Everyone kept asking, ‘have you watched the war room?’ I was clueless, what is that? I asked. ‘Is it a Nigerian movie?’ I guess I asked if it was a Nollywood production because of the name and trust me when I say that in a few months from now, Nollywood would make their own version of the movie ‘War Room’.

Namsie wrote on the War room on her blog, read about it here and I was spurred further to see the movie, even though she approached it from a different and interesting angle. You should totally read it.

I quickly began searching for ways to get the movie, I checked online, I went through a lot trying to get it and finally, after about six hours of download, it was on my system. Downloading movies for free is a crime right? I guess so, because I felt a bit guilty for downloading instead of buying but I had searched everywhere for it and didn’t find it so, I had no other choice.

Believe me when I say that everyone in my house saw the movie because I kept talking about it when I was done watching.

Now to highlights of the movie, don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers for those who haven’t watched it but if you haven’t, I advice you to. I won’t even mention the character’s names because honestly, I’ve forgotten their names…*my bad*.

The movie teaches you faith, perseverance and the importance of family and most of all, the power of prayer. Many of us have no idea how powerful prayer is or how effective it can be especially in this ‘toughness’ called life. Life can be so stressful, so unkind, so gloomy and so tiring/depressing and the most effective way to get out of life’s problems is through prayers.

Sometimes, writing Black Mail is too depressing for me because of the problems the characters face but when I realize that I’ve buttered up the character’s problems as against the real problems people face in real life, I am spurred further to write it.

I don’t know if you saw the pictures that circulated the internet last year about two men and an old woman who were stripped naked and paraded on the streets for being responsible for broken marriages, infertilities, poverty and even death. It was that bad because they went further to show the dead chickens in their shrine and how they turn them upside down to die whenever they wanted someone dead…I’m digressing…sorry.

Back to the story…

I loved the initial doubt of the lady at first when the older woman asked that she should pray to save her marriage and I loved the fact that she followed the advice and everything worked for good.

Now, Hebrews 11 verse 1 says, ‘To have Faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.’
*I don’t think I’m good at preaching so, I’m not going to delve into the scriptures.*

Now, this is something that even sometimes, I cannot comprehend. Faith is such a small word but it’s so big….very big. To have Faith is to have everything move well for you but any seed of doubt can crack the wall of faith and sometimes it’s so hard ….too hard to have faith especially when you’re faced with some kind of big problems. Faith is something that even the most prayerful people lack, it’s no walk in the park but it can be achieved.

Immediately after watching the movie, I created a war room for myself, wanting to build that relationship with God that once I open my mouth to ask, He answers but I must be honest, I have had seeds of doubt. ‘Are you sure that….’ ‘Can it work?’ I said, many times.

Nevertheless I keep praying, and hoping that one day, I’ll have up on my wall, a framed writings of appreciation, ‘not that I don’t have things to be thankful for already. I actually have more than a truck’s oad of things.’

So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch that movie if you haven’t and tell me how you felt after seeing it.

For the past three years, this blog has been all story-telling. The story telling remains because it’s the main core but I think that I could add a few non-fiction writings to my blog, just to give it life. It’s not been easy because writing my thoughts is one of the most difficult things ever for me but when I look at the blog now, I feel better….

The blog’s new look comes up this week…’I have faith’ and I’m sure it’s going to go up…so, #fingerscrossed!

Single & Desperately searching comes up at some minutes past three pm. I hope you’re ready!

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  1. Ada dear…you said it all. WAROOM is amazing. I had to buy a CD for keeps sef so I can watch it whenever wherever. And I saw the movie with my husband. Twas a nice 'movienight' for us. Lol
    After seeing it I thought which room in this house can I turn to my WAROOM. The movie was that nice. We showed it In Church last week sef. FAITH is key and I love the part she said STOP FIGHTING THE WRONG PERSON. Learn to fight the right BATTLE.
    May Christ be more evident in ourlives. And may we run to him at all times and not when things are going the wrong way alone.
    Ada….you are doing an amazing job. Keep it up darling and like I always say,up there is where you belong. Greater heights Hun.

    • My dear,
      It is one of the most powerful movies I have ever watched and yes, I definitely need to buy a CD for myself for keeps.
      @ 'After seeing it I thought which room in this house can I turn to my WAROOM' The same thought occurred to me oo…as I was looking at my wardrobe the other day and I was like, 'who needs clothes sef' War Room all the way!!! But the wardrobe is the typical Naija closet and I might choke up in there.
      Christ needs to be more evident in our life ooo….
      Thank you so much dear for your kind words, when I reach the top, I'll definitely look back on your words. God bless you.

  2. You pointed out one of the things I like the most in the movie- her hesitation before taking the advice. If she had jumped on it immediately, I would have stopped watching the movie at that point. A lot of times I wonder how you can stand to write blackmail especially season two with the marine powers and this current installment, mehn it is scary!
    As for the witches and destiny killers, I'm glad they were exposed. I really don't understand why anyone would want to hold another person down. and the funny thing is that such people don't even move forward themselves.
    As for the improved look of the blog, I join my faith with yours.

    • Yes, I loved the hesitation at first…which was the seed of doubt that was planted at the first instance.
      My dear, writing black mail can be scary especially at night times, but then again, I remember that I am God's child and cannot be daunted. Sometimes after writing Black Mail, I feel some kind of chill but then, I know that since I've been inspired, I have to write it. And again, the happy ending makes it all worth it.
      As for people holding down their fellow humans, I think it's more in Africa than every other part of the world, I am sure that the phrase 'Hosuehold Enemies' was written for Africa. I have never seen so much juju anywhere in the world like here in our beloved continent.
      Thank you for the faith, I need it seriously.
      God bless you for reading.

    • I really have no idea where you can get it but I'm sure that a place like the Hub at the Palms, Lekki would have it. Or you can try Ikeja City Mall. Wherever is close to you. You can also ask around from friends if they have it on their system or go gangster the way I did by downloading Utorrent and downloading the movie.

  3. Warroom… I heard so muc about it. and read Adaeze's views of it as well. so between you two.. its balanced.though ur namesie sometimes writng seems kind critic and even pessimistic.. guess its namesie's style.

    • You should totally see it. It's a good movie.
      As for namsie's critic of the movie, I think she wrote from her point of view which was actually arresting. It even spurred me to watch the film.


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