Bianca’s mother stormed into the house and slammed the door hard, she wasn’t happy at all. If Melvin and his family felt they’d throw her daughter to the side like a piece of trash, they were mistaken.

She made her way to the center of her living room and began singing loudly.

“Oh Lord, come down and manifest your power….”

She sang loudly with eyes closed and after the song was over, she began to pray vehemently and with so much force.

“Father Lord, you promised your children a secure future. You promised me that all I had to do was serve and all my needs will be met. Where are you, Lord? Where are you now that I am facing this cross-road? My daughter Bianca is my jewel and I brought her up in your ways and truth, I raised her to glorify your name and help the church and now, there’s an opportunity for her to step up in life as Melvin’s wife but a strong force is standing against her. Who is it? Is it the spirit of my late step-mother who vowed that I would never be happy in life? Is it Moses, the man I left at the altar? Who is it? Is it my older sister who’s jealous over the fact that I had children before she did? God, my father! Who is in the way of my happiness? Who is standing in the way of my daughter’s marriage to Melvin? I don’t care who they are. They must die in Jesus name. I set the fire of the Holy Ghost upon them oh Lord, I send the fire of the Holy Ghost…” She fired in a loud voice.

“Will you shut up?” A masculine voice reached her ears.

Bianca’s mother stopped and opened her eyes to see her husband staring at her in anger.

“Why are you screaming at the top of your lungs? Don’t you have anything to do this morning?” He thundered. “What sort of prayer point is that?”

Bianca’s mother swallowed the anger that welled within her and closing her eyes, she ignored him and continued praying.

“Father in heaven, I ask you to shut the mouth of the devil standing right before me now! Yes, father, there’s a devil in human form who happens to be my husband and he is standing here and talking rubbish. Shut him up, heavenly father! Silence him! In the mighty name of Jesus.” She yelled.

Her husband stood there and stared at her in silence, he shook his head in disbelief. He walked over to the stereo and turned it on, playing one of Don Moen’s songs. He turned up the volume very loudly but his wife stubbornly held her ears shut with her palms and screamed loudly as she continued her prayers.

“Heavenly father…God Almighty…” She continued.


Melvin stared at his mother, he was already on his way to work when she had called him back home. He had rushed back to the house to see his mother standing outside the house with Bianca’s mother.

“What is it, mom?” He had asked as he rushed up to them.

“Melvin, who is that woman you brought into this house? How dare you bring a woman into the house you’re supposed to share with my daughter?” Bianca’s mother had fired at him.

Melvin stared at Bianca’s mother in open astonishment.

“How dare you speak to my son is such tone? Have you forgotten the position he wields in the church?” Melvin’s mother had shouted at Bianca’s mother. “I have to ask you to please leave this house or I’ll call security.”

Bianca’s mother stared at them, she was quite astonished at Melvin’s mother’s outburst.

“I was…just expressing myself…the way you would have.” She’d said to Melvin’s mother.

“Melvin is my son but even as his mother, I can’t yell at him that way. Not only is he a man of God, he is the General overseer of our church and if that’s not enough to make you respect him, then I don’t see what else can do the trick.” Melvin’s mother had fired.

“It’s okay mom…calm down…” Melvin had said.

“I want her to leave now…” His mother had insisted.

Melvin watched Bianca’s mother grumble, turn on her heels and head towards her car in anger. They had waited for her to leave the compound before they spoke.

Now, standing before his mother and staring at the eyes that trusted him and loved him probably much more than anyone else in the world, he waited to be chastised by her.

“Why is she here?” She asked him coolly.

“I know I promised to stay away from her and I’m sorry that you had to find out about this, this way…” He started.

“Are you dating her? Is she your lover?”

Melvin’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Mom!” He said.

“Listen, son, after seeing you in bed with Bianca, I really can’t say that I really know you. I really need to know who that woman is to you.” She asked.

“I met her some time ago, she was in need and I helped, then errrmm…” He started.

“What is she doing here Melvin? That’s my question. I am not asking how you met her or where?”

“Her house caught fire and she had nowhere to go…she’ll be here for a week, I promise mom.” He said.

“I told you to stay away from her…I warned you…” She said clutching her chest as her face contorted in pain.

“Mom, are you okay? Mom…” Melvin asked in concern.

“Listen to me Melvin….” She said holding up her hand to stop him from coming close to her. “I don’t want her in this house. I don’t want you having anything to do with her.”

“Mom, I am sorry but I can’t do that…she is in need and I have to help her. I am sorry that I hid the fact that she’s in this house from you but…I knew what your reaction would be that’s why I refused to tell you.”

“She is bad news Mel, she’s bad news.” His mother said. “You need to trust me…she’s bad news!”

“Where is she?” He asked.

“She was here before you arrived but she suddenly laughed as though she was possessed and ran back to the boys’ quarters.”

Melvin looked at his mother incredulously.

“That’s definitely not like Kentura, are you sure we’re talking about the same person?” He asked.

His mother looked at him.

“What did you call her?”

“Kentura…” Melvin said.

“She says her name is Alicia.” His mother said.

“The woman you just described is definitely not her. Kentura is very quiet, she’s reserved and quite shy…”

“She’s been fooling you son, she’s erratic and…and…”

“I’m sure you saw the wrong person.” Melvin said. “Maybe one of the maids’ relatives came visiting and…”

“That lady is the same person you introduced to me on Saturday.” His mother insisted.

“Her name is Kentura and not Alicia.” He said to his mother.

“She told me that she’s Alicia and not Kentura.” His mother protested.

“This doesn’t make sense, I’ll go and check up on her.” He said.

“Melvin, I want her gone! I don’t want her in this house.” His mother said to him. “Am I clear?”

Melvin hurried towards the boys’ quarters while his mother clutched her chest and covering her mouth with her palms, she coughed. She looked at her palms and there was blood.


“Kentura! Open up!” Melvin shouted knocking at the door.

There was no answer, he pushed open the door and walked in. She wasn’t in the bedroom. He made his way towards the bathroom and knocked, there was no reply. He pushed it open and shock was written on his face.

Kentura lay on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood.

To be continued…


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