It had been two days since she left Melvin’s house and Kentura sat in the garden of the psychiatric hospital waiting to see her brother. Soon, a nurse led him to her and he sat beside her staring ahead at nothing.

“Thank you.” Kentura said to the nurse.

“It’s so good to have you back here…how long will you be staying?” The nurse asked.

“A couple of days…” Kentura said.

“Good…I am sure that he’s glad to see you.” The nurse said and walked away.

Kentura looked at her brother and tears sprang up in her eyes, he, on the other hand, didn’t even look at her.

“I miss you Joshua, you were always my pillar, the one I could talk to and I guess I traveled all the way here to talk to you. I need to tell you all that has been going on in my life since you got confined to this place.”

Her brother scratched his ears and stared at nothing in particular.

“I came back discreetly because I didn’t want to go to the house.” She laughed mirthlessly. “The house! It’s just an empty hole with memories. Our dad’s brother and sister have refused to rent it out even after I told them to. They still hope that you will someday, regain yourself and come back. Josh, it’s been so long since you were sane and I want you to come back to me…please….please…” She cried.

Her brother didn’t flinch, he began to pull at his one-day-old beard.

“Josh, I think…I think I’m possessed. Do you remember the story mom told us about her cousin? She told us that girl was possessed and that a lot of spirits inhabited her body and that they did with her what they willed. I think that’s what’s happening to me. Maybe it runs in our mother’s family….the possessed thing, I mean.” She sniffed and took his hand in hers but he quickly snatched it away.

“I am so alone…in this world…I am so alone.” She cried. “I almost want to take my life…”


Melvin stared at his father who was speaking to a police officer on the phone. When he ended the call, Melvin said.

“I really don’t think we have to drag the police into this. No one kidnapped Kentura, you heard the security man say that she left with her bags.”

“But she’s not herself. She might be out there somewhere on the loose…and…in danger too. You told me how you met her at first and thought she was a prostitute and even helped lodge her in a hotel. Then, all of a sudden, she asked to meet you and you saw a totally different person. I believe that she might be in danger and it’s best that we give the police, a heads up before we…”

Melvin’s father had hardly ended his statement when the door to the sitting room burst open and Bianca’s father stormed in like an enraged animal.

“What have you done to my daughter?” He fired at Melvin.

“Wait…Mr. McAnthony, please calm down. What is it?” Melvin’s father asked.

“Don’t you dare ask me such stupid questions! I can’t believe that you head a church and you placed your son as the next in line when he can’t keep his thing inside his pants.”

Melvin’s father stared at Bianca’s father in horror.

“I will not take your statement as an insult, instead, I will ask you to sit down and speak to us in a civilized manner.”

“Don’t put on your holier than thou cap! Melvin is going to answer to me or else….I will ruin his reputation in the church and make sure that a vote is cast so that he can step down from his seat as GO unless he takes responsibility.” Bianca’s father fired.

“I am still the GO and even though I have handed the baton to Melvin, he is still my protégé so there’s no stepping down until I say so.” Melvin’s father said.

Melvin’s father looked at Bianca’s father in surprise, the man had always had always been calm and pleasant, he didn’t recognize the bull that’d charged into his house.

“I am here to ask just one question.” Bianca’s father said. “Melvin, did you have sex with my daughter?”

Melvin opened his mouth to speak but nodded instead. Bianca’s father shook his head in disbelief.

“When I was told, I refused to believe it but now that you have said it, then, you must take responsibility for your actions.”

“What do you mean by taking responsibility?” Melvin’s father asked.

“Bianca is pregnant and Melvin is the father of the child. He must marry her within a week or all hell will be set loose!” Bianca’s father said.


Bianca and her mother clicked their glasses and made a toast.

“Here’s a toast to a beautiful, wealthy and luxurious life as Melvin’s wife.” Her mother said.

“Yes mom, it’s finally happening! I can prepare for our pre-wedding shoot and buy that wedding dress I love so much.”

“I hope that dumb father of yours pressures him to get married to you soon before you start showing.” Her mother laughed.

“Yes ooo….this potion that the prophetess gave me is working so effectively. Do you know that I missed my monthly cycle?”

“She even said that your tummy will grow gradually like that of a pregnant woman until you safely miscarry.” Bianca’s mother said, throwing her head back and shouting in laughter.

“I have to rehearse the tears I’ll shed when the baby goes away…I will bawl like a baby.” Bianca laughed.

“But then, you must try hard to fall pregnant again after you lose this one because we both know that this pregnancy is fake.”

“You’re so right mom. I will do everything in  my power to get pregnant right away!”

They both laughed and drank the champagne.

“I feel sorry for dad…” Bianca laughed. “He’s facing Melvin’s family right now and I believe he’s screaming like a hawk.”

“I didn’t want to go there and cause a scene, we both know that they might not take me seriously.” Her mother said. “I’m so proud of you Bianca, I still can’t shake off the memory of you crying in the bathroom and telling your father that you’re pregnant for Melvin. You are one great actress and I think that you can pursue a career in acting.”

“Hahaha…you’re so smart mom…I am so thrilled that you’re my mom.” Bianca said with a smile.

“We are going to be rich…very rich.” Bianca’s mother said with a wide smile.


Melvin’s mother watched her nurse busy about the bedroom and closed her eyes weakly. She could almost feel her life slipping away and she could hear her raspy breath. She knew her husband blamed her for Kentura’s leaving the house and even though Melvin didn’t show it, he blamed her too. She looked around the room which might be the place where she’d draw her last breath and tears fell from her eyes. Did she make the right decision by hiding her sickness from the church? Perhaps if she’d made it public, then, they’d organize prayer sessions and she’ll get a miracle. She thought she was prepared for death but as it grew closer, she knew she was afraid.

She stared at the ceiling and her thoughts went to Kentura. Her visions had shown her the problems of that lady from the first day she’d met her and instead of helping her, she’d sent her away. What if, this was the last job she had to do on earth for the glory of God? What would her answer be to God at the judgment seat?

She suddenly became afraid.

“If I die today, I might not merit heaven…because I refused to do one thing…to help that lady get rid of what’s disturbing her. I put my personal needs before hers and God is going to punish me for it.” She said aloud.

“Madam, do you need anything?” The nurse asked, walking up to her.

“Yes…I need…to find someone…” Melvin’s mother said as tears escaped her eyes. “Can you help me?”

“Who do you need to find?” The nurse asked.

“Kentura.” She said.


To be continued…..



  1. Bianca and her mother is evil…i love the fact that Melvins mom is coming back to her senses… I pray it will not be tool late.

    Nice work Ada!


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