Tuesday again and am I hallucinating or are the weeks running so fast? Anyway,
how was your weekend and hope you’re enjoying the new week?
talk betrayal today. We are people and we have had different types of people
waltz through our lives at different points in time and one way or the other, some
betray us while others show us that they can stand the test of time. Have you
ever been betrayed? What is betrayal?

According to Wikipedia, ‘Betrayal is
the breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust, or confidence that
produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst
individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations.’
Hmmmm…long definition right? Now, here’s my definition of the word ‘Betrayal’,
to me, it’s breaking of trust, destroying one’s faith in the other person and
hurting someone pretty badly.
lot of people have gone through betrayals and many are still fighting through
it and even though the word rolls out of our tongues easily, it’s not an easy
phase. When you are betrayed, you’d feel that deep wrench of gut, it’s like
someone stabbed you right in your heart and you can’t pull the knife away.
Imagine you are walking on bare-feet and all of a sudden, a sharp bottle
pierces your feet and stays there no matter how hard you try to bring it out
because it knows that immediately it comes out, you heal and it doesn’t want
that. Honestly speaking, betrayal is very difficult to stomach especially when
it comes from someone you love, trust or hold dear.
again, why do people betray other people, were they born to betray or are they
just humans who can’t stand to see their fellow beings happy? Do you betray
people? Have you betrayed friends? Perhaps there’s a big secret that someone
entrusted you with and immediately the person turned his/her back, your mouth
is already running like tap, you can’t wait to tell the whole world. Come to
think of it, is there any price attached to betraying a friend? Is there a
crown? Is there some sort of joy you enjoy when you see that someone else is
suffering because of your betrayal?
only solution is: Stop!
betraying those people that love you, those that cherish you and hold you in
high regard. Do not relish in a friend’s downfall rather applaud his/her
successes. If you know something that could mar a friend’s future and such
secret was entrusted to you, please keep it with you, it doesn’t pay to let the
cat out of the bag.
seen beautiful relationships, friendships broken all because of betrayal and it’s
such an ugly sight. When you are a friend, be the best you can be, try hard to
never hurt that person that calls you ‘friend’. Same goes for relationships, don’t
try to hurt at a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancé because once you break
something so good, it can never be patched up again.
use a vase as an example. Let’s say a vase is trust and a friend hands it to
you believing that you would never break it and then, one day the vase slips
from your hands and falls to the ground in a million pieces. Would you be able
to patch it up again? Yes, but would it be as new as before? No!
goes for the words you say about friends outside, those words that you know
aren’t good but you’re going to say it anyway. Imagine picking a jar of stones
and climbing to the top of the mountain and emptying the contents of the jar at
the top of the mountain and then going back to the ground to pick them all up.
You’ll never be able to gather that same quantity of stones that were formerly in
the jar. Same goes for words, once they are out, they can never be swallowed
and there’s no telling who might hear these words.
guys let’s try to live and let live and when you call someone a friend, please
take it seriously because friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond
than an association.
Have you ever been betrayed? What’s your own definition of betrayal? Do share!
for reading guys.
tuned for exciting episodes on Senorita and Wife Material.
bless you all.



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