It had been a long day and Eunice lay her head on her bed to sleep, a cacophony of thoughts went through her mind and sleep refused to come. She thought of the letters she’d read from her sister and the realisation that Kentura was her sister’s daughter.

“This world is indeed a small place…” She muttered.

Now, she understood why the visions for Kentura kept coming to her, maybe it was her sister’s desire that they meet, maybe she was the only one who could help her niece out of her predicament. As it is, Kentura didn’t want to hear from her again, in fact, she had mentioned that she hoped that their paths never crossed again.

“I am sorry, Lord…I am sorry…” She sobbed. “I had no idea that my niece was under my roof…I had no idea…”

She recalled the issue with Melvin who blamed her for being the cause of Kentura’s disappearance. She also thought her husband, who despite the whole events surrounding Bianca and her troublesome family, still felt disturbed over Kentura’s disappearance. She hadn’t told them that Kentura had come to the house today and she hadn’t told her husband that Kentura was the daughter of her sister, Abigail.

She felt so much pain and weakness especially in her joints and knew that in no distant time, she wouldn’t be able to move from place to place.

“Dear God, I know that I have been selfish but I have to ask you to do me this favour. Let me find Kentura and help her…at least before I go…” She cried.

She closed her eyes and sleep finally found her but when it did, it took her to a place so familiar, she’d never imagined she would ever go back to, after so many years.

Eunice stood inside the old shrine of her family, the place still looked the same as it was about forty years ago. She looked around the dingy old shrine and turned to stare at the place her mother used to sit and make incantations to the gods. Her mother sat there, she looked so different, her body was wrinkled and old. She was seated on a stone which was surrounded with different sizes of calabashes. It was the first time she was ever seeing her mother after years of leaving home and running away to follow Christ. She stood there, wondering if she was really there or if it was a trance or a dream. She stared at her mother who had stretched out her palms and worked up a ball of flames within, Eunice stared at her in fear. Her mother looked at her and their eyes met.

“Eunice…” Her mother called out.

Eunice looked at her mother in fear, she was confused, how did her mother know she was there? What was happening?

“I summoned you…I invoked you.” Her mother said in a surprisingly strong voice.

“You have no right to summon me. I am a child of light….”

“You are still my child…the fruit of my womb…the first fruit of my womb. You ran away and thought you were free from me but you aren’t. Your sister thought the same too and made the grave mistake of crossing me….I ruined her life and that of her family.”

“Are you trying to say that you killed Abigail?” Eunice asked.

“I made her, so I have the power to take her…” Her mother said.

“You have never created anyone or anything…the gods you serve are dead.” Eunice spat.

“You have become very brave and bold…you are a woman of God, right? If you are really a woman of God, why is He letting you die?”

“His will for me is everything to me.” Eunice said with a shaky voice.

“I can call upon our gods and they will save you. I know you need your life back. I know you want to live. Come back to us and receive your healing. Do you know how many pastors come to us for help? You don’t need to leave your church to follow our ancient gods, you can still run your church but use our powers.”

“Your powers are powerless! All powers bow at the name of Jesus Christ.” Eunice shouted.

The shrine shook hard and her mother looked at her with a hint of fear in her eyes.

“Don’t mention that name within these walls again. I didn’t summon you here to chit chat…I summoned you here to ask you to leave Kentura alone! Since you have refused to take your rightful position as the priestess of our land, then, let her do it.”

Eunice’s eyes widened.

“What?” She echoed.

“Leave my granddaughter alone…I have plans for her.”

“What are you saying? I doubt that Kentura even knows you’re alive and besides, you are the one that caused her parents death.”

“Since you and your sister refused to follow my ways and take up the old tradition, I will raise up from my kin, a new leader and she’s none other than Kentura.”

Eunice stared at her mother in disbelief.

“You wicked witch! You couldn’t let my sister live to serve the Lord and now, you want to take her daughter? So, it’s been you all along. So, you are the one who has been destroying her life. You are the one who’s sent that evil spirit to possess her.” Eunice spat.
Her mother threw back her head in laughter.

“You never cease to amaze me, Eunice. Like I warned you earlier, do not go near Kentura, leave her alone. I don’t want her to find your God, I want her to find me instead. Very soon, the spirit will lead her to me and I will be the solution to all her problems.”

“I don’t think so. She will find out that you killed her parents, and she will never follow you.”

“When she joins our family traditions, she will understand that anyone that stands against us is not for us. I can give her the power to get everything she’s dreamed of…I can help her heal her brother and get her life back on track.”

“I will not let you touch her! By the power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will never lay a finger on her.”

Eunice watched her mother shake like a leaf at the mention of the name ‘Jesus Christ.’

“I warned you never to mention that name again!” Eunice’s mother spat.

“I thought you were powerful…I thought your gods are greater than mine. I will get Kentura to serve the Lord even if it’s the last thing I do. I will do it to honour my sister’s memory and I will do it to increase God’s labourers in His vineyard and no one, not even an evil witch like you can stop me.”

“You are playing with fire, Eunice!” Her mother warned in a very strong voice. “I will destroy you.”

“What is left to destroy mother? I am dying….I am not afraid of death.”

“How stupid do you think I am? If you try to drag Kentura to serve that God of yours, I will touch your son!” Her mother threatened.

Eunice froze, then, her mother’s lips widened to form a smile.

“See you on the battleground, Eunice…” Her mother said and snapped her fingers.

Eunice jolted awake in fright. What had just happened? Does it mean that her mother had been monitoring her life’s activities all these years? She wondered. She looked at the clock on the wall. It was three am at the dot. She struggled to her knees and began to pray.

To be continued….



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