the weekend was all shades of fantastic? Are you eagerly waiting for the Oct. 1st
public holiday like I am? What of the 6th and 7th of next
week? But let’s not go there yet because the week just started.

In a few hours Nigeria would be 54! Are we there yet? Are we almost there? Was the sacrifice made by the pioneers of the Independence, worth it?
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The Nigerian history is a long story and while I’m still reading ‘There was a Country’ by Chinua Achebe, I’m still far from understanding the events of those years. After watching the ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ written by Chimamanda Adichie I felt this thirst to read more about Nigeria and how we got our independence in the first place. As I said, I’m still reading and I still have to read more to understand Independence/the Civil War through different writers’ eyes.
However, I do miss those days in the early 90’s on independence day when television stations would show songs and historic documentaries on the country. I remember one very beautiful song that used to be aired on NTA every Oct. 1st and it goes;
‘Nigeria my beloved country, working together is the key,
Nigeria my beloved country, her future is you and me.’
I remember dancing to this song every independence day and now, miming the song in my head…I’m having goose bumps…*I might end up singing it at home with my sister tomorrow*
Well even though I’d love to ramble on…this is not my topic for discussion today, my subject is quite disturbing and everyone can relate to it well enough.
 I’ll be writing on ‘theft!’
Somewhere in the world, each and every day someone gets robbed, be it of material possessions, intellectual properties, and even funny enough human beings as well.
How upsetting is it that after spending money on an item, someone comes from nowhere and just takes it away like it belongs to him/her. Same thing goes for intellectual properties like ideas, articles, stories, movies, music and many more. For the human aspect I’d say ‘husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend snatching’ in local terms but even as funny and unreal as it seems, it’s true. A good example is Nkechi in Wife Material, my weekly series. She knows fully well that Emeka is in a relationship and even though he made a very costly mistake (which some men are common with, not that I’m supporting the act) of letting her into his life when he had a problem with Ade, Nkechi is bent on getting Emeka to marry her even though she knows his heart is with Ade.
was chatting with a friend last week and he said something very disturbing yet
true. His words were, ‘What if you see your stories replicated in the movies?
What if someone steals your work?’ I quickly told him, ‘I’ll sue’ without
giving it a second thought but later that night I pondered deeply. ‘What if?’
‘What will I do if that happens?’
hear comedians say stuff like, ‘he stole my joke’ and sometimes when we watch
home movies we find out that they all share the same story line and the
only difference in the movies are the characters.  Yes, I know it’s a kinda common in Nigeria to see a young wife battling with her in-laws but must we see it in every movie? Sometimes movie producers and directors make the same mistake of casting the same ‘mother-in-law’ for the role. Haba!
we say steal, theft, nick, rob etc. What does it mean? And when it comes to
stealing an intellectual work. Are there any consequences? I mean…not only from
the law but the society as well.
Do we reach out to the true owner of that work
to say, ‘I saw your work at so…and so…is that your’s? Or do we raise our noses in
the air and say, ‘That’s none of my business.’ 
It’s the same thing that happens
with physical stuff. For instance, you see someone take something and you know it doesn’t belong to him/her, do you raise an alarm or do you take ‘Kermit the
Frog’s’ way out with the, ‘That’s none of my business’ slang. 
One day on my way to work
I saw a vendor with a very confusing copy of the Complete Fashion magazine. I called out to
him and asked to see it and was shocked. From the logo to the name, it was one
and the same except the quality was considerably lower than the real deal. This doesn’t happen to just one magazine but to many magazines in Nigeria. I’ve been on photo-shoot locations and you should see the hardwork thrown into producing the cover of magazines. After the hustle and work thrown into producing an epic cover, in no more than two months, you’d see the same cover photographs at the front of other magazines, and sometimes stolen content as well, all for a fraction of the original price (why wouldn’t it be when, copying and pasting is as easy as it comes). In this regard, whatever is selling…people are duplicating! And the worse thing is, they mostly come at give-away prices that people are tempted to buy the fake instead of the real thing.
Why do people decide to bury their own creativity and steal someone else’s?
Why do people decide to ruin individual’s businesses by copying? Honestly,
it still baffles me till date. When artistes come forward and speak about
piracy most of us shrug it aside when it’s actually sad and sometimes ruin business for them. It’s their sweat
that’s being replicated and sold for pennies. When would people learn to
respect others creativity?
 On most blogs, I see warnings like ‘If I see this
story on another blog, I’ll sue…’ ‘this story is exclusive to this blog…’ and many other statements in the same regard
and it always baffles me.
Writing every single word on my site has been truly worthwhile and will always be but even though I love churning out stories, it takes me time to compose some of the stories. Inorder to avoid theft of my work, I’ve placed a sincere warning at the bottom of
my site, just in case someone thinks he or she could be smart. At least I’ll be
able to say, that I placed a warning and whatever I decide to in that regard,
is up to me and my lawyer. If that ever happens…. that’s if it ever does, there’ll be no words better to describe my reaction than, ‘Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.’
I’ll end this write-up with my experience this morning. As soon as I turned on my phone I recieved a text message which read,
‘Congratulations! You have won N400,000. Ur number is among d 25  Lucky Winners in Ongoing COCA-COLA, Code No (MTN 4G) Contact Mr. Bello 080… for claims.’
I couldn’t help it so I had to type this in reply,
‘Yippee! I’m on my way now to contact Mr.Bello. Ole Buruku *tongue-out smiley*’
There’s really nothing that some people won’t do to make money! *SMH* 
hear your experience. Has anyone stolen anything from you or attempted to? And what steps did
you take in catching the culprit red handed and bringing them to book? 
It’ll be nice to hear your stories and experiences. 
Despite the set-backs Nigeria has experienced these past few years, from security to power supply and many more, let’s take time tomorrow to thank God for this country because it could have been worse. Oct 1st is one day in a year, so it’s our duty to honour the labour of our heroes past. Above all, let’s pray for the families who lost their loved ones either during bomb blasts, plane crashes, riots and even soldiers who died while serving the country.
May God bless Nigeria and continue to bless us. Amen.
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Happy Independence day everyone! 
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