Queen carefully applied her makeup, she was so happy, a few
minutes ago her mother had presented to her, the money her father had promised.
She was ecstatic, Daddy had given her the sum of twenty thousand naira and she
vowed that in her next life, she would definitely have him as her father.
Her brothers had gone to hang out with their friends at the
beach so, she needn’t have worried after all. They were perfectly out of the
way. She looked at the time, it was nine thirty and she could still make Tunde’s house at ten if she saw an Okada or a Taxi as soon as she stepped outside her house. She was almost done with her makeup, one
look at the mirror sent her the goose bumps signal, she was indeed beautiful.
Picking up her hand bag, she walked out of the room, there was no one in the
sitting room so she didn’t worry about having to explain her destination,
besides who cares? It was her birthday and she was officially eighteen years
old, if she were in the western world, she would be planning to move out of her parents’
house and getting an apartment of her own where she could have Tunde
come over, all day.
The street was busy and Okada riders were occupied, there
was hardly an empty Okada in sight and the sun wasn’t making her wait bearable.
Sighing, she searched endlessly for a taxi, a glance at her wrist watch almost
brought tears to her eyes, it was five minutes to ten already. She was desperate,
cars zoomed past and she was beginning to think that bad luck had shot her an
arrow. Suddenly a car stopped infront of her, it horned loudly to catch her
attention, Queen stared at the car skeptically, she knew too well about 419
people and she had heard most of their tactics. Ignoring the car, she kept
scanning the road for a bike or taxi. She was shocked when she heard her name and a young man stepped out of the car.
“Queen Akinmade, is this really you?” The guy screamed.
“Wait-a-minute…Erasmus Dede, my God! What a pleasant
surprise!” Queen exclaimed.
“How long has it been since secondary school? Two years,
three?” Erasmus asked.
They both hugged.
“I can’t believe this? Erasmus you have grown so big, I
could hardly recognize you.”
“See who’s talking, the young girl who constantly lived in
her older brothers shadow…the one who used to report everything anyone did to
her to her brothers. I can’t believe it’s you…you look so good and grown up
“Don’t make me laugh…I was a little girl then, how are you?”
“I am fine, I was just off to the filling station when I saw
you standing and I recognized you. Where are you headed?” He asked.
“It’s my birthday and I’m off to see my boyfriend.” Queen
“Wow! You? Boyfriend? I thought you would marry one of your
brothers.” Erasmus joked.
“Stop the mockery, it wasn’t my fault that the only siblings
I had that are close to my age were those two rascals.” Queen laughed.
“Mehn Queen, your brothers were terrorists sha… I hope they
aren’t dealing with your boyfriend ooo, I really pity him.”
They both laughed.
“C’mon, let me drop you off…I’m sure my fuel can take you
wherever you want to go, happy birthday by the way.”
“Thanks a lot.”
They both hopped into the car and sped off, when they were
close to Tunde’s street, Queen asked.
“What are you doing now?”
“Schooling of course, you?”
“Still waiting for admission.”
“What? Since when? It’s been a long time we graduated from
secondary school.”
“Yeah, I know…but you know Naija, you must have godfathers
before your leg go fit enter school.”
“Not necessarily, if you study hard enough, you will get
“Abeg, spare me the lecture jare. So tell me, what
university are you currently in?”
“University of Leicester.”
“Wow don’t tell me you are studying in Yankee.”
“You are funny but yes I am.”
“How did you get admission there?”
“I went through the normal process, did the SAT and TOEFL
and I passed but I had to wait till I was eighteen years old before I gained
admission, that was last year though, but before then, I had finished a one
year diploma course at the University of Lagos.”
“Mehn…you are too much ooo, I can’t believe you have gone
this far. Why aren’t you in school now?”
“I had to come back to tidy up a few things.”
“Ehn ehn…I feel left behind already.”
“Don’t feel that way joor. So tell me, who is the
“Oh…his name is Tunde, he was the classmate of one of my
brothers, he is presently on Industrial attachment here in Lagos.”
“Do your brothers know that you guys are seeing each
“That’s none of their concern, they don’t run all their girlfriends
by me.”
“So, he is an undergraduate.”
“Yes…” Queen said proudly.
“What plans does he have for you?”
“I don’t understand you.”
“I mean, does it not bother him that he’s quite older than
you are and more grounded, especially the fact that he is the ‘Uni’ and you are
still waiting for admission.”
“What can he do about it? He is helpless as well.”
“Don’t get me wrong ooo, I’m not meaning to sound judgmental
but don’t you think he already has a girlfriend?”
“That is not possible, Tunde loves me, besides I have not
seen any girl with him.”
“What if she is in school with him, you never know. He is on
industrial attachment right? That’s just one year and after that, he will
return to school where his life continues, you might just be a plaything after
Queen grew mad with anger.
“How dare you? Is it because I entered your car? What makes
you think you have a say in my life? Thank you for the ride, I have already
reached my destination, please let me get down from this car. I can’t
stand your bull shit.”
“Hey, Queen! I never meant to offend you, I just want you to
understand that men could be deceptive. Don’t be too gullible.”
“Please…stop this car. I am getting down here, useless guy
like you, telling me about someone I have known all my life. May God punish
your generation.” Shouted Queen as she hastily opens the door of the car which
had already stopped.
Tunde’s house wasn’t far, so without looking back, she
picked up her steps and walked into the compound. She reached his house quickly
and as she opened the door, the lovely scent of bakery food and ice cream
greeted her. Erasmus’s words were long gone with the wind and as soon as she
sighted her boyfriend, she launched herself into his arms.
Tunde had gone through extra lengths of keeping the house
exceptionally tidy and she was so happy that he went through all that for her.
The bakery food tasted as good as she imagined and as Tunde fed her from each
pack of delicious food, she moaned in pleasure.
Soon after the meals were over, Tunde went to the fridge and
brought out a bottle of red wine, Queen wanted to resist from drinking but
Tunde insisted that she should take a sip, after all, the age eighteen comes
only once in a life time.
By the time the clock struck twelve noon, Queen was already
feeling light headed as she struggled to keep her eyes wide open. Tunde
hurriedly cleared away the packs of food and before she knew it, she was scooped up in his arms and carried into the bedroom.
The room was quite dark and she tried desperately to see
Tunde’s face but she couldn’t, the effects of the alcohol had taken its toll on
her. Her body hit the bed and she felt herself being stripped of her clothing,
all attempts to push the probing hands away proved futile as her clothes were
removed without further ado.

She didn’t know how long she slept but now that she had
woken up, her head throbbed in pain and her body was sore. She tried to rise
from the bed but something was holding her down, it was Tunde’s arm, he was
snoring beside her on the bed, she carefully removed his arm from her body and sat up. Then, realization struck, she was not on a stitch of
clothing, she was alarmed, trying hard to recall what had happened happened
earlier, she heard a beep, she stood up from the bed and hastily gathered her clothes in a
bid to scamper off but curiosity got the best of her as the beep was coming
from Tunde’s phone. She quietly tiptoed to the head of the bed and picked the
phone up from the bedside table, the screen showed the text message icon. Queen
opened it and could not believe her eyes, the text message read;
Tunde darling, I am
sorry for not replying your numerous text messages, school exams have started
and I am trying hard to keep up my grades. Don’t think I am avoiding you
because you were rusticated from school. I haven’t forgotten the love we shared
and still share, I’ll be in Lagos as soon as I have rounded up on my exams…I
love you too much and I can’t wait to see you
. Don’t forget to save up your best kisses for me, they keep your love
forever fresh in my heart
Stark realization hit her in the face, she felt the phone
fall from her hand noiselessly and hit the floor in a silent thud. Tunde seemed
too preoccupied in dreamland, his eyes never fluttered. Queen hurriedly struggled
with her clothes as she wore them hastily and ran out of Tunde’s flat. Now she
knew, she was a fool, a blind bat and Tunde had played her and messed with her
feelings, as she climbed a bike and zoomed off, she knew deep within her heart
that Erasmus and her brother, Samson had been right, she should have paid heed to their words of wisdom.
Her most awaited birthday had turned the tables on her. It had become, her worst nightmare!


  1. Unfortunately she is just like many stupid girls that think they know it all and want to grow up to fast. I hope that this mistake does not result in a pregnancy and she learns her lesson and stays on the right path

  2. PREGNANCY, SHOULD BE LEAST of her worries, so stupid! should have waited but rather NO, she wanted to live life now!
    kudos to you, Adaeze, i salute your courage in writing and your works are interesting. Keep the faith up!

  3. Thanks Nenyenwa and La ville Bilingue for the comments. Sure, teen life, if care isn't taken can turn bitter especially when the person is not guided. Sometimes, the right people who are meant to advice these teens, are never there at the time they are needed.


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