Everything happened so fast, Melvin held his head in his palms at the hospital and groaned in fear and anxiety. What in the world had happened? What was going on? He’d wondered. His mother sat beside him and stared at him in worry.

“Don’t you have a meeting with the head of departments at church today?” She asked.

“Yes but later in the evening.” He said.

“You shouldn’t be worried about your dad or what he’s going to say to the pastors. I believe that he won’t demote you from your position as head of the church.” She said.

“This is a bad time to talk about this mom, Kentura is with the doctors and all we know is that she could be in bad condition.” He said to his mother.

“You shouldn’t worry about her so much darling…” His mother started.

“Mom! She’s my friend and even though you don’t approve, I’ll still help her.”

“Look, son, I’m not trying to condemn her or the friendship you share, I’m just trying to make you understand that the church needs you. It suddenly seems like you’ve disconnected from the church and its activities.” She said.

Melvin stood up from the chair in the waiting room and leant against the wall, he really didn’t want to listen to his mother anymore. She stood up and faced him.

“Mel, don’t worry, I’ll stay with her. You have a lot of things to do. You have to patch things up with your dad and you need to get to work too. The church meeting with the HODs comes up this evening and I want you to be prepared.” She said.

Melvin looked at his mother testily.

“Are you sure you’ll stay till she wakes?” He asked.

“Yes, I promise.” She said.

“Okay…please call me if anything comes up.” He said and kissing his mother on the cheek, he walked away.

His mother watched him leave, a firm determination plastered across her face.


Bianca walked into the house, she desperately wanted to take a leave from work and concentrate on Melvin but she couldn’t. Her company was understaffed and she was the only accountant on the team. She pushed open the door and stepped into her house to see her mother seated on the sofa with her head cradled in her palms.

“Mommy, are you okay?” She asked walking up to her mother and sitting beside her.

Her mother looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

“Bianca…” Her mother said with a sob. “We are facing principalities and powers…we are fighting a close fight with the devil.”

“What do you mean by that mom?” Bianca asked.

“My darling…I have seen things that you have not seen or heard of before and I know that if we do not handle things properly, your husband, Melvin, will be lost to you forever.”

Bianca sat up in fright and stared at her mother.

“What…what do you mean by that?” Bianca asked in fear.

“We can’t discuss this here…” Her mother sniffed. “We need to go to your room to talk about this.”

Bianca nodded and stood up while her mother followed suit. A few minutes later, Bianca was in her bedroom with her mother.

“Talk to me mommy…please talk to me.” Bianca said.

“We have completed the seven days fasting and prayers for Melvin to marry you. We have given alms to the poor and even made declarations on this topic but nothing is working. It’s as though the doors of heaven has been closed to us. God has refused to answer us.” Her mother said.

“You can’t say that mom, God works in mysterious ways and I’m sure that with faith we will…”

“With faith? No my daughter, we can’t hope on faith. Remember that the book of Hebrews, chapter eleven says that’ faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.’ What does that tell you?” She asked.

“It tells me that faith means holding steadfast to the promises of God and being sure that He will grant us our hearts desires as long as we believe in Him.” Bianca said.

“No, that’s not what it means. Faith is like building castles in the air, it’s like believing in something that cannot work unless you put action to it.”

“I don’t understand you mom, you are speaking as though you don’t study the word and internalise it.”

“I do study the word and that’s why I’m saying this to you. If we hold on to faith where Melvin is concerned, we will never go anywhere. Melvin belongs to you and there’s no woman better suited for him than you but you know that people make bad choices and that’s what Melvin is about to do.”

“I don’t understand you, mom.”

“I know that I raised you right, to follow God’s way and stick to it but it’s time to switch lanes.” Her mother said looking at her daughter in the eyes.

“Switch lanes? I don’t understand…”

“There’s a woman I know, I have known her since I was still very young. Her name is Antonia but she goes by the title ‘Prophetess Antonia’, I went to see her some days ago and she told me things that made me realise that you might never get Melvin if we follow the old method of holding onto faith and God and His promises.”

Bianca looked at her mother, she was stunned.

“Mom, is this prophetess a woman of God?” Bianca asked.

“It depends on who you refer to as God. She acknowledges that there’s a supreme being, she doesn’t profess that Christ is the son of God but she believes in the presence of a supreme being and she promises that she can change your destiny to match Melvin’s.”

Bianca didn’t know what to say.

“Look, Bianca, I went to Melvin’s house this morning and a strange woman is already living there.”

“What? Who?”

“I don’t know her but Melvin actually sneaked her into the house without his parents’ knowledge. Doesn’t that tell you something? The battle line has been drawn and that woman is about to steal Melvin from you.”

“No mom, that can’t happen. I have waited for Melvin my whole life, I have turned down offers because of him. I can’t let another woman take him away.” She cried.

“Now, that’s where a decision comes to play. What is your decision? Will you let Prophetess Antonia help you win Melvin or will you let some other woman who has no idea of your history with him to take him from you?”

Bianca looked at her mother, she was speechless.


Kentura opened her eyes and stared around at the hospital room, she didn’t know what she was doing here.

“What is going on? What am I doing here?” She asked aloud.

A nurse was in the room with her.

“You slashed your wrists….” She said.

Kentura tried to look at her hands but she felt pain, so she winced.

“I am going to give you some pain relievers.” The nurse said.

“How…how did this happen?” Kentura asked in dismay.

The door opened and Melvin’s mother walked in, Kentura remembered her from the encounter they had at the house some days ago.

“She’s awake madam.” The nurse said as she left the room.

Kentura looked at Melvin’s mother and the woman gave her a hostile glare.

“What happened to me?” Kentura asked.

“What do you mean by that question?” Melvin’s mother fired at her.

“I am just asking what happened because I don’t remember…”

“You don’t remember trying to kill yourself in my house? You don’t remember trying to shed blood in the house of God’s ministers?”

“I’m sorry ma but I don’t remember.” Kentura said.

“Don’t get so innocent with me. You can’t fool me…I don’t know what’s really going on with you but you’re evil and I need you to leave my house and my son.”

“Your son? I have nothing to do with your son, he’s just a friend who helped me with a place to stay.”

“I am going to tell the maids to pack your things and have you leave my house today.”

“What is wrong ma? Why don’t you like me? Is there something wrong? Do we know each other?”

“What sort of question is that? You are Jezebel and your mission is to destroy my home. My son disobeyed me because of you and that’s your plan, you want him to ignore his family and…”

“I won’t allow you to speak to me in such way.” Kentura said.

“I will have the maids bring your things and I must warn you never to return to my house ever!” She said and suddenly winced in pain.

“Are you okay? Is anything the matter?” Kentura asked her.

Melvin’s mother gave her a bitter look and turning on her heels, she left the hospital room.


To be continued on Sunday….

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  1. I thought Kelvin’s Mum is a sprirtual person, why is she been hostile? She should know that this needs to dealt from a spiritual point.

    But as usual, Good Job and finally you are on wordpress! commenting just got easier.

  2. Who is really the enemy here? Is it Kentura who is being plaqued by her own demons, or Bianca’s mother?

    Bianca needs to stand firm this time oooh. Say no to your mother even though it will be difficult.

    It is also interesting the way we can quote and interpret bible verses to suit ourselves. May the Holy Spirit deliver us all from selfishness.


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