Rosita walked back to her car and got in, she placed her head on the steering wheel and tears flowed like the river. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. Her husband was on leave and she’d known nothing about it. Suddenly, she missed Anna. This was the part where she called her Sister in Christ and unburdened herself. Unfortunately, Anna wasn’t here anymore and none of her other sisters were taking her calls.

“Lord, why? Why God? Why?” She sobbed.

Her daughter got off the back seat of the car and inched closer to her.

“Mummy, why are you crying? Are you still sad about Auntie Anna?” She asked.

Rosita nodded but didn’t raise her head from the steering.

“You told us that she’s in heaven and that one day we will see her but why are you still sad?” Her daughter pressed.

“Don’t worry about mummy…” Rosita said with a teary voice. “Mummy is fine.”

“Mummy, do you want my biscuit? Will it make you feel better?” Her son asked.

Rosita shook her head as tears refused to stop, she knew she couldn’t drive in her state, so she said to her daughter.

“Take my phone and call Auntie Marianna.”

Her daughter took her bag and took out the phone and dialled Marianna’s number.

“It’s ringing.” She announced.

“Wait…lemme hear it ring.” Her brother said.

They both started to struggle for the phone.

“It’s mine! Mummy said I should call auntie and not you.” Her daughter said.

“I just want to hear it ring…” Her son spat.

Rosita listened to her children argue, she didn’t try to stop them but continued to cry.


Marianna washed her face in the bathroom sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Patricia’s words had hit a raw nerve and try as she may, she couldn’t rid the words from her head.

“Are you okay?” Patricia’s voice called out from the bedroom.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Marianna said quickly.

She heard her phone ring.

“Mtcheeww…it’s Rosita. Why is she calling?” Patricia asked. “Do you want to answer it?”

“Yes…I’ve ignored her calls for far too long.” Marianna said as walked out of the bathroom and took the phone from Patricia.

“Hello…” She greeted.

“It’s mine! Gimme back! Mummy, he doesn’t want to gimme back the phone.” Rosita’s daughter’s voice floated down the line.

“Hey princess…” Marianna said with a smile.

“Auntie Marianna.” Rosita’s daughter’s voice floated down the line. “Mummy said I should call you but my brother is trying to take the phone from me.”

“Where is your mom?”

“She’s here but she’s crying.”

“Crying? Please give the phone to her.” Marianna said.

“You see? She said that I should give mummy the phone so, I win and you lose.” Rosita’s daughter said obviously to her brother.

Marianna waited for the phone to be given to Rosita and when it was, she could hear sniffs.

“Rosita, are you okay?”

“He…he…lied to me.” Rosita bawled.

“Wait…the children are with you in the car right? Don’t let them hear you.”

“I don’t care anymore…I’m just so devastated. How could he do this to me?”

“Can you come to my place?” Marianna asked.

“No, I can’t…I can’t drive right now. My eyes are blurry and …and…”

“Okay, where are you? I am coming right away.”

“I am parked beside the creep’s office.” Rosita spat.

“Don’t move, I’ll be right there. I’m coming with Patricia.” Marianna said and hung up the call.

As soon as the call was ended, Patricia looked at her questioningly.

“What was that?” She asked.

“I think Rosita and her husband are having issues.” Marianna said.

“I just don’t get it! That man is something else and the worst thing is that our friend keeps defending him.”

“Can you stop being sarcastic and come with me? We need to help Rosita.” Marianna said as she walked over to open her wardrobe.


One hour later, Rosita lay on the sofa in Marianna’s bedroom, her children were downstairs playing with Marianna’s husband’s relatives.

“I can’t believe this.” Marianna was saying. “How can he lie about that?”

“He didn’t even attend Anna’s funeral and to think that he was on leave all this while…” Rosita cried.

“This is bad. Do you have an idea where he could be?” Marianna asked.

Rosita shook her head.

“Where else would he be, if he’s not screwing those fancy women he normally screws.” Patricia said dispassionately.

“I won’t take that from you. Watch the way you speak about my family.” Rosita fired.

“Aren’t you tired of defending him already? Aren’t you tired of falling on your knees and praying for him?” Patricia spat.

“Patricia!” Marianna warned.

“Hey, don’t throw daggers at me, I am not the one who’s decided to live in denial.” Patricia fired.

“I am not living in denial.” Rosita fired back.

“Hey, guys…please…let’s not argue. The only person that put out the fire is no longer with us.”Marianna started referring to Anna.

“Patricia started it first.” Rosita said.

“Rosita, you shouldn’t be stressed out by these happenings. I wish I had a word of comfort for you but I really don’t. Everything is turning upside down. Anna is dead, your husband has lied to you and is probably cheating with some woman, I saw my period and I was hoping that this time I’d get pregnant and Patricia is angry at God.”

“Hey, don’t make it about me. We are all angry at God.” Patricia spat. “He has abandoned us!”

“No, He hasn’t.” Rosita defended.

“Oh really? Then where is your husband, little miss goody-goody?” Patricia mocked.

“You can say whatever you like but I know that God will come to my rescue.” Rosita said.

“When? When will he come to your rescue? Is it when your husband has slept with half of the ladies in this town and maybe, has fathered one hundred children?” Patricia fired.

“Get behind me Satan!” Rosita spat.

“Eh? Me? Satan? You are mad! In fact, you are stupid for calling me Satan. May you rot in hell!” Patricia screamed.

Marianna was shocked at the exchange of words between the sisters of the ‘Women of Faith’.

“Wait…am I missing something? When did we give room for the devil to step into our midst?” She asked.

“Don’t look at me! Ask your sister in Christ. She just called me Satan.” Patricia fumed.

“Please, ladies, let us be calm.” Marianna said, already having a headache.

“I think I need to go, I came here to be comforted but I’m being pushed to the wall.” Rosita said with tears in her eyes.

“Mrs. Holy and perfect.” Patricia sneered. “Don’t you see that your home is falling apart? Where is the God you’ve decided to follow for the rest of your life? Is He asleep?”

“I can’t believe that such words are coming from your mouth, Patricia. Where is your faith?” Rosita asked, sounding hurt.

“It’s been buried six feet deep with Anna.” Patricia screamed.

“Can we all keep silent? We are just saying hurtful words with our mouths and…and it’s not right.” Marianna said.

“Wake up and smell the coffee, Marianna. Don’t let Rosita continue to deceive you with the phrase ‘Prayers can work wonders’. Go out and look for a solution to your problem. It lies within you.” Patricia said to Marianna, and then turning o regard Rosita, she said. “Keep praying. Burn the midnight candle. Fast till you’re dry and worn out but one thing is a fact; a dog will always be a dog no matter where he goes. Is your husband cheating on you? Why are you crying like all hope is lost? Why have you decided to pray to God who will probably never answer your foolish requests? You are hot, beautiful and desirable. Go and take your own man, look good and stay trim and get your revenge.” Then, addressing the two ladies who looked stunned at her words, she said. “I, Patricia, have left everything I thought I knew about God. He doesn’t choose to bless those who serve Him, He only blesses those He wants to bless, regardless of whether you’re a murderer, prostitute, kidnapper or a saint. From today, I am going out to live my life like it’s golden. I won’t waste my breath anymore, praying for miracles that will never happen. If I continue with the Women of Faith sister fellowship, I’ll turn into an old maid. I turn thirty in two weeks and what have I achieved? I am still single and desperately searching. I have turned down offers all because I didn’t want sex before marriage. Look at me now. Where did that leave me? If you guys are wise, you’ll take the reins of your life in your hands and if you’re so bothered about offending God, didn’t His word say that ‘even if your sins are as red as crimson, I will make them whiter than snow, and if your sins are as red as scarlet, I will make them whiter than wool?’ At the end of the day, you can still as for forgiveness. Don’t dull. I’m out.”

The two women watched Patricia leave, they were stunned.


To be continued…


  1. Very sad. So many people get pushed to the wall like this and work out on God when He is still the answer to their problems


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