Alicia sat in the bus that was enroute to the village, something kept telling her that it was time and she was so happy. Finally, she would be given a chance to live without hiding anymore- she was sure of it. To think that the stupid GO and his family had wanted to help destroy her, she thought. She relaxed against the seat of the bus and closed her eyes in relief.

She was going home.


“She left? How come?” Melvin’s mother asked in a panic.
“I don’t know…I can’t explain it…I can only say that the Kentura I saw this morning is a very different human being…she looked possessed.” Ijeoma said.

“Kentura is not only possessed, she is suffering from a dual personality disorder.The woman you saw this morning is not Kentura, it’s an impostor.” Melvin’s mother said.

“Are you saying that Kentura is possessed?” Ijeoma asked.

“Well…something like that.” Melvin’s mother said.

Ijeoma opened her mouth to speak but no words came forth, she stared at Melvin’s mother in surprise.

“What do we do mom?” Melvin asked worriedly.

“I know where she’s headed and I’m going to go and look for her.” His mother said.

“You’re going nowhere, not in your condition.” Her husband said.

“I have to help her…she needs me.” His wife said.

“Then, I am coming with you.” Melvin’s father said.

“Me too…” Melvin said.

“No! This is my battle and I will fight it till the end…” His wife said. “The best thing for you to do right now is to go home and pray for me. When the driver drops you off at home, he will take me to my village…it’s time I met my mother face to face after such a long time.”

Her husband looked at her.

“Your mother? You want to meet your mother? What has your mother got to do with any of this?” Melvin’s father asked.

“Haven’t you been listening? My mother wants revenge and if don’t stop her, she will go the extra mile to destroy our family and our ministry.” Melvin’s mother said.

“God forbid!” Melvin’s father said.

“Then, I must go and face her squarely.”

“It’s a dangerous mission.” He said in a shaky voice. “I won’t let you go alone.”

“Yes, it is but with God on my side, I will triumph. It is written that ‘He shall send His angel to watch over thee lest though cast thy feet upon a stone’, the God who gave me the strength to walk away years ago, and who has kept me all these years will never let me down.” Melvin’s mother said in deep conviction.

“Mum, you mustn’t go alone.” Melvin said.

“This is my battle, Melvin. I have a score to settle with my mother and I should have known long ago that she’d never really let me go.”

“But mom…” Melvin started.

“You have to trust that God will not abandon me. I belong to the potter and He alone holds my life. I shall never be afraid.” His mother said.

“Yes, you’re right. I am sorry for doubting that God will see you through.” Her husband said.

“I don’t understand all that’s happening…” Ijeoma said in a shaky voice.

“Please go back into your house…I promise to bring Kentura back by the grace of God.” Melvin’s mother said.

Ijeoma nodded, entered her house and quickly shut her door. As Melvin and his parents left the house, Melvin said to his mother.

“I insist on going with you.”

“Me too.” His father said.

“One of you must stay back to help organise prayer sessions for the battle ahead. I can’t go with the two of you.” She said, then turning to her husband, she said to him. “Please stay and let Melvin come with me. Kentura is his cousin and he was the one who brought her to our home.”

Her husband nodded.

“Thank you…” Melvin’s mother said to her husband, and then turning to her son, she said. “I am sorry for not telling you the truth of my past. I wish I had been braver…I wish…”

“It’s okay mom…I understand. Let’s go and bring her back.”  Melvin said and hugged his mother.


Bianca waited for Melvin to return home and as soon as he walked in with his father, she rushed up to him.

“Melvin, we need our blood samples to be taken for tests at the hospital.”

“I don’t really have time to go to the hospital right now…” He said. “I am travelling with my mother.”

“You don’t need to go to the hospital…there’s a nurse in the house who can draw blood…”

“Whatever, Bianca.” Melvin said and made his way upstairs. “Where is my mother’s nurse?”

The nurse quickly rushed to meet him on the stairs.

“I need you to get prepared, we are going on a trip.” Melvin said.

“Nurse, kindly take the blood sample as I advised. I have given you the sample cup and syringe that I bought at the pharmacy.” Bianca said to the nurse.

The nurse nodded and followed Melvin upstairs. Melvin’s father stood at the bottom of the stairs and turning to Bianca, he said.

“You are now a member of this family and you must be kept abreast with the happenings of this household.”

“Yes, sir.” She said.

“Melvin’s mother is on a dangerous mission and we are going to set up a prayer group for her. I am setting up one at home which will involve, you and I as well as all the domestic staff in this household. I will also set up some groups in the church. We must win this battle because God is on our side.” He said.

“Yes, sir.” She responded.

As soon as Melvin’s father walked away from her, she stuck out her tongue at him and rolled her eyes.


Melvin watched the nurse draw his blood and pressed a cotton ball against the place she’d pricked. He brought out his prayer books and bible, then turning to her, he gave her swift instructions.

“My mother is waiting in the car outside, please pack some of her clothes and get her medication. We will pay you extra for your travel allowance.”

“Yes, sir…” She said.

“I am going to quickly pack my bag so that we can all leave together..”

“Yes sir…but first, I have to give Madam Bianca, the blood sample.” She said.

There was a knock at the door and the cook walked in.

“Sir, you sent for me?” The cook asked.

“Please take this blood sample to Bianca right away, then come back here so that I can give you instructions on the light snack to pack for our short trip.” Melvin said to the cook. Then speaking to the nurse, he added“Please nurse, give the cook the blood sample to take to Bianca.”

“Sure sir…” The cook said, taking the sample from the nurse.

The nurse hurried out towards Eunice’s bedroom while the cook made his way towards the staircase. On his way, he tripped and fell and the blood sample in his hand fell to the ground. The lid went off and the blood poured on the ground.

“I am in soup ooo…” The cook said. He was afraid to take the test cup back to the nurse and explain his mistake so he quickly rushed into the toilet at the hallway took some tissue and wiped the mess. He flushed the tissue in the toilet.

“What am I going to do about the blood sample?” He asked aloud.

Suddenly, an idea came to him and he shut the toilet door behind him and searched for a sharp object in the toilet but he saw none. Remembering that he had a small pocket knife in his trouser pocket, he took it out and slashed his thumb.

To be continued….


  1. OMG….o yea cook,Bianca shall fall in love with you.
    I’m glad he tripped and fell if not Bianca would have gotten her terrible and wicked hands on Melvins blood sample. #yipeeee.
    I’m excited.

    Kentura your victory is on the way.

    Ada……Merci hun. God bless you continuously.


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