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How are you doing? It’s Tuesday and the fourth day in a
beautiful new month! Happy new month dears and May this month of November bring
you all the blessings you deserve and more.
My topic for today is, CHEATING!

Why have I chosen this topic? I really don’t know…I guess
something inspired it…not a personal experience lol…#justsaying.
When we say cheating, I know what comes to mind and that is, the very common cheating among couples. However, I am not going to delve into cheating in women, but  I’m going to write about cheating as regards the male folk.
There’s this saying that ‘Men will always be men’, and in
this context, cheating is acceptable particularly when it has to do with the
men folk and most especially, in Africa. I grew up listening to stories from
family, friends, neighbours and when it comes to broken relationships or
friendship turning sour, the men carry 99% of the blame. Now, my question is, are all men
cheats? Must men cheat? Do women push men to cheat? Do men alone cheat? Is
cheating in men’s DNA?
I know that guys who read this blog might be like, ‘wait a
minute, girls cheat too…’ yes, I agree but let’s talk a bit about men in this
post, sometimes it’s interesting to talk about the opposite sex, especially
in unflattering terms.
Can we zero this down to the fact that men are never
satisfied? Or that cheating is a way of keeping up with the polygamous ways of
our forefathers?
I read a lot of real stories on many blog sites and even
though many women play a huge part in the cheating habits of their spouses or
partners, we can never tell where the problem lies. It’s not hard to see the
efforts that thousands of women throw in to make their men still as interested
in them as they used to be.
 How many men
buy magazines that offer columns on ‘how to spice up bedmantics’ or ‘how to
keep her interested?’ How many men do you see slowing down in  traffic to buy magazines with captions like ‘What
women want most? How many men go to the salon every other week to make sure
they look so good for their women? How many men keep up with the kitchen and
still have time to look sexy for their women. Trust me when I say that some
women have tried it all, from wearing sexy clothes to gynming (now, that’s
another one). A lot of women have registered in gyms because they do not want
their husbands to run into the arms of  the ‘other woman’, and a lot of men do run
to these other women, sighting instances of their firm bodies and hot shapes,
not remembering that they have not gone through the rigors of childbirth. How
many men are insecure in their relationships or marriages? How many men send
suggestive text messages or BBMs messages to their women telling them how much
they love them.
While I was in the uni, I was invited for an all women
seminar by a friend and when I got there, the speaker started by given us a
gazillion tips on ways to look good, smell good, exude aura all so that men may
find us attractive. How many men go through that? How many seminars are
prepared for young men, to teach them how to look good for women? Why must women
go through so much to for the man and at the end of the day, get hurt due to
his cheating habits?
How many women can boldly go through their men’s phones
without fear of seeing one itty bitty dirty secret? How many men drop their phones
for women to peruse? How many women can actually pick their husband’s calls, assuming
he’s in the bathroom and he can’t take the call?
Just a month ago, I saw a man who is supposedly married,
whose wedding was one huge affair, loved up with someone else. I mean…how does
he sleep at night knowing fully well that he is lying to the one he loves? How
does he smile at his wife every morning? How does he live with himself? Should
we narrow this to upbringing because I know that if I do something wrong to a
friend, the guilt eats at me till I cough it up. I also know that there are a
lot of men out there who do not cheat but are cheated on by their women (but
that’s a story for another day, as I said earlier)
 Is cheating a norm or
some kind of necessary drug that people should take at will? Wikipedia defines
cheating as the getting of reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an
easy way out of an unpleasant situation. I define cheating especially against
spouse or partner as betraying oneself. Let’s look at this scenario, when a
couple gets married, they are regarded as ONE, same thing with the term ‘COUPLE’
a man and a woman are referred to as a couple because they are seeing each
other, married, courting or in a relationship. They are not called ‘couples’
but ‘a couple’ because they are seen as ONE.
 So, if a man in a
marriage, relationship, or courtship decides for whatsoever reason to cheat on
his lady, then, he is cheating on himself because whether he like it or not,
they are both one.
I am currently watching the Orange is the New Black series,
and aside from the direct message of the series which I find very
straight-forward, I love watching the lives of Piper Chapman and Larry who
happen to be a couple in this series. I think I was inspired by their story to
write this article. Piper is in prison and her fiancé Larry is crazy in love
with her but due to lies and many issues associated with prison life, Piper
gets involved with a lesbian friend of hers and somehow, Larry gets disturbed
and sleeps with her Piper’s friend. I think Piper brought it on herself…I mean
prison life is not easy but it’s no excuse to cheat and as for Larry, sleeping
with Piper’s best friend will make things worse.
I also enjoyed watching ‘The Other Woman’ which stars Cameron Diaz and I totally loved the entire play-out of the movie, especially when the women worked hand in hand to put a stop to Kate’s husband’s cheating. It is indeed a lovely movie and a funny one too.
However, despite it all, I’d like the notion of ‘all men
cheat’ to leave our medulla oblongata because, it’s not a norm, it’s a habit
and every habit can be curbed.
Will talk about the women’s part time. Meanwhile, I’ll try
to post something on the Funky Teens Series tomorrow. I know it’s coming late and I am really sorry. I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing my apologies but I’ll apologize again and again till I’m forgiven.
Thank you for reading and feel free to share your opinions
and thoughts on this topic.
God bless you immensely.



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