Patricia stared at her phone and sighed, it has been two months since she spoke to Chuks and she didn’t know where to start.

Chuks had asked to be her boyfriend, two years ago and they’d started a blossoming relationship till sex became the big issue.

“Let’s wait till we’re married honey.” Patricia had sung out like an anthem.

“Wait? C’mon honey, I am a man…it’s been almost two years and we haven’t sealed out union yet. I can’t say this in front of my friends or they’ll laugh at me.” He’d persisted.

“But we are born-again Christians aren’t we?” She’d stressed.

He’d looked at her and shuffled his feet.

“You are the one who’s born-again…I…am…not.” He stammered.

Patricia had looked at the young man who’d followed her to church on countless occasions and fasted and prayed with her. She had been deeply disappointed.

“How can you say that?” She’d thundered.

“Look honey, I love you so much but I have had to pretend so much in this relationship in order to date you. You set the bars so high and it was almost impossible to reach.”

“I never set any bars. I only decided to live my life in the way of the Lord.” She’d stressed.

“Did you stop to think about me? Have you asked yourself if I want to go all into this Christianity stuff or if I am content with my every Sunday tonic?”

“I don’t believe this! You have been deceiving me all along?”

“Patricia, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have faith to move mountains, at least, you are prayerful enough for the two of us. I am in the prime of my youth darling and I want to have fun before I grow old and grey. For the past year I have been spending most of my Friday nights at vigils instead of night clubs and I’ve been spending some of my weekends at church programmes instead of at the football viewing centres. Honestly honey, I am not complaining and I don’t mind continuing my service of God with you but you have to sacrifice for me too. I sacrificed myself by accompanying you to church and praying and fasting, you too should sacrifice for me. I am a man and not a log of firewood.” He’d whined.

Patricia had been furious at his suggestion and had ended their relationship there. That was over six months ago but they’d kept in close touch till two months ago when he’d told her that he’d met a new woman and that he was in a relationship.

“Oh Chuks! We had something beautiful…something wonderful. We clicked like no other and we understood each other so well. Why did it all go away? Why did things go wrong?” She sighed, talking to herself.

She scrolled through the contact list of her phone and dialled Chuks number, it rang and he picked.

“Patricia! My goodness!” He exclaimed through the phone.

“Hi Chuks…how are you?”

“Pleasantly surprised. I can’t believe that you called me. This is indeed a surprise.”

“Well, I just wanted to check up on you. It’s been so long.” She said. “It’s been two months.”

“It seems like forever. I’ve missed you…”

“Really? Even with your latest girlfriend?” She teased.

“She’s not like you. There’s really no one like you.” He said. “Why in the world did we break up?”

“I don’t know…” She said.

“Our arguments were pointless.” He started.

“Yes, they were. I wish I’d known better. I wish I never pushed you into changing your way of life for me and I wish that I made the sacrifice for you.” She said.

There was silence at the other end of the line.

“What are you saying? Wait a minute, am I speaking with Patricia or someone else?”

“It’s me, silly.” She laughed.

“But…you have always been set in your ways, how come the change of mind?”

“Nothing in life is constant.” She said.

“Wow, I am so happy to hear from you.” He stressed. “So, tell me, how are your friends? Rosita, Marianna and Anna.”

“They are all fine… but Anna is dead.”

“What? The leader of the pack is gone? What happened? How did she die?”

“I don’t want to talk about it…it brings back painful memories.” She said.

“I am so sorry to hear that…Anna was a beautiful person, inside out.” He said.

“Yes, and with her gone, I feel so lonely.”

“You have me honey, you still have me.” He said with a catch in his voice.

“Can…can you come over to my place tonight?” She said.


Rosita couldn’t believe what was happening to her, she stared at her husband in disbelief. Her mother-in-law stared at her son and was speechless.

“What did you…say?” Rosita stammered when she was finally able to find her voice.

“I love her.” Her husband said. “And I want to be with her. I understand and appreciate your years of sacrifice but I can’t lie to myself. I love her so much and I want to be with her.” His last words came in a whisper.

“Be with who?” His mother echoed in shock.

“Vivica! Her name is Vivica and she’s the nicest woman you’ll ever meet. She works with me at the office and…” Her husband started.

Suddenly, the Christmas party flashed through her mind and the stunning woman in Brazilian hair came to mind. Rosita was crushed, she sunk to the ground in despair.

“Rosita, please understand me. At least I am truthful, aren’t I?” Her husband said.

“I don’t understand you, son. You have a good wife and a wonderful mother to your children. Why do you want to throw that away?” His mother asked.

“Mum, you won’t understand me. Vivica is an upwardly mobile woman, she’s independent, she’s classy, she’s beautiful and she’s enterprising. I love that about her. I realized that I have always wanted a woman who stands her ground at all costs, a woman who’s her own boss and who knows how to juggle work with her personal life….” He started.

Rosita was crushed.

“How dare you? How dare you portray her like she’s the ideal woman for you? I was working when you married me, I had a career and I had everything but when we started having kids, we both agreed that it would be best for me to stay at home and take care of the kids and the family. We both made the decision that I quit work and let you take the reins of providing for the family.” She screamed.

“I am not saying that it was a bad decision, I am just…” Her husband started.

“How dare you?” Rosita cried with tears streaming down her face.

“Calm down both of you, please let’s not wake up the children.” Her mother in-law started. “Son, we have to talk about this some other time, I am sure that we can trash this out.”

“There’s nothing to trash out mom. I have made my decision. Life is too short to keep living a lie and that’s what I’m living with Rosita. Every day I wake up feeling incomplete and I think that it’s best that we both go our separate ways, at least for now. I will figure everything out in the nearest future because I want to continue seeing my kids and spending time with them but now, I have found my happiness and it is with none other than Vivica.” Rosita’s husband said and walked out of the sitting room.

Rosita fell to the ground again and wailed.

“Oh God! This is a dream! This must be a dream! God, where are you? Why have you forsaken me?”


To be continued….


  1. Hmm……………..The devil you know is better than the one portraying herself to be an angel.
    Rositas husband will definitely regret it.

    Patricia…..the pain and anger you feel is not enough reason to loose your virginity. I hope you understand that before it’s too late.
    Can two work together except they agree NEVER. Amos 3:3

    Ada hun,#ehugs.
    Thanks for been constant.


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