Kentura was asleep, her spirit was in deep slumber and no matter how hard she tried to wake up, she couldn’t. She was in an odd-looking plain field which had a very big bed at the center of it. As she inched away from the bed, she found herself, being drawn to it.

‘This is a dream Kentura, wake up!’ A voice said to her.

‘No, Kentura, sleep on and forget your sorrows….’ Another voice whispered.

Kentura chose the former and hopping on the bed at the center of the field, she lay down for a long sleep.

Meanwhile, Alicia woke up with eyes as bright as a cat’s. She scanned the bedroom and saw Kentura’s luggage at a corner. She quickly picked it up and made her way to the sitting room. She could perceive the aroma from the kitchen and her nostrils twitched but she couldn’t be distracted. She picked up her purse from the sofa, took her phone and turned it off, then, she made her way towards the door and stepped out of the house.


Melvin saw his mother heading down the stairs with her nurse and was worried, it seemed as though she was heading out.

“Mom, where are you going?” He asked.

“I am going to see Kentura.” His mother said to him with tears in her eyes.

“Why? You asked me to give you her number this morning and now, you want to see her? Is there anything that I don’t know?” He asked.

His mother looked at him, tears fell from her eyes.

“What is wrong mom? Why are you crying?” He asked.

Just then, his father walked up to them.

“What’s going on? Where are you headed, Eunice?” He asked.

“Mom is going to see Kentura and I find that strange.” Melvin said. “Especially as she doesn’t like her.”

“I thought she’s not picking her calls, how do you know where she is?” Melvin’s father asked his wife.

“Yes, she wasn’t answering her calls when I called her.” Melvin informed.

“She was here yesterday.” Eunice blurted. “And I called her today only for her friend to pick up. She sent me her house address…Kentura is there.”

“She was here?” Melvin asked. “And judging from the way you’ve been treating her, you sent her home right?”

“No…of course not…you see…realiseded that I have been selfish so…I decided to help her out and I have been looking for her. You can ask my nurse and she’ll tell you.”

“So, when she came here yesterday, why did she leave again if you didn’t throw her out?” Her husband asked.

Melvin’s mother began to cry.

“What is wrong Eunice?” Her husband asked.

“What’s the sudden interest in Kentura, mom? If I can remember correctly, you called her a daughter of Jezebel.” Melvin said.

“If you’ll join me in going to her friend’s place, I’ll tell you everything…it’s a long story.” Melvin’s mother said.

“What do you mean by it’s a long story?” Her husband asked.

His wife looked at him with tears in her eyes, her lips quivered.

“Answer me!” Her husband said in anger.

“Kentura…is…Abigail’s daughter, she’s my niece.”

Melvin and his father stared at her, they couldn’t believe their ears.


Bianca sat directly opposite the prophetess and watched her make some kind of long incantations. She felt so tired. Between the fake cries she’d displayed at her house yesterday and then forcing herself into Melvin’s home, she really needed some decent sleep.

“Melvin is a complicated being and he’s not an easy man to catch.” The prophetess said looking at a small circle of stones before her.

“Everything has a solution. Have you forgotten how you got me into Melvin’s house? This can’t be so difficult for you.”

“No, it’s not but seeing that he is a man of God, it won’t be easy for a love potion to work on him.”

Bianca stood up and began to pace, she was really worried.

“What do I do?” She asked.

“We could try a method…but…”

“But what?” Bianca asked desperately.

“It is a very dangerous method!” The prophetess said.

“What is the method? Tell me and I’ll do it…” Bianca said.

“You will need to get Melvin’s blood and your own blood so that we can cook them together.”

“Is that all?” Bianca asked.


“Mtcheeeew…that’s not a problem.” Bianca said. “Since Melvin and I are getting married soon, I’ll just ask him to give me a blood sample to run some tests at the hospital. There’s a nurse at home who can help draw his blood.”

“If you can do that before the end of today, then, go ahead…I will be waiting.”

Bianca quickly dashed out of the place as though she was being pursued by some hounds. As she left, the prophetess said.

“If anything goes wrong with the blood mixture, you will run mad for the rest of your life, Bianca.”


Melvin and his father were still shaken by all that they had heard that they didn’t realize that they’d reached Ijeoma’s home.

“I can’t believe this…” Melvin’s father said. “So, God was sending her to us all these while and we couldn’t help her.”

“That’s why I’m here…I want to help her…I want us to help her.” His wife said. “I believe that my mother has a hand in all of this and …and I need to get her out of it.”

They all alighted from the car and made their way towards the house. On getting there, Melvin pressed the bell. It took quite a while for Ijeoma to answer the door. As soon as she opened the door, she looked at them with a worried expression in her eyes.

“She’s gone!” She said. “Kentura is gone!”

To be continued…….


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