Melvin’s mother clutched her chest and wept, she felt torn between protecting her child and helping out a woman who could destroy him. Her visions showed her a confusing mirror image of two women and Kentura was the good one but there was no way of separating the two from each other. Even if she wanted to help, the alter ego of Kentura would kill her son first and she couldn’t have that.

She picked up her bible and wept.

“God, you promised to protect us, you promised to look after my family…my son…why are all these happening to me? I can’t help that daughter of Jezebel. She’s a danger to my son…my only child.” She cried. “Please Jesus, send her away from my home…send her away from my family. I am not the only one who can help her…there are many people out there who can help her.”

The door burst open and Melvin’s father stood at the doorway.

“I am highly disappointed in you!” He shouted at her. “How could you have made that girl feel so bad?”

“What do you mean by that? She wanted to kill our son, our Melvin.” She cried.

“Melvin is a grown man and he doesn’t need you to watch over him.”

“Are you trying to say that since I’m dying…I can’t…I can’t take care of my…son?”

“Don’t throw words into my mouth! We both know that there’s something fishy with your attitude as regards that girl.” He said. “Tell me, what have you seen? What are you so afraid of?”

She looked away from him.

“The children of God are never afraid. Psalm 91, says that ‘He that dwells in the shelter of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ God promises us that He will take care of us. Why are you afraid?”

“I am not afraid.” She lied.

“You have headed the counseling department of the church for over twenty-five years. You, more than anyone knows that a lot of people need help and guidance through life. Why don’t you stretch out your hand and help that girl?” He asked in a coercing tone.

“No!” She spat stubbornly.

“What has gotten into you? Don’t let the devil use you.” He warned.

“The devil? What does the devil have to do with me?” She asked.

“You’re putting your protective motherly instincts before your work as a child of God. Remember that Jesus came for the sinner and not for the righteous.”

“Stop preaching to me! I am not a pagan!”

“Then, stop acting like one and let us help that girl. She is so devastated! Did you see the way she reacted when she found out that she’d almost choked Melvin to death? She obviously has no control over herself and we can help her overcome it.”

“If you really want to help her, why don’t you send your deliverance ministers to cast whatever devil it is inside of her?”

“It’s more than just casting out devils and you know it. It has a lot to do with psychology and you are a psychologist. You know how to handle this case from the root. Yes, deliverance could help her but we need to understand what pushes her to do the things she does even when she has no idea that she’s the one behind it.”

“We can’t help her…it’s not as easy as you think! That thing inside her is so powerful…it’s so strong…it can destroy all of us.” Melvin’s mother said.

“Is it more powerful than God? Let’s take a leap of faith together and work hand in hand to make sure that she doesn’t ruin her life or the lives of those around her.”

Melvin’s mother stood up from the bed.

“I’ll sleep in the guest room tonight, besides, I’m supposed to have moved there weeks ago but I succumbed to your pleas to continue to stay here.” She said and walked away, as she pulled open the door, she felt a blinding pain hit her in the abdomen and tears sprang to her eyes.

Her husband rushed to her to help her.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Leave me alone! If you want us to spend the rest of my days fighting over nothing, then so be it!” She said and with so much difficulty, she walked out of the bedroom.


Bianca looked at the prophetess with tears in her eyes, she was half-kneeling and half-sitting within the circle of candles.

“Please prophetess…let me go back…” She cried.

“No…it’s almost dawn and you need to get ready to go home. You will have to return another day.”

“No!” Bianca cried. “I want to go back…I want to …to…”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. Spirit traveling is a very tasking activity and it’s nearly impossible for you to go back especially now that it’s almost dawn.” The prophetess said.

“This is all your fault! If only you had stayed there and waited for the woman to leave then, do the job and get out of there, this would never have happened. We are supposed to be done with all this by now and move to the next stage.” Her mother spat at her.

“What did you expect me to do? I never wanted to leave but I was scared and I felt a sudden pull then I…” Bianca cried.

“You had a strong desire to get out of Melvin’s house and you came back.” The prophetess said..”

Bianca stood up from the ground and stepped out of the circle, her mother gave her a sour look and said.

“You’d better not screw it up next time. You should be married to Melvin, latest, in a couple of months.” Turning to the prophetess, she asked. “Please…can she come back again to repeat the exercise?”

“No, she can’t.” The prophetess said. “She’s too weak to continue on that path.”

“Ha! We are finished! We can’t get Melvin now…” Bianca’s mother sobbed.

The prophetess turned to regard Bianca.

“You told me that you have slept with him…is that true?”

“Yes…yes prophetess.”

The prophetess nodded and walked towards the altar of the place, she made some incantations and returned with a small bottle with a brownish liquid within.

“Here…this is for you.” She said.

“What is it for?” Bianca asked.

“If you couldn’t get into his dreams, then you will get to him in the physical.” The prophetess said.

“What do you mean by that?” Bianca’s mother asked.

“Once Bianca drinks that potion, she will begin to have pregnancy symptoms.” The prophetess said.

Bianca’s mother couldn’t hide her joy, she rushed up to the prophetess and hugged her. Bianca quickly unscrewed the cover cap of the potion and emptied its contents into her mouth.

Nothing was stopping her from being Melvin’s wife now!


Kentura knelt beside her bed and cried, she didn’t know what to do. She tried so hard to think of what had happened to have led her to Melvin’s room but she couldn’t remember.

“Why can’t I remember? What happened? Melvin’s mother said that I almost killed her son and…Melvin looked pale and…and…” She sobbed.

She had no idea of what to do, she knew that Melvin’s mother hated her and wanted her to leave.

“Maybe Melvin’s mother is right. I can’t bear anyone’s death on my conscience, I know that sometimes, I can’t explain what happens in my life but I don’t need to draw anyone into it.” She said and wiped the tears from her eyes.

She looked up at the ceiling of the house.

“I can’t even pray…I don’t even know how to pray…” She sobbed. “Where do I begin?”

As she cried, she remembered the prayers her mother taught her and her brothers as children, she couldn’t remember all the words of the prayers and she didn’t know where to begin.

“My life is empty as it is…I should have been more honest with Melvin when I met him. I should have told him that I never really went to church or that I don’t even have a bible or a prayer material…I should have told him so that he can help me…so that he can teach me how to talk to God.” She wept. “I feel so empty.”

She stood up and walked over to the side stool beside her bed and picked up her phone. She opened her email and quickly sent a message to the HR department of her company, informing them that she would be unavoidably absent over the next few days. Once she was done, she walked to the wardrobe and pulled out her bags, thankfully, she hadn’t unpacked yet.

She picked up her handbag and shoved her phone inside, then picking up her bags, she made her way out of the room. She opened the door and turned around to look at the room.

“I am grateful for your help Melvin, and I’m also grateful for your dad too…but I can’t make your mother’s last days a painful one for her. She wants me gone, so I have to leave, I also can’t place you in any more danger. I am a monster and I have to figure myself out before ever coming back.”

She quietly tiptoed out of the bedroom and soon made her way out of the house.


To be continued…..



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