“Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!” Patricia’s shout of joy reverberated the supermarket.

She didn’t seem to notice the stares, all she was interested in was the man who was on his knees before her, holding up a dazzling ring in his hand and looking at her with so much love in his eyes.

“Chuks! Oh Chuks, words can’t tell how much I’ve dreamed for this moment…thank you…oh thank you…”

He stood up from the ground and she rushed to hug him, showering his faces with kisses.

“I love you Chuks, I love you and I know that together, we will be a formidable team.” She laughed.

When she broke the hug, she pivoted around and when she stopped, she held up her fingers high in the air.

“I’m engaged everyone! I’m engaged!” She screamed.

A crowd of shoppers gave her an uncomfortable stare, they all looked away when she tried to hold their gazes.

“What’s wrong with all of you? Can’t I get some congratulations?” She said aloud.

No one spoke to her and those that had to walk past her, did so in a haste.

“Do you know what? I don’t need your congratulations, you are all a bunch of jealous people.” She said in anger.

A security man walked up to her and said.

“Madam, please…you are disturbing our customers.”

“And who are you? Am I not your customer as well? You guys are so fake. You write at the entrance to your useless shopping mall that you love your customers but it’s a lie. You love some and hate the rest!” She spat.

“Excuse me madam, please can I accompany you to the door?” He asked politely.

Patricia looked in Chuks direction.

“Do you see, my love? Can you imagine this?”

“Don’t mind him…let’s finish our shopping and go.” Her Chuks said, only for her ears.

“No! On second thoughts, I am not leaving this place until everyone congratulates me. Why are Nigerians like this? If this was the United States of America or the United Kingdom, I would have received a lot of congratulatory messages. Nigerians are pathetic!” She shouted.

“Madam, please do not let us force you out of the premises.” The security man said.

“How dare you? You want to force me out? Who do you think you are?” She yelled.

Two other security men hurried towards Patricia. She turned around to face them like a tiger.

“Grrrrr…come and get me….grrr…” She growled like a cat. “Chuks…Chuks darling, they want to get me….grrrr…”

Some people at the supermarket began to record the happenings on their phones while Patricia pulled stunts peculiar to those who are senile.


Rosita was exasperated, she had been on her feet all day and it was night time already. She walked into her apartment and shut the door behind her. Staggering to the sofa, she slumped on it and closed her eyes.

“What’s happening? What’s happening?” She asked herself over and over again.

‘God’s abandoned your friends…He is paying them back for deserting Him.’ A voice said.

She shook her head, she knew for a fact that God never abandoned His children, especially those who have erred so she refused to believe the voice in her head.

‘How long will you continue to deceive yourself? Look at what’s happening to your friends, they stopped attending fellowship and boom, they’re being punished.’ The voice persisted.

Rosita didn’t speak.

‘God doesn’t forget or forgive easily, He remembers it all and one slip from a faithful can destroy the friendship already established with Him. Take your friends for example, they left Him and he’s destroyed them.’ The voice persisted.

“God doesn’t destroy…it’s only the devil that destroys.” She whispered.

‘Think what you wish Rosita…but we both know the truth that God has deserted your friends.’

Rosita’s eyes snapped open.

“Get behind me Satan!” She said aloud and looked around.

The house was silent, the clock chimed eleven pm. She yawned. The door to the sitting room opened and her husband walked in.

“Rosita…” He started.

She’d forgotten all about him, she groaned.

“I waited for you…” He said to her.

“You shouldn’t have…” She said.

“You were out pretty late, were you with Anna’s husband?”

“That’s none of your business.” She said.

“No, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not monitoring your movements, I’m just asking…”

“Look, you’ve been away for how long? One month, two, three, four? I’ve been running this ship on my own since then and I’ve learned to come and go as I please.” She said standing from the sofa.

“Rosita, please…I know this is a wrong time but I just want to ask you to find it in your heart to forgive me, please. I only had to lose you in order to realize how much you mean to me…” He said with tears in his eyes.

“I have been on my feet since morning, I have been to Patricia’s house thrice today, I have been to the police station and to the hospital and then, back to the police station. Like you said, this is a wrong time.” She said and got off the couch.

“Anna’s kids are still here, will they be spending the night?” He asked.

“I guess so, their dad is pretty busy…he’s been a shoulder to lean on and I am very grateful to him. The least I can do, is look after his kids.”

She walked away and made her way into her bedroom. She opened the door to see her husband’s things in the room. She opened her drawer, took out her tooth brush and her night wear, then made her way to the guest room where her sister was already sleeping.

She had just entered the bathroom when she heard her phone beep.

“Rosita, isn’t this Patricia?” The WhatsApp message from Anna’s husband read.

Attached to the message was a video, she played the video and was shocked. The video showed Patricia screaming at some security guards in a supermarket and speaking to an invisible person. She dropped her night wear on the floor of the bathroom and rushed out.

Soon, she was hurrying out of the house and into the night.


To be continued…



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