Bianca’s mother walked into the sitting room of her house and picked up her phone from the center table. Her youngest daughter was watching a show on the television and she looked up at her.

“Mum, are we going for fellowship this evening?” Bianca’s youngest sister asked.

Her mother stared at her, shrugged and sat down.

“Bianca’s members in the choir have been complaining that she doesn’t come for meetings and choir practices as she used to.” Bianca’s sister informed. “It seems she’s forgotten that she leads the choir.”

“Please don’t disturb me haba! Can’t someone relax in her house without hearing the word, church?” She spat. “Besides, Bianca is planning for her wedding with Melvin and she’s been very busy lately.”

“Mummy! Why do you say that? We are believers and…”

“Oh…please hold it there, I didn’t say that I am no believer but if we are absent for a few days, the members in the church should understand that we are busy with our personal lives or with work…” She said as she opened up the text message icon of her phone.

“Well, we haven’t told anyone about the upcoming nuptials between pastor Melvin and my sister and…”

Bianca’s mother wasn’t listening to her daughter, she opened the text message on her phone and started reading the text, she got to the part where the message sounded very funny and incoherent and frowned.

“What sort of message is this?” She asked aloud.

“What message, mum?” Her daughter asked.

“Never mind darling…” Her mother said and stood up.

“Are we going to church?” She asked hopefully.

Her mother looked at her and hissed, then picking up her car keys she stormed out of the house. Bianca’s sister stared at her mother’s retreating back in silence, of recent, her mother and elder sister had been acting strangely and something told her that they were up to no good.


“Stop here…” Melvin’s mother said.

The driver stopped and Eunice looked out through the window at the primary school she’d attended as a child.

“Why are we stopping here?” Melvin asked.

“That was the primary school I attended and that was where I met your father.” She said. “It all seems like ages ago.”

Melvin looked at the school which had encountered some changes with time.

“Driver, let’s go.” She said slowly.

The driver started the car again and with the aid of Eunice’s directions they were able to make their way to her family house. Eunice looked at the compound that she and her sister had grown in and tears sprung in her eyes. It hadn’t changed in the least. The shrine was still inside the compound at the far right hand side of the large compound while the house where she used to live with her mother and sister was at the left. It had been built by her maternal grandfather years ago.

Eunice had never known her father and while growing up, it had been whispered that she and her sister had been fathered by different men as her mother had never been married.

“Can you wait out here?” Melvin’s mother asked him.

“No mum, I am going in with you.” He insisted.

She looked at him but didn’t speak.

“There’s no way we’re not coming out of there alive.” He said. “With God on our side, we are victorious.” He said.

His mother nodded and they both alighted from the car. Taking a deep breath, they both walked into the compound, hand in hand.


Alicia alighted from the bus and climbed a bike, she gave the rider the directions to the place she was headed. She had never been there before but something drew her towards her destination like smoke to fire. She sat on the bike and smiled as the rider sped down the road. She had no idea of where she was headed but something told her that she was going home.


Bianca’s mother rushed into Prophetess Antonia’s place and screamed in fear.

“Where is my daughter? Where is Bianca?” She asked.

Everyone turned to look at her, then looked away.

“What is going on here? I received a text message which read that she was here with you. Where is she? I need to see her.” She cried.

Prophetess Antonia stepped down from the altar and walked up to her.

“Why are you screaming down my place of worship?” She asked in fury.

“Where is my daughter? I just got a text from her and it was quite disturbing because the message suddenly sounded incoherent. I have been calling her phone to no avail.”

“Your daughter is here.” The prophetess said grimly.

“Thank God! Oh, that’s such a relief…where is she?” Bianca’s mother asked.

Prophetess Antonia turned to speak with some of her followers.

“Go and bring her.” She said.

“Bring her? Can’t she come to me on her own?” Bianca’s mother asked.

She watched as some of Prophet Antonia’s members opened a room and brought Bianca out. She was bound hands and feet with strong iron chains. Bianca’s mother’s mouth hung open.

“This is a joke…right?” Bianca’s mother asked, laughing mirthlessly.

Bianca struggled with the people holding her and made some very incoherent sounds with her mouth. She was drooling badly and her hair was scattered and dishevelled.

“What happened here?” Bianca’s mother asked, looking at her daughter unbelievably.

“Well…she came to me asking for a binding love potion for Melvin and I gave her strict instructions. I told her not to make a mistake and she obviously did. Now, here’s the result of the whole thing….she’s ended up senile.”

“What? What did you say? What are you…you telling me?” Bianca’s mother screamed, jumping up and down.

“She’s lost her mind and we helped you chain her up so that she doesn’t run off and start wandering about the city.”

Bianca’s mother screamed and rushed to grab the prophetess but her followers were faster, they dragged Bianca’s mother away from their prophetess.

“Leave me alone! You did this to her! I made the biggest mistake of my life by coming to you!” Bianca’s mother screamed.

“This is what I hate about Christians, you pretend that you serve a living God but some of you spend most of your time looking for God where He doesn’t exist. When you come to my altar, you shouldn’t expect unmerited miracles to happen because I am not God.” Prophetess Antonia spat.

“What have I done to myself? What have I done to my daughter? Bianca! Oh Bianca!” Bianca’s mother cried.

“I warned your daughter not to make a mistake, I told her to get the right blood samples but I guess she didn’t heed my warning. It’s not my fault that she turned out this way.” The prophetess shouted. “I have witness to prove that I am not the one at fault here.”

“I should never…I should never have done this…I caused this…it’s all my fault.” Bianca’s mother wailed. “What can I do to bring her senses back? What can I do?” She cried.

“My powers are powerless in her case. You can take her to your church, who knows? Maybe your God will have mercy on her and help her but as for me, my work is done.” The prophetess said.

“Your work is done? How do you mean by your work is done? My daughter is a lunatic, she’s senile….what do I tell people? Where do I take her to? What do I tell our church members? What do I tell her father? What do I tell her siblings? Oh my God! I am going to die of shame…what do I do?” Bianca’s mother wailed.

The prophetess’s followers dragged Bianca outside and some others carried Bianca’s mother and took her outside as well. She wailed all the way out.

They dropped them beside their car and while Bianca sat on the ground biting her nails as though they were the sweetest things she’s ever tasted, her mother rolled on the dust crying bitterly and begging the God she’d abandoned for help.


Last episode on Sunday…..


Happy New Month everyone. Welcome to the month of June. May God bless us all. Amen.



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