Marianna parked her car by the roadside and removed her shoes, replacing them with flat slippers. She took out her keys from the ignition, placed it into her purse and stepped out, shutting the door firmly. It was almost three weeks since her ex had scared her with the threat of going to her husband with the truth. So far, Marianna was enjoying her life especially as her husband seemed happier and more full of life than ever before. They had gone shopping for baby items and had picked the room for the nursery. Her husband had even paid an interior designer to decorate the baby’s room. They were hoping for a girl and they’d come up with a name; Ella-Jasmine. She could imagine the baby’s perfect face, her hands and her toes and she could imagine her first smile and everything that would come with her little drop from heaven.

But, she wasn’t happy. Her ex had issued a threat and she knew that he’d meant every word. She had to act and she needed to act fast. If she gave him even a slight chance, he might destroy it all. Everything she’d worked for would go down to the drain and she didn’t want that. So, when one of her apprentices had recounted a nasty experience that had happened to her a month ago when she was walking down a particular street, she knew she had to seek help from there and she needed to find it soon.

She was soon making her way down the shabby and dirty road, looking for some particular kind of guys who could get the job done for her. She had been parading the street for more than an hour when one guy called out to her.

“Madam, wetin you dey find?” He’d asked.

He was perched on a low fence and he looked perfectly normal. He didn’t have piercings of different kinds and neither did his hair look bushy or was he smoking any type of substance.

“Err…I errr…” She stammered.

He got off the fence and walked to meet her.

“You don dey parade dis street since…wetin you dey find?”

“I…I need help.” She whispered.

He looked at her.

“You need wetin?”

She looked around as though in fear.

“I need help…I need to take care of something…”

The guy’s eyes widened a bit and he nodded, he gestured to her to follow him and she did, her steps were shaky and she was so scared. She followed him to an abandoned building, there were both men and women there, lounging and doing nothing in particular.

“Zibo!” The guy called out.

“Who dey find me?” A scruffy voice asked.

The man behind the voice walked out into the open and Marianna’s heart pounded in fear.

“Pesin get work for you.” The guy said and walked away.

Marianna turned to say thank you but the guy was long gone.

“Madam, dem tok say you dey find me.” Zibo said walking up to her.

Zibo looked quite unusual, he was very dark skinned and his eyes were in slants, his nose stood pointed and his lips were big.

“Good morning…” She greeted.

“How you dey?” He asked.

“I err…I came because I need help…there’s this man…I want you to…take care of him for me…I mean…” She stammered.

“You get picture?” Zibo asked, bringing out a packet of cigarette and taking out one stick, then pushing it into his mouth.

“Yes…yes…” She said, bringing out a picture of him which she’d printed from his Facebook wall. “His name is Robert…but he has different nicknames, he lives at Isolo…and…”

Zibo nodded as she spoke to him.

“Please…I just need you to ruffle him up. I need you tell him to leave town and never come back. Tell him that someone wants him dead. Please…don’t kill him…just beat him and make him afraid.” She said.

Zibo nodded and stared at the picture.


Patricia was having a hard time finding what she wanted. She’d stylishly asked Google for help and despite her many searches, she got no answers. From the pictures she’d seen on Chuks’s fiancée’s Instagram page, the wedding was this Saturday and she wasn’t near finding a solution to her problem. She had found a website boasting of possessing powerful herbs that could help women snag men for good and when she’d tried contacting the number written on the site, the woman at the other end of the line had sounded possessed.

“You are looking to catch man?” The woman had half-shrieked.

“That’s not really the point…he’s mine, he has always been mine. I just want something that would make him think of me…only me…” She’d said into the receiver.

“Why are you speaking like you don’t know what you want? When you know what you want, call me and I will give you want you want.” The woman had said and hung up.

Patricia breathed deeply, she was at work but she wasn’t concentrating because no matter how hard she tried to focus, she knew that she needed to find a solution to her problem very fast.

Since the party, Chuks hadn’t even contacted her to explain anything and she’d stopped herself from calling him too. Her mother had come to spend a week with her and had left as soon as the week was over. She had told her that in no time, she’d be coming for her wedding and her mother had been pleased.

As she stared at her computer screen, her eyes went to the contact details of a love doctor which she’d found on Instagram. Considering the number of people, she’d contacted for help so far, she was so sure that this would be just like the rest. She decided to try her luck one last time so she punched the numbers into her phone and got up from her desk, making her way towards the toilet. She got in and made the call, a cool voice answered.

“Love begins here, Love doctor at your service.” A clipped professional voice answered.

“Good afternoon, my name is Patricia and I was wondering if you could help me.”

“As far as your problem begins and ends with love, we have the solution for you.”

She opened the toilet door and peered out to be sure that no one was washing their hands at the sink. She shut the door and said into the receiver.

“I…want someone to…err…to be mine forever.”

“Does this someone have a name and how close are you in contact with this person?” The voice asked.

“We dated for a while and we separated but I went back to him a few months ago and I thought that we were on the same page, only for him to get involved with someone else and his wedding comes up on Saturday. His name is Chuks.”

“Do you have his picture?”

“Yes…yes I do.”

“I will send you our address, I want you to come with his picture and also with a sum of twenty-five thousand naira for registration charge. When you get here, we will help you.”

“Today is Wednesday and his wedding is this Saturday, how do we stop the wedding?”

“Leave that to the love doctor.” The voice said.

“Thank you so much, I will come to your place as soon as I am done from work.”

The call ended and Patricia breathed in relief. She had found a solution to her problem and she hoped with all her heart that things work for her good.


Rosita laughed into the phone, it wasn’t the first time she laughed especially when it was Anna’s husband at the other end of the line.

“I will be thrilled for them to come…the only issue is that we might not have enough seats.” She said.

“I can hire seats from the main hall. The hall we use for the meeting is attached to a bigger hall and there are chairs there. I could speak to Anna’s uncle and have him give us some chairs.” He said.

“Thank you so much for this…your words of encouragement, your help and everything.”

“It’s no problem, I love being a part of the Women of Faith group only that we need to tweak the name now especially as we are having new male members.”

She laughed again.

“The names you suggested sound a bit weird but I’ll think of it.”

“Huh? Do you mean that ‘The Hosanna People of Worship’ doesn’t make the cut?”

She laughed again.

“No it doesn’t, we’ll think of a proper name, maybe, ‘Men and Women of Faith’.”

“That sounds nice…” He said.

“Yes, or ‘People of Faith’.”

“I think I prefer the first…” He said. “We also have to change meeting time, we both know that not everyone can make it for Friday mornings. Maybe Saturday.”
“Yes, I was thinking of that too especially as I start work on Monday.” She said.

“Oh that’s true, you start teaching at the children’s school on Monday.” He said.

“Yes…” Rosita said. She had applied for a job as a non-teaching staff at her children’s school and she’d gotten the job. “I am truly grateful for the job, it doesn’t pay a lot but it’s better than nothing.”

“You know you can ask for help from me anytime, consider it as help from Anna.”

“You have been a great help for me, especially as you have helped grow the Women of Faith prayer group. Last week you brought three new members and this week, you’re bringing ten extra people. You’ve been amazing.”

“Women of Faith? I thought we changed the name.”

She smiled.

“Yes, we have. It’s the Men and Women of Faith prayer group.”

“Thank you.” He said.

They both laughed. As Rosita ended the call, she knew that her life might not be perfect but she was doing something right, she was growing the Faith prayer group and for that, she was happy.


To be continued….



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