ugly words at her and threatened to drop her off at the middle of the road if she kept talking nonsense. He spoke about how she was talking to him anyhow because he was a driver and that she has no idea of his history and who he was.
Well, finally and thankfully, my friend knew a friend who lives on the Island and close to her office too, so she called the girl and that was how she slept safe and sound that night. I cringe to think of what would have happened to her if the driver dropped her off at the middle of the road.
So, have you had any experience like this? We’d love to hear them, do not hesitate to share.

That’s all for today…
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God bless you all and expect Senorita the Lagos Chick in a bit.

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