All through their ride to the village, Melvin and his mother sang praises. As they sang, they believed that there is indeed victory in Christ Jesus. Eunice on the other hand, even with her faith which was tinnier than a mustard seed, couldn’t shake off the fear at seeing her mother again in flesh and blood. She wondered if she’d made the right call by allowing Melvin come with her.

“Lord, if you’ve destined it that I die in my fatherland, then so be it.” She whispered a prayer.

Melvin noticed his mother’s lips move and he spoke to her.

“Mom, are you okay? You suddenly stopped singing…” He said.

“Continue singing son, I was just saying some prayers…” She said.

He looked deeply into her eyes and reached out to hold her hand.

“Are you afraid?” He asked.

His mother looked at him and looked away.

“I can’t tell you that I am afraid or you might lose faith.”

Melvin smiled at her and said.

“It is okay to be afraid. Even Jesus, before he was to be crucified asked that the cup is taken away from him. Don’t be afraid to say that you are afraid because when you are afraid to do so, you find it difficult to ask for help. A lot of Christians are afraid to tell God that they are afraid because they feel that He might be disappointed in them but that shouldn’t be so. He is our father and we should feel comfortable, telling Him everything including our greatest fears.”

“I have done right by you darling. I am so glad that even if I die today, I can say with pride that I raised you right.” She said with a smile.

“I want you to tell God your weaknesses, tell Him how weak and powerless you are and ask Him to take charge. We are not going out for this battle with our own strength but with the power of Christ who strengthens us. Do you believe that?”

She nodded and said.

“I believe.”

“Your mother might be the greatest witch or sorceress of her time, she can be the strongest of all demons but remember that all power bows at the name of Jesus. Satan was defeated long ago and his power is powerless. I know that it must be difficult for you to fight against your mother, a woman who carried you in her womb for nine months and who raised you but you are both on different paths. She serves demons while you serve the living God, she stands for darkness while you are for light, she is a liar, a deceiver just like her father, the devil while you are the salt of the earth.”

“It’s going to be hard, facing her again after over forty years.” His mother said looking at him.

“Yes, it will…I can’t promise that the road will be smooth but God will see us through.”

“Why isn’t my life less complicated?” His mother asked. “Your dad had things easier for him. He was born into a Christian family and grew up knowing God but I didn’t. My mother made us worship the devil and serve him. My sister wanted to break free but she killed her and now…she wants to destroy Kentura’s life by making her join the cult.” His mother said.

When Melvin didn’t respond, she continued.

“It’s been all about me from the beginning…you know…” She sniffed. “Life is such a mystery. Who would have thought that from the very first moment you encountered Kentura, my past will come out to haunt me? God sent her to me because He wants me to help her. He saw what my mother was planning and wants to save Kentura from her. I am the one destined to help save her and I pushed her away…if only…if …”

“Shh…mom, there’s no room for regrets…” He started. “Thank God everything fell into place and you realised your mission for Kentura.”

His mother nodded and squeezed his hand affectionately.

“Can we resume our prayers now and our songs of praise?” He asked.

“Yes, darling…yes, we can.” She said.


The old woman looked into the flames and could see that they were headed to her shrine. She could also see Kentura who was on the bus headed towards the same direction. The car conveying her daughter and grandson was faster as it was almost directly behind Kentura’s bus.

“Eunice, you will die today. If it’s my destiny that I killed my two children with my hands for the sake of the kingdom of hell, then so be it!” She hissed.

She looked into the fire again and holding out her hands, she made long incantations in her language.

“A child can never outgrow its mother, a two-edged sword can never touch tips with each other and no matter how hot the gaze of the sun, it can never dry up the sea. Broken hearts cannot be seen, only felt. Eunice, whether you like it or not, you are my child, you are my blood and the first fruit of my womb. No matter how hard you try to cut off from me, you can’t do that or you’ll die. I am like the tree with branches and it has never been heard of that a branch ever made up a tree but there’s a fact that branches can be cut off from trees. I have power over your life and that your family. I will destroy you at will.” She said as she picked up the dust of the earth with her palms and sprinkled it into the fire.

The fire crackled and continued burning. She took a sharp knife and lifting her hand over the flames, she slashed her palms and drops of blood fed the flames.

“You are my blood Eunice but today as I let the drops of my blood fall into the fire, I stand against you. As you make your way here, may sudden darkness cover the sight of the driver of that car and may you be sent to the lands of your ancestors. If you think that I would wait for you to come here and battle with me, you must be mistaken. I am greater than you are, more powerful than you are and higher than you are and I can’t belittle myself by fighting with a baby. I killed your sister by turning my blood against her and she died in that accident with her husband. I have turned my blood against you today and everyone in that car of yours must die at the command of my voice.” She said, then inhaling and holding her breath for a while, she exhaled and let her breath fan the flames. “Die now!”


Melvin and his mother were singing praises when all of a sudden, a black bird came from nowhere and circled their car three times. Suddenly, the driver shouted.

“I can’t see…everywhere is black…I can’t see!”

The nurse at the front seat beside the driver looked at him in alarm and turned to regard Melvin and his mother.

“Sir…madam…the driver…he can’t see…” She cried.

Melvin and his mother were so engrossed in their songs of praises that they didn’t hear her desperate call.

“Stop the car…stop the car…” The nurse said to the driver when she realised that Melvin and his mother weren’t listening to her.

“I can’t…ahhh…I can’t…I don’t know what to do…my eyes…it’s like there’s pepper in them.” The driver screamed as he pressed his legs on the brakes.

The car suddenly left the ground and somersaulted in the air, then landed on the other side of the road.


To be continued….



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