“Huh?” Rosita said, her mind seemed to be playing tricks on her. “What are you doing here? Where are my kids?” She asked, looking around the sitting room.

“They are inside the bedroom with your sister.” Her husband said.

Her husband looked at Anna’s husband and gave her a questioning stare.

“What’s he doing here?” He asked.

“You’ve got the nerve to ask that question.” Rosita said to him.

“I am here to accompany Rosita somewhere.” Anna’s husband supplied.

“You shouldn’t answer him.” Rosita said to him.

“Rose….Rose…baby…I was a fool…a big fool…” Rosita’s husband cried as he walked to her.

“You were in love…” Rosita said to him.

“I thought I was but I swear to you…I wasn’t…I just realized the kind of witch that I have been living with. Do you know that getting me into bed was all a ploy? She wanted my position at the office and all the while I was with her, she was snagging my clients and soon enough, she had all of them eating out of her palms. I just realized that I had nothing…absolutely nothing!” Her husband cried.

“In as much as I’d like to hear your epic story, I only came home to check up on the kids. I’m actually on my way out.” Rosita said to her husband.

“Please…please don’t leave me…don’t leave me or I’ll die.” He wailed.

Rosita turned to face him and she yelled.

“You have no right to beg me for anything whatsoever! You have no right!”

“I know…I know honey…and I am ashamed of myself.” He cried. “I don’t deserve you…I don’t deserve you at all.”

Rosita walked out of the sitting room and headed towards the bedrooms, when she was satisfied that her children were alright as well as Anna’s children, she walked back into the sitting room and spoke to Anna’s husband.

“Let’s go…”

As they headed out of the house, her husband called after her.

“Can I…stay? I really have no place to go.”

Rosita didn’t reply.


Marianna stared out from behind the bars at the police station, she was in tears. Her husband shouldn’t find out about this, she kept telling herself as she wept. She had left her phone at home or she would have called Cynthia, her husband’s relative and tell her not to repeat a word of what happened to her husband.

“Please…” She cried. “Robert…please…let me out of here…”

There was nothing but silence, the woman half-sitting in the cell with her yawned and let out a rash cough. Marianna placed a protective arm around her abdomen and sobbed. This was not what she’d expected. She had thought that the men would beat him and scare him off but nothing had prepared her for the fact that he might investigate to know the person behind his attack.

A police man walked up to meet her.

“Why you dey shout?” He ordered.

“Please…please I need to get out of here…” She wailed.

“Well, de oga wey bring you come get charge against you so na lawyer things una dey so.”

“Lawyer?” Marianna asked in shock.

“Yes, na lawyer you go fit call for dis kain matter.” The policeman said. “You get pesin wey you wan call?”

“Can you…help me call someone?” She asked hopefully.

“Even if na Obasanjo you wan call with my phone, I fit help you call am.” He said with a smile.

“Yes, I have someone that you could call.” She said.

The police officer was pleased with her answer, he smacked his lips and rubbed his thumb and index fingers together.

“E go cost you ooo…” He said.


Rosita waited for Anna’s husband to finish speaking to the male members of the fellowship who had gathered at the meeting venue, for the meeting they’d called.

“So, what do we do?” Augustin asked. “We can’t go to her house and drag her out.”

“I agree with you…that’s why I feel that we should contact a mental clinic first and have them send some of their strong staff to bring her with us.” Anna’s husband said.

“Will she be sent straight to the psychiatric clinic? Is that the best option?” Augustin asked.

Rosita knew she had to cut in at this point.

“Guys, let us remember that we are not really sure that aside from the fact that Patricia doesn’t know that Chuks is an illusion, she might be sane at other aspects of her life. For instance, her work life. What if she goes about her work normally as she used to? Then again, we have to understand the genesis of her problem. Why does she think she’s still with Chuks? Did someone do something to her?”

“Are you trying to say that this might be the work of illusionists?” Tolu asked.

“I’m not ruling that out.” Rosita said.

“This is going to be more difficult than we thought…” Anna’s husband sighed.

Rosita was about to reply when her phone started ringing. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it wasn’t a number in her contacts list so she answered.

“Hello…” She greeted.


She paused, the voice sounded familiar.

“Rosita, it’s me Marianna…I need your help, please…I need your help!” She cried.

“Marianna!” Rosita said aloud, she was shocked. Was it the same Marianna who had sent her out of her house that morning? She wondered.

“Yes, it’s me…I need you Rosita…please…help me.” Marianna cried.

“Where are you? Tell me, where are you? Did something happen at home?”

“I’m not at home, I’m at the police station…I’ve just been arrested.” Marianna cried.

Rosita stood there in surprise, she couldn’t believe her ears.


To be continued…



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