Bianca took the cup from the cook and thanked him.

“Thanks for this. I will be heading out now.” She said.

“Bianca!” Melvin’s father called out as he stepped out of his study. “Where are you headed?”

“Errmm…I just need to see my mother…briefly. I will be right back.” She said.

“That will have to wait….I want us to start our prayers now besides, I have informed the church pastors and they are creating prayer groups as we speak. We are not battling against flesh and blood but principalities and powers.”

“I know sir but I really have to go to see my mom besides I also have to stop at the clinic to deliver our blood samples…”

“All that can wait…” Melvin’s father said impatiently. “My wife and son have embarked on a serious journey and they need our prayers. We have to start prayers now and continue all through the day till night time.”

“Ha! Till night time? If I wait till then, I won’t be able to drop off the blood samples at the clinic. The doctor instructed that the samples shouldn’t stay outside the lab for too long.”

“Alright…give the driver the samples and the address of the hospital and call the doctor to tell him that the driver will hand the samples over to him.”

Bianca’s heart beat fast, she wondered what other lies she could tell. Melvin’s father’s phone rang and he quickly took the call and walked into the study. Bianca seized the moment, she quickly spoke to the cook who was still there.

“When my father-in-law comes out, tell him that I will be back in a jiffy.” She said and dashed out.

The cook watched her leave, hoping that the blood sample was for a genotype test.

“My genotype is AA and I am sure that’s Sir Melvin’s genotype too…God please, let this thing I’ve done not put me into trouble.” He said.


As the car fell into the other side of the road, cars coming from the other side on high speed miraculously slowed down and stopped. It was as though someone had stopped all the cars and they stood there unmoving.

Melvin and his mother opened their eyes to see that they were at the other side of the road.

“What happened?” Eunice asked looking out of the window.

“I don’t know mom…” Melvin said. “Driver, what’s going on?”

The driver opened his eyes and could see clearly, he turned to face the nurse who had crouched on her seat with her hands over her head and he poked her.

“We are okay.” He said.

The nurse sat up and looked at the driver and turned to face Melvin and his mother.

“We had an accident…a major one… the car somersaulted.” She said breathlessly.

“Yes…it did and now we are on the other side of the road but…it’s like a miracle because the car seems okay and it’s not upside down.” The driver said.

“Start the car and drive, look for a turn and get us back to the other lane.” Melvin said quietly.

The driver nodded and started the car, as they began to move, the other cars that were on standstill resumed their journey.


The old woman looked through the flames but it seemed as though her eyesight was failing her. Suddenly, there was a very bright light coming from the flames.

“I can’t see…I can’t see…” She said.

“Mother, are you alright?” One of her attendants asked.

“Look into the flames and see if you can see the car…the car…” She stammered.

The attendant looked into the flames and shook her head.

“I can’t see anything mother, all I see is light.” She said.

“Get out of here! You are so useless! You are a waste of my time! Edna!” She called.

“Yes mother…” A second attendant named Edna, answered.

“Look into the flames and tell me that you’ve seen a car that has been destroyed as well as all those within.”

The attendant looked in and saw a bright ray of light which seemed ten times brighter than the sun.

“Mother…I can’t see…it’s too bright.” She cried.

The old woman stood up to her full height and shoved the girls away from her, they both fell to the ground in pain.

“You are both so useless! Useless! Everything is useless!” She screamed in anger. “They should be dead by now…what power is shielding them? What power is greater than mine?” She yelled.

She took her stick and quickly made her way into her inner chambers.


Bianca ended her race at the prophetess’s place, she was breathless by the time she’d got there. As soon as she’d left Melvin’s house, she’d taken a bike all the way to the prophetess’s place, all in a bid to get there on time.

“I am here…” She said as soon as she got into the place.

The prophetess was lighting some candles which she’d assembled on the ground into a pentagon shape.

“You are welcome.” She said.

“The blood samples are with me. When do we start?” Bianca asked.

The prophetess didn’t look up from lighting her candles.

“As soon as you wish.” The prophetess said to her.

“Let’s start it now!” Bianca demanded.

“Patience is a virtue.” The prophetess said.

“Are you trying to annoy me? I need our blood samples to be mixed now so that Melvin can love me more than he loves anyone.”

The prophetess turned to her.

“It’s not good to rush destiny.” She said.

“Stop speaking in parables and help me out.” Bianca spat.

“Hand over the samples.” The prophetess said.

Bianca brought out the samples from her bag and gave it to the prophetess.

“Are you sure that the blood samples you have here are from you and Melvin?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“Can you swear to that?” She asked.

“Why do I need to swear, it’s Melvin’s blood and mine.”

The prophetess signalled to some of her followers and they came forward.

“I want you to repeat to their hearing that the blood samples in this cup belong to you and Melvin and that you brought these samples to me freely and of your own accord.”

Bianca was pissed, the prophetess was beginning to annoy her.

“What’s the meaning of this? I have already confirmed that the blood samples belong to me and Melvin, what else do you want from me?”

“I have asked them to stand as witnesses because this ritual could bring up serious complications if it goes wrong and I won’t like to be blamed if it goes wrong.”

“How can it go wrong? I have the correct blood samples.” Bianca spat.

“Okay…let’s begin.”

Bianca sighed and walked over to sit on the bench. The prophetess took the samples to the altar and bringing out a medium sized cup, she mixed the blood samples together and began her ritual.

Bianca was texting her mother and informing her that she was at the prophetess’s place.

‘Hey mom…’ She wrote, ‘I am with the prophetess for a final ritual and this is the one that’ll make agzuksbsheenee ;;’\’24368189****098ms,.;d;dkdkrhrenehegrbebeevegefcagafsfah’

She suddenly began to type in rubbish as she’d seem to have lost coherence. By the time the sent button was accidentally touched, Bianca’s eyes were as wide as saucers and a drool had escaped from her mouth.


To be continued…..


  1. So many people are in the church but the spirit of God is not in them. There are a lot of Biancas in the church today.


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