Rosita didn’t know what to say, the revelation left her speechless. How come? That couldn’t be true. She thought.

Ifeanyi stared at his wife who was weeping unconsolably, he refused to believe what Robert had said.

“Marianna…I won’t ask if it’s true because I know you…I’ve known you for more than five years and I am positive that you won’t do this to me.” He said as his voice shook.

Marianna raised her eyes at him, her eyes were reddened and puffed. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed.

“Marianna!” He yelled in frustration.

“Oga, this na station…nor dey shout hia.” Officer Eugene said.

Ifeanyi took one step towards his wife and stopped as though hesitant, then, he strode to her and pulled her up to her feet.

“Marianna…tell me, what is this man saying?” He asked.

“I…am…am…sorry…I wanted to…make you…happy…I wanted to…make us…happy.” She sobbed uncontrollably.

His hands dropped to his sides and he staggered backwards in disbelief. Rosita and Anna’s husband stared at the couple in pity. Suddenly, Ifeanyi fell to the ground. Anna’s husband was quick, he rushed to him while Rosita screamed in anguish. Marianna watched her husband fall to the ground and she hurried to him but the second officer hurried to pull her back.

“He’s my husband! I want to be with him!” Marianna wailed desperately.

Rosita and Anna’s husband tried to revive Ifeanyi to no avail, they rushed to get some water from the tap outside and sprinkled it on him but he didn’t budge, they tried fanning him with a handkerchief but he was still unconscious.

“We…have to take him to the hospital…” Anna’s husband said. He quickly spoke to the second officer. “Please help me bring him to my car outside.”

As they both carried Ifeanyi out of the station, Officer Eugene took Marianna to stand behind the counter. She was still in tears. Robert stood there and looked on.

“Rosita…you have to help me…please…I need you now more than ever…please…” Marianna cried.

“I will do my best…” Rosita said as she too cried.

“Please help take Ifeanyi to the hospital, I don’t…want him to die…I beg of you…I don’t want him to die…if anything happens to me, it’ll be my fault and I would never forgive myself for it…” She cried.

“It’s not your fault…please don’t say that.” Rosita said. “I need to go now, I have to accompany Anna’s husband to the hospital. I promise to be back with an update on his health.”

Marianna nodded in gratitude as she watched Rosita rush out of the clinic. Robert shook his head at her and left the station.


Marianna had been sitting on the ground for hours, dreading the cockroaches that crawled on the walls of the small cell and the mosquitoes that sang in her ears.


She looked up, it was Rosita, she was standing right there holding the cell bars.

“Rosita…” Marianna said and jumped to her feet towards her friend.

“Tell me…please…Ifeanyi…is he okay?”

Roista nodded slowly and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“He suffered a minor heart attack but he’s under observation now…”

“Oh my God! I am such a terrible person…I am such a…” She cried.

“Hey…you’re not a terrible person…” Rosita said to her.

Marianna looked at Rosita and cried.

“Why are you here?” She asked. “Why did you come when I called? I don’t deserve your help…not after all I have done.”

Rosita smiled at her.

“Do you remember the parable of the prodigal son and that of the lost sheep? Marianna, you are my friend and sister and as long as it is in my power to help you out, I will.”

“But I’ve done…I’ve done things that I am ashamed of…” She cried.

“It doesn’t matter…no one is above mistakes. I am glad that you acknowledge your faults and that you are contrite.” Rosita said.

“I really…. really miss our fellowship. It was hell for me during the first few weeks of not attending the fellowship but I felt that I would get used to it. I even started skipping Sunday service because I didn’t want to be close to God anymore. Look at me now…look at me…”

“All we should focus on right now is continuous prayers that God heals Ifeanyi, not just of his present condition but also, help heal him emotionally.”

Marianna nodded and looked at Rosita.

“Do you…you think he’ll forgive me?” She asked.

“I am sure that he will forgive you. Ifeanyi is a good man and I am sure that this would bring the two of you closer together as husband and wife.”

“I threw the good thing I had away…the one good thing. Ifeanyi loved me so much…and he didn’t want us to be stressed out over not having kids but…but…I wanted…”

“It’s fine to want things especially something as important as having children but it’s best to leave it all at God’s feet.”

“That’s what I should have done…I should have left it all at God’s feet but I thought He was being too slow and now, look at what I’ve done. I have lost everything.”

“No, you haven’t…. there is still hope.”

“I wish that Patricia and I never had to leave the fold…you know…”

Rosita’s eyes widened, she looked at her wrist watch.

“I need to go…I need to get to Patricia.” She said.

“Patricia? Why? What happened?”

“Marianna, I don’t know how to break this to you but I believe that Patricia has gone crazy.”

“What? What do you mean? The last time I spoke, she was in contact with Chuks, her former ex and they were planning their wedding…”

Rosita shook her head.

“That’s what Patricia believes…”

“How do you mean by that? Did Chuks deceive her?”

“Chuks is not with her…I think that Patricia has been deceived by some sort of illusionists because the Chuks in her life is non-existent.”

Patricia crouched to the ground and wailed.

“Oh God! Why did we have to leave Your side? Look at what’s happened to us? Have mercy, Lord!” She cried.


To be continued…


  1. I always wonder, after having tasted the goodness of the Lord why would a person turn away when things get sour?
    Maybe they never really had an experience. I got so broken one day afer facing lots of trials, I faced the devil and told him you can never get me to leave God, no matter how low I get it can only be upward from there. I got a breakthrough that day cos my mind was renewed amf I started seeing the hand of God in all I did.
    It still gets tough sometimes but I’m assured that God’s got me.

    • I guess, sometimes, trials make us forget how good God has been.
      Even Job in the bible went through a whole lot and could never bring himself to curse God.
      Every Christian/ child of God, has been through trials and I guess that’s what makes us stronger.
      Many times it seems as though those who don’t know God are without trials but it’s not true.
      Like a wise person once said to me, the devil can’t know you’re serving God and clap for you. He’ll
      surely look for ways to pull you down.
      Thank you for sharing Chu. God bless you.


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