Hey Guys,
How was your weekend? The weekend ran so fast that I woke up
to see a new Monday morning. I’m wishing everyone a beautiful September filled
with joy, love, happiness and bountiful testimonies.
Today on Frank Tuesday, I’m going write about my friend,
P. It’s her wedding this Saturday 6th of September and even though she’ll probably nail me for writing about her on my site, I’ll still do it..hehehe.

So let’s go to ‘how we met’ story-line. It was two years ago,
when I was hired for a new job (how time flies) and it happened that I came for
my appointment letter from the company and had to wait for a while at the reception.
Immediately I got into the reception, I saw a very quiet pretty girl, the type that had an air of personality around her. I was like…all
these girls that make us try so hard to look hot…mchewww! 
Being my usual cheerful self, I said ‘hi’ and sat down on the
sofa, brought out my phone, stuck my ear-phones into my ears and watched ‘Wedding
Crashers’. That film was so funny and perhaps due to my extremely ticklish
nature, I laughed and laughed and all the while I didn’t notice the ‘hating’
glances that were coming my way. It was P ooo…she was staring at me and
wondering how on earth someone could enjoy a movie and not bother about those
around her.
She tapped me to ask what movie it was and that was how we
hit it off. Till date we still talk about our first encounter.
Well, when I signed up to be one of her bridesmaids (p.s the
last bridal train that I’ll ever be on, this is a warning to all my friends who are still
vouching that I’ll be on theirs…it’s now asoebi tinz), I never knew that we had
to throw her a bridal shower! So when her sister called to tell me that
there was going to be a bridal shower, I was like, WHAT? I have seen bridal shower pictures and videos but I thought that it was meant for some ‘special’ kind of people… (chai..Ada and her mind sha!)
Then, we begun
planning and stuff…
The cake and some of the goodies on the table! The camera is not mine…it’s just to remind me to get mine soon.
I have never been to a bridal shower before, I must confess,
and I didn’t know what was required. When we were asked to pay some money for
the shower…I didn’t understand why? Do we have to pay for something that
irrelevant? I asked myself. Then, there was the issue of the shower cake, food, drinks, fancy wears and all, you
should have seen my face, my eyes almost popped out of its sockets at the list of things we had to get for the day.
 I finally decided not to be the ‘bloody Jew’ so I joined in and started planning too. When we contacted the cakes person and she was like, N35,
000 for the bridal shower cake with a bustier! Lord have mercy! What is the
world turning into? I asked myself. There was no cake-maker that could reduce
the price to let’s say…N8, 000…are you kidding me? So we finally settled for
the most affordable price and I must tell you…it wasn’t cheap either. Then came
the subject on what kind of cake? We decided to do a marble cake with fondant
icing. It came out well even though we didn’t do the bustier cake but went for
a more simple cake…nevertheless, it was beautiful.
Cake at first sight
Branded Tees
Fast-forward to the day for the bridal shower which was on
the 30th of August. Since the cake maker stays around my area, I had
to pick up the cake and boy…was it heavy!
By the time I got to my friend’s place at one p.m, where we were to
stage the surprise shower, I was the third person to arrive and my count includes her
sister and her sister’s friend. My friend
was out and her fiancé had been asked to stall her till we were ready. The
shower was to start at two pm but at 2:30pm we found ourselves still waiting
for about ten more girls to arrive (African Time tinz). The T-shirts and bunny
ears that we ordered for, were late in coming so we had to rush to pick it up,
by that time, I was a bit stressed.
Yum yum…small chops..not all of the food though…
Did I say that the rest arrived at about five pm? And that wasn’t
all as three more were still on their way. We had decorated the house and the
table and I was happy with our lovely decorations even though a bit amateurish.
We didn’t get to surprise her as planned because, her fiancé started acting
suspiciously and she didn’t trust the secret phone calls he was
making to us so she stormed out of his place and drove home only to see two of
our stray shower girls taking selfies outside fully clad in their white branded
tees, white pants and bunny-ears. 
One of the girls that was taking selfies outside. She resumed her selfie taking, inside the house.
She immediately decoded and started laughing
and the two girls screamed and ran back into the house. You should have seen
the commotion.
At the end of the day, the bridal shower was superb and I didn’t
regret attending. It was fun! fun! fun!
Still shocked…hehehe (I’m sure she’s saying…Adonbilivit)
Everyone…I mean..almost everyone
That’s a very stressed out me…
Awww…here comes the bride.
My cousin..Fuskifoo in ‘fancy bunny ears’…practicing the bridal shower at home.
Now one of my issues for Frank Tuesday is, the time factor! Why do Nigerians love
wasting time? If everyone had already assembled at two pm, do you know that we
would have just told her fiancé to drive her home at that time and then we
would properly surprise her but NO! It didn’t happen as we’d planned it. All because of ‘African Time’…even for a surprise bridal shower…Haba!
The second issue is the price Nigerians place on everything
that’s in vogue! Because of the new trend of bridal showers, every little thing
from games to cakes and decors are very pricey. It’s not fair! What of those
that really want to make their friend’s bridal showers fun and can’t afford to
part with such huge amount of money for the fun part of the shower. Things are really expensive.
Weddings are now a very grand affair, every week, people get
married and most of them place pictures on blogs, television shows, and magazines.
Old ceremonies like weddings can never be changed but new things will be added
to it like, reception dresses, two wedding dresses and many more that incurs extra cost. How do we make these things less expensive for the bride that really wants
to have it all on and before her day? I think that it’s the fact that most of
these items for bridal showers and the like are imported hence the cost, if we
could make these things here in Nigeria, it might not be that expensive.
Hope you enjoyed the cool pictures I posted. Sorry about the
quality, I used my phone and due to the jumping and dancing of the girls, I couldn’t get some good alone shots. I’m in one of the pictures but I’m not that popular so you wouldn’t notice.
Here’s wishing P & her fiance and many other ladies and
gents who are about to enjoy the bliss of marriage, a long, happy and fruitful
married life.
(Will update the site with high resolution pictures of the bridal shower)
In other News, the Life of Funky Naija Teens has ended it’s
series and new series begin on the 15th of September. It’s going to
be fun, hot and very intense…do hold on to the edges of your seats!
I appreciate you guys for reading…may God bless you
immensely and grant all your hearts desires!


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  1. hey, eventhouth i love your work i feel that the remark you made about the bloody jew was inapropreite and it has an element of prejudice. thanks in advance for understanding

  2. Hi Anon, Thanks for reading. As regards the 'bloody Jew' context, it was a borrowed slang from my secondary school years. If you observe closely,it was placed in inverted commas which means, it's just a slang, a phrase without meaning. Thank you for observing, I'll refrain from it from now on.


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