Kentura watched Melvin’s mother rage at her husband and son, she wanted to speak up in the men’s defence but she knew that speaking up will only make matters worse.

“I won’t let her stay here as my guest! We don’t even know where she came from?” Melvin’s mother spat.

“The bible tells us to be our brother’s keeper, we are also admonished to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.” Her husband reminded.

“Take a good look at her. Does she look hungry, homeless or naked?” Melvin’s mother spat.

Melvin and his father gave Kentura a quick glance and turned away.

“She’s not sleeping under this roof…ever!” Melvin’s mother screamed and suddenly clutched her abdomen as though in pain.

Her husband and son rushed up to her and held on to her.

“Mum, are you alright?” Melvin asked in concern.

“Darling, you need to rest…you shouldn’t be up and about in your state.” Her husband said.

“No! I…want…want her…out!” Melvin’s mother said with so much difficulty. She felt so sick that she threw up the contents of her dinner on her husband’s shoes.

“Agnes! Where’s Agnes!” Melvin called out in fear.

“I’ll help your mother upstairs while you show Kentura to the guest room.” Melvin’s father said to him.

As Melvin’s father helped his mother upstairs, Melvin stood there and watched helplessly, Agnes rushed into the sitting room and on seeing the mess, she hurried off to get a cleaning rag.

“I’m sorry…I seem to bring trouble wherever I go.” Kentura said quietly.

“It’s okay…none of this is your fault.” Melvin said.

“I feel like it is.” Kentura said to him.

Melvin beckoned to her and they both made their way upstairs to the guest room. He opened the door and she stepped inside.

“Is your mom going to be okay?” Kentura asked.

“She’s really ill and she’s not going to get better…at least, that’s what the doctor says.” Melvin said with a sad expression on his face.

“I am so sorry, how I wish Ijeoma was back to Lagos so that I could go stay with her. It’s obvious that your mom doesn’t like me at all and she’s not happy that I’m staying here. I don’t want to discomfort her any further.”

“If you need anything, please call Agnes. I’ll go check up on my mom.” Melvin said quickly and left.

Kentura watched him leave, she hated to be the one who caused problems for his family.


The night was cold and the air quite breezy, the house was asleep but she wasn’t, she had woken up about twenty minutes ago and was staring at the walls of the room.

“I hate this place!” She spat angrily. “This is a cage, a prison…it doesn’t give me room to explore.”

She sat up on the bed and stared at the bags at the corner of the room.

“Kentura makes me sick!” She spat. “What is the meaning of this? Why did she have to move in here? I thought I slashed her wrists so that we could just die and never come back. I’d rather die than live here…” She cried bitterly as she stood up from the bed and walked over to the window to stare out at the grounds below. “This place is a prison. It’s full of pastors and ministers and those who worship God and I don’t want this kind of life for myself. I want to be free, I want to fly like a bird, I want to make men dream of me…I was born to make them happy….” She trailed off then smiled.

She quickly headed towards the bags on the ground and zipped them open. She pulled out the clothes within and tossed them around the room. She found what she was looking for, a satin nightwear. She quickly stripped and wore the nightwear then headed out of the room, leaving her door ajar.


No matter how hard she tried, Melvin’s mother couldn’t sleep, the visions kept coming. The woman in a shroud of darkness kept circling around her son and no matter how hard she tried to send the woman away, she never left. She’d seen the visions again when she’d closed her eyes to sleep.

The woman was dressed in red, she was holding a dagger and had the look of pure death in her eyes. She headed towards her son and just as she was about to strike, she woke up. The woman in her visions was no one but Kentura, the woman that Melvin had allowed into their home. Melvin’s mother formerly used to share her visions with her family but this one was a delicate matter, something she had to face on her own. She had prayed about it and had tried fasting but her illness wouldn’t let her. She had done all she could do prayer-wise but the woman refused to go away and now, she was under her roof. How could she have allowed the devil under her roof? She wondered.

She slipped out of bed and made her way towards the door of the bedroom. She was growing weaker by the day and the last time, she’d visited the hospital, she had been advised to stick to a wheelchair for movement but she’d kept that away from her family as she didn’t want her husband and son to impose things on her. She knew that they wouldn’t hesitate to hire a private nurse for her as well as get her a wheelchair and make her feel like an invalid. She was truly getting weaker but she was determined to get the daughter of Jezebel away from her house once and for all before she got any weaker.

She slipped out of the bedroom and made her way to the guest room. As soon as she got there, she stopped in her tracks. The door was ajar and the room was scattered with clothes, and there was no sign of Kentura- the devil’s spawn.

“Where is she? I knew it! I knew that I should never have let her in! I should have insisted. Oh God! What do I do? The devil is inside my house!” She cried bitterly.


Despite what she’d seen, Bianca was still determined to go through with the spirit travel. Her mother was there waiting and watching. The prophetess looked at her and smiled.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

When Bianca nodded, she held out a red ribbon to her and said.

“When you get to Melvin, I need you to tie this rope around his ring finger on his left hand. That rope signifies that he is bound to you and that he must marry you. After you’ve done this, I need you to lie with him. Bear in mind that he is a man of God and that even though he’s asleep, he can wake up at any time because his spirit is alert. Your job is to make sure that you seduce him properly that he never wakes up until you’re done with him. You had previously slept with him in the physical so, your spirits have once met and I’m sure that he won’t be able to resist you.”

Bianca nodded, her heart beat very fast as she had no idea of what lay ahead of her, all she wanted was, to be in her bed right at this moment.

“Do not be afraid. If you counter any opposition, leave the place or you could get hurt.”

“Oppo…sitions?” She stammered.

“You are going into the spiritual realm and there are lots of spirits lurking. There’s the good and there’s the bad…I do not want to scare you but you need to be back as soon as possible or you might never return.”

Bianca stood up in fright.

“What…What are you saying?” She asked.

“Bianca, sit down!” Her mother said.

“No mom, I can’t sit down. Did you hear what she said? She said that I could never return.”

“If you follow her instructions, you have no cause to worry.” Her mother said.

“It only happens on rare occasions but be rest assured that my members and I will help you. We will make incantations for your safety and never have I recorded the loss of any of my spirit travellers.” The prophetess assured her.

Bianca seemed to calm down at the prophetess’s statement, she sat down in the circle and nodded.

“I am ready!” She said.


Melvin was fast asleep, he had had the longest day today and his body felt so weak. He didn’t see the frame sneak up to his bed and stand beside him.

“You’re such a handsome fellow.” Alicia said. “So handsome, so young and vulnerable but you’re not my type.” She hissed.

She inched closer to his frame and quietly climbed the bed.

“You will ruin my plans…I can see it. Kentura keeps running to you like a metal attracted to a magnet and I know that someday, you figure it all out and I’m not ready to leave. I have stayed with her since her parents died. Now, you want to ruin it all, one day, you will force me out of her and I will have nowhere to go. I’d rather end your life once and for all and live my life freely as I used to.” She said.

Alicia picked up the pillow and raised it over Melvin’s face.


Bianca floated and the feeling was surreal, she found herself at Melvin’s gate and she floated above it and into the compound. She saw herself at the door to the house and stopped, she hadn’t figured out how to get in. At the background, she could hear the chants from the prophetess and her people so she closed her eyes and as soon as she opened it, she saw herself inside Melvin’s room.

She inched closer to the bed and stopped in her tracks, there was a woman astride him on the bed. Bianca had never felt so angry in her life, who was the woman? She wondered as she stood there immobile.

The door to Melvin’s room burst open and at the door stood his mother.


Alicia pushed the pillow on Melvin’s face and watched him struggle to breathe, she was very strong and no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t set himself free. She felt so good when she felt him grow weak beneath her but just then, she heard the door open and then, she heard a scream.

Alicia quickly went into sleeping mode and fell on the bed beside Melvin while Kentura woke up.


To be continued….


  1. Wow, this gets more interesting by the day. How come he mum with her abilities can’t see that two personalities are in Kentura?


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