As Rosita left Marianna’s house, she almost had a nervous breakdown. What had gone wrong? She asked herself over and over again. The Marianna she’d spoken to was the same person but had a different heart. It was as if there was some sort of heavy shroud wrapped around her heart. She wanted to weep.

“What is going on Lord? What is going on?” She wondered.

She got into her car and turned on the ignition but before driving out of the place, she placed her head on the steering and whispered a short prayer.

“God, please…help me.” She prayed.

Knowing Patricia, her reception might be worse than Marianna’s and Rosita desperately wanted to go home instead of going to her place but she knew she had to do it so she pressed her leg on the accelerator and drove out of the place.

She had been driving for about ten minutes when she passed a supermarket, remembering that she had no oil at home, she decided to park her car and get a bottle of cooking oil from the supermarket. She turned off her car ignition and opened her purse to see if her money was enough for at least a three litre bottle but she sighed in dismay. The money in her purse was very little and she could only afford a one litre bottle.

“How the mighty have fallen.” She said sarcastically.

She remembered how not too long ago, she bought her oil in cartons and her food stuff were bought in very large quantities but now, there was nothing. Sometimes the kids ate their food without meat or fish. Her soon to be ex-husband only sent her one hundred thousand naira one month ago for the kids’ upkeep and she hadn’t heard from him since and she wasn’t ready to contact him. He had paid the kids a visit once when he’d come to pack the remaining of his stuff and since then, there’s been no word.

Rosita alighted from the car and made her way into the supermarket, she didn’t want to linger at any other section so she headed straight to the oil section. She had just picked up her bottle of oil when she heard a voice behind her. It was a man and he was talking with a woman, they both looked very happy. She stared at the man, trying to remember where she’d known him when he stared at her and it suddenly hit her. It was Chuks, Patricia’s ex. She looked away and quickly made her way to the cashier. As she paid, she kept throwing glancing at Chuks and the woman he was with, she’d known him all the while he had been dating Patricia, and she knew his reason for leaving her.

She picked up her oil in the bag and headed to her car, making a resolve to pay Patricia a visit whether she wanted to or not.

Fifteen minutes later, she was parking her car outside Patricia’s house. She locked the car and stepped into the compound, she saw a gateman outside.

“Please, is Miss Patricia at home?” She asked.

The gateman looked at her as though confused.

“Don’t you know whom I am speaking about?” She asked.

“You mean de woman wey get somehow K-leg?” The gateman asked.

Patricia had K-leg but that wasn’t the best way for the gateman to have described her but Rosita let it slide.

“Is she at home?”

“De kolo dey for inside…” The gateman said in a low tone.

“Huh?” Rosita asked, not fully understanding what the gateman said.

“She dey.” He said and turned up the volume of his small radio.

Rosita nodded and made her way into the compound. She walked to Patricia’s flat and knocked at the door. Soon, Patricia opened the door.

“Hmmm…if it isn’t the holier than thou, herself. Do come in.” She pushed open the door for Rosita to enter.

“Good afternoon Patty, how are you?”

“Great!” Patricia said.

Rosita entered the sitting room and noticed that it was a bit messy, she sat down on one of the sofas with no item of clothing on it.

“To what do I owe this visit?” Patricia asked, giving her an icy stare.

“Well, I just came to see how you’re doing.” Rosita answered.

“As you can see…I am doing great.” Patricia said.

“Eerrmmm….how is work?” Rosita asked.

Patricia quickly called out in a loud voice.

“Be careful with the dishes honey, I told you that I could handle them but you insisted on washing them. Please don’t break them.” She said with a smile, then turned to regard Rosita.

“Oh…do you have someone at home with you?” Rosita asked.

“Yup! Chuks is here.”

Rosita’s eyes widened. She had just seen Chuks at the supermarket, and there was no way that he would have made it here faster than she did besides, he was with a woman.


“Why do you look so surprised? Did you think that once I left your God, I won’t be able to get my life back on track? Guess what? My life is back and better than it ever used to be.”

“No, I didn’t say…or mean that, I was just wondering what Chuks you are referring to.” Rosita asked.

“Chuks of course, the one I used to date. He is back with me.”

“I…I…Did he by any chance go to the supermarket today? I think I saw him there.”

“My Chuks? No way, he’s been with me all day.”

Rosita was tongue tied, if the Chuks in Patricia’s house wasn’t the same Chuks she’s seen in the market, what was going on?

“Well…I errmm came to tell you errm…” Rosita started.

“Excuse me…Chuks keeps clanging the dishes and it’s getting so noisy already. Let me go and see what he’s up to.” Patricia said and left the sitting room.

Rosita was confused, since she stepped into Patricia’s house, she had not even heard a single sound let alone the sound of clanging dishes.

She sat in the sitting room for a while and heard Patricia’s loud laughter coming from the kitchen. After a short while, she decided to go to the kitchen to see if she could help Patricia out so she stood from the sofa and walked to the kitchen.

Patricia was there, smiling and laughing and turning occasionally to address someone in the kitchen. Rosita stopped at the kitchen door and stared into the kitchen, hoping to see Chuks. Patricia spoke again to her companion and leaned over to give her companion a kiss.

Rosita’s feet stood rooted to the ground. She was speechless. She stared at Patricia and her supposed companion and wanted to turn around and flee.


To be continued….


  1. Wow, I never saw that coming? Was wondering what the gateman meant by ‘the kolo’.
    So the place she went to just gave her the illusion of actually being with Chuks when in fact she wasn’t with him? Talk about fraud by spiritualist, issa 419 things lol, just wow.
    But how does she carry on normally in other areas of her life then?

  2. oh my oh my!!!! i will be damned!
    i didn’t see this coming.
    Patricia just got SERVED.
    I wish people would only be patient sometimes.
    Na Wa ooooo


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