The following weeks that passed was considerably peaceful for Marianna, as far as she was concerned, she had taken care of the problem that threatened to destroy her marriage. Patricia was the happiest with Chuks by her side and she continued using the soap and cream provided by the Love Mother judiciously and it seemed to make Chuks glue to her and love her unconditionally. Rosita’s husband officially filed for a divorce and when the papers came, she felt numb and she didn’t feel hurt at all. She had filled her life with Christ and His love and the Men and Women of Faith fellowship was blossoming as they had welcomed four extra members plus the former ten members who’d joined previously. They were currently fourteen in number, excluding Anna’s husband and Rosita.
That beautiful Saturday morning, while Rosita and the members of the prayer group were having praise and worship, one of the new members, Lionel, spoke out.
“Two founding members of this group are about to fall into a deep pit!”
As he said this repeatedly while the praise and worship was going on, Rosita was disturbed. Lionel had never spoken this way since he’d joined the fellowship over a month ago. She had no idea why he said that.
As soon as the prayer session was over, she walked over to him and said.
“Thank you for coming today, Lionel.”
“C’mon Rosita, being in the presence of the Lord is worth more than being elsewhere.”
“Thank you again.” She said. “Err…there was something you said when we were praying. Can you explain what you meant?”
“I really don’t know…the thoughts just flashed through my head and I felt that I had to say it out.” He said.
She nodded quietly.
“Did what I say disturb you?” He asked her.
“Yes it did, very much.” She said. “Marianna and Patricia are the only two founding members of the fellowship who have cut themselves off from attending our fellowship. I also feel that they aren’t really on the right paths.”
“Then our duty is to bring them back to the fold.”
“It’s not as easy as you think. They are both very strong willed women and I remember the last time I mentioned the fellowship to them, they were very angry and sounded quite bitter.”
“So, you’d rather let sleeping dogs lie? Is that it? Have you forgotten that we have been called to evangelize and to win souls for Christ?” He asked.
“Yes, I know that but I don’t know why fear grips my heart whenever I think of them.” She said.
“Just ask God for strength and He will give it to you. If you’d like, I could join you when you pay them visits.”
“You would?” Rosita asked.
“Sure…if you want.”
“Do you know what, Lionel? I don’t want to push them away by bringing you with me. I think it would be best if I go alone.”
“Well…that’s if it’s what you want.” He said.
Rosita nodded and went over to speak with some of the other members who were chatting with one another. She joined in the conversation and they all laughed together. She’d never felt happier.
Marianna was trying to fit into her bodycon dress, it was already very tight as her stomach was protruded. She was about to slip her feet into her sandals when she heard a knock at the door.
“Auntie…it’s me, Cynthia.” Her husband’s relative said through the door.
Her husband was away again on another of his business trips and she could tell that he hadn’t been so pleased to be separated from her especially now that she was expecting.
“Cynthia, what is it?” She asked, not bothering to move away from the mirror.
“Your friend, auntie Rosita is downstairs. She wants to see you.”
Patricia’s eyes widened. Rosita was here? Why? What does she want? It was at the tip of her tongue to tell Cynthia to send her away but she thought better of it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled at her baby bump.
“I’ll be down in a minute.” She said.
She finished powdering her face and she stepped out of the bedroom a few minutes later. She made her way downstairs and saw Rosita seated on her sitting room sofa, she looked very peaceful.
“To what do I owe this visit?” Marianna spat.
Rosita turned to look at her with a smile on her face, suddenly, astonishment replaced the smile as she stared at her belly in shock.
“Are you…I mean…is this?” Rosita stammered.
“What do you think? I’m pregnant.” Marianna said, placing her hands on her waist and flaunting the baby bump proudly.
“Praise God! All glory to God in the Highest!” Rosita exclaimed.
“What are you talking about? Why are you giving all glory to a God who never had a hand in this? This pregnancy was all my doing.” Marianna bragged.
“Marianna! Don’t say that…God has a hand in everything.”
“Tell that to those who foolishly place their trust in Him.”
Rosita’s eyes widened, she didn’t recognize the woman standing before her.
“Get behind us, Satan!” Rosita exclaimed.
“Am I Satan? Is that what you’re saying?”
“No, of course not! I am not saying that at all…I just don’t recognize you.” Rosita said.
“And why should you? I am pregnant now and my body is obviously changing.”
“Yes… that’s true.” Rosita said quietly. “How is your husband?”
“He’s great. How’s yours? Oops! I forgot, he’s abandoned you…right?” Marianna said in spite. “Even after all your prayers, the walls of Jericho remains standing.”
Rosita looked away, she didn’t speak.
“Anyway, how are the kids? Didn’t you bring them with you?”
“No, they are at home with my sister…” Rosita said.
“Oh…nice.” Marianna said. “Anyway, what brings you here? It’s been months since we talked to each other or even saw each other.”
“Yes, it’s been months.” Rosita said, contemplating on how to break the revelation that Lionel had seen to Marianna. “Our fellowship is growing…”
“Really? Who has decided to join in? Spirits? Ghosts?” Marianna laughed.
“Anna’s husband is a part of our fellowship, he has been a great help to me and together, we’ve thrown open the doors of the fellowship to members of the public. We are currently sixteen in number as I speak.”
Marianna looked at Rosita, she was shocked to hear that Anna’s husband still remained steadfast to God even after He’d taken away his wife.
“Oh…” She simply said.
“I came to see you and to know how you’re doing.” Rosita said.
“As you can see, I’ve never been better.” Marianna said.
“Thanks be to God.” Rosita said.
There was an awkward pause.
“I really have to go to the hospital for check-up…is there any other thing you’d like to say?” Marianna said.
“Yes…yes…there is. Today, while we were having praise and worship at the fellowship, one of our members…his name is Lionel received a message about you and Patricia.” Rosita said, looking at Marianna to see her reaction.
“A message about me and Patricia? Hahahahaha…what you guys would do to get us back huh…”
“This is not a ploy to get you back…it’s actually a message…”
Marianna laughed loud and hard.
“What is the message about? I hope it’s something along the lines of …err…me becoming a millionaire or having triplets and Patricia, getting married to the man of her dreams.”
“Actually, his message is a warning to the two of you.” Rosita said, staring at her unflinchingly.
“A warning?”
“He said that two of the fellowship’s founding members are about to fall into a deep pit.”
Marianna looked at Rosita, she was furious.
“What do you mean by that rubbish?” Marianna fumed.
“I am only telling you what I was told…” Rosita said.
“You are mad! You, and all the members of that dead fellowship of yours are about to dig a deep hole for yourselves!” She screamed.
“Get out…get the hell ouutttttttttt!” Marianna screamed.
Rosita stood up and looked at her friend for a while, she felt so sad that things had come to this.
“If you ever need help, please do not be ashamed, do not fear…just come to me…” Rosita said.
“If you say another word in my house, I swear I’ll release my dogs on you. Get out!” Marianna yelled.
Rosita nodded and walked to the door, as she opened the door, Cynthia and two other of Ifeanyi’s relatives rushed into the sitting room. They had heard the noise. They stared as Marianna’s former best friend, left the house.
“Auntie…what happened? Why did you scream at auntie Rosita?” Cynthia asked innocently.
“If you ever ask me that question again, I’ll make sure you leave this house and never come back!” Marianna screamed and stormed upstairs.
To be continued….


    • Very true Oluchi. Most times, when our faith is tried, we find ourselves doing desperate things in order to get by.
      Thank you for reading dear.


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