Hey Guys,
How was your weekend? Hope it was swell? Mine was okay, I
did some patch-ups and refocused on old goals.
I really don’t have anything to talk about today but I’ll
just write, since that’s all I love to do.
Did you use to dream as a child? Of building
castles, of becoming extremely rich, of having all the latest cars and exotic
homes on the planet? Yea, I dreamt about that too. In my dream, I was a poor
little girl named Afoma. Afoma comes from a poor family and she was forced to
marry a man she didn’t love because she was cursed with beauty. She wasn’t mixed
race but she was blessed with the longest hair that almost reached her bum and
her eyes, her eyes were like mine maybe with a fleck of blue in it. Afoma had
the finest skin, I can’t tell if she was dark or light-skinned but she was so
beautiful that her father hid her for many years till it was ripe to let the
world know that he had a daughter. Then, just as she had come out from her
hiding place and was about to explore the world, thousands of men came for her
hand but she wanted none of them. Unknown to her, her father had betrothed her
to a rich man’s son, years ago. It happened that Afoma’s grandmother was sick
and he had gone to ask the man for some money and the man had asked him to give
him something of his which he valued more than anything in the world. It was
then that he gave him Afoma.
Afoma was devastated with the news of her betrothal, she
tried running away but was found and was forced to marry the rich man’s mega
rich son… ‘Chai Ada and her dreams…lol’. To cut the long story short, she hated
the rich man’s son on sight and he didn’t like her either, the man’s son’s name
was Nkem. Somehow as they lived together, they began falling in love and
finally they lived happily ever after.
I used to lure myself to sleep in the afternoons with this
dream, it began when I was in junior secondary school. I’ll dream on, creating
fantasies in my head till my sleep time would be over and the study alarm would
ring and I’ll have to wake up to read my books and while reading my books my
dreams still continued and I’ll end my study hours without understanding a
single word of what’s been written in my books. Even when I am sent on errands,
I’ll wander around the streets, still dreaming of the girl ‘Afoma’ who I wished
with all my heart was me. I didn’t want to be poor even though I believe that
no one is, as long as you have a roof over your head but I wished for that ‘happy
ever after’ story that she had. I wanted to meet my own Nkem and I never
figured out his looks in my dream but I knew that he made Afoma’s heart stop
whenever she stared at him (And in my heart I knew I wanted to be Afoma)…I was
a crazy child…lol.
Let’s talk about dreams. Have we ever wondered how things we
hoped for as children or teens, flew out the window immediately we grew up? In
Nigeria, Admission into Universities and higher institution is not ‘beans’ and
when we eventually get enrolled, our dreams to study courses like: medicine, law,
media, accounting etc. were sometimes switched with courses that we didn’t want.
How about dreams of graduating with a first class and becoming the best
graduating student in a department and later not making it to that point. What
of those who started the university and ended up badly either by not graduating
or coming out with results that are nothing to write home about?
 Should we talk about
work? What of those who wait for years for the jobs of their dreams and never
get to it? And finally, those who strive, hope and dream and never live to
achieve it?
Contentment is an eleven letter word but it holds something
strong, Promise. It holds a promise that must be fulfiled, a goal that will be
reached and a level that will be attained. To be content doesn’t mean to sit
and stay lazy but it means that you stay satisfied, yet work harder for bigger
and better things. I know that I have always wanted to own my first car at a
particular age, own several landed properties and become a big entrepreneur too
but despite the fact that some of these things haven’t happened yet and
sometimes I feel so sad about them, I know that it doesn’t take one block to
build a house but many. I also know that getting to the top of the stairs takes
one step at a time.
So, if you’re reading this and you are in one way of the
other facing some kind of challenge in this life, know that you’ll overcome. It
might take days, months or years but you’ll get there and when you do, it’ll be
worth the wait.
Thank you dears for reading and please share your thoughts at
the comments section. I love reading them.
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